Hubbard County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Hubbard County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arco Lake Lake Itasca
Bad Axe Lake Mantrap Lake
Bass Lakes Laporte
Bauer Lake Guthrie
Beauty Lake Lake Hattie
Beauty Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Beaver Dam Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Beaver Lake Dorset
Beaver Lake Lake George
Beden Lake Park Rapids NW
Bend Lake Lake George
Benedict Lake Benedict
Big Bass Lake Akeley
Big Sand Lake Mantrap Lake
Big Stony Lake Huntersville
Birch Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Blacksmith Lake Skunk Lake
Bladder Lake First Crow Wing Lake
Blue Lake Skunk Lake
Bond Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Boulder Lake Dorset
Bowman Lake Steamboat Lake
Brisbane Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Brokaw Lake Frontenac Lake
Brown Lake Frontenac Lake
Brush Lake Park Rapids SW
Buck Lake Mantrap Lake
Camp Lake Lake Hattie
Camp Lake Lake George
Camp Lake Lake George
Churchill Lake Skunk Lake
Clancy Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Clausens Lake Dorset
Coon Lake East Crooked Lake
Coon Lake Lake George
Coon Lake Skunk Lake
Cramer Lake Akeley
Cranberry Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Crappie Lake Lake George
Crooked Lake East Crooked Lake
Crooked Lake Skunk Lake
Crow Wing Lake East Crooked Lake
Crystal Lake Alida
Daisy Lake Nevis
Dead Horse Lake Mantrap Lake
Deep Lake Lake George
Deer Lake Dorset
Deer Lake Nevis
Dehart Lake Frontenac Lake
Deming Lake Lake Itasca
Diamond Lake Lake Hattie
Doe Lake Crystal Lake
Dorace Lake Lake Itasca
Duck Lake Huntersville
Duglas Lake Frontenac Lake
Eagle Lake Skunk Lake
East Crooked Lake East Crooked Lake
Eighth Crow Wing Lake Nevis
Eleventh Crow Wing Lake Akeley
Emma Lake Mantrap Lake
Evergreen Lake Lake Hattie
Fifth Crow Wing Lake Dorset
First Crow Wing Lake First Crow Wing Lake
Fish Hook River Reservoir Park Rapids
Fishhook Lake Park Rapids
Fourth Crow Wing Lake First Crow Wing Lake
Frielund Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Frontenac Lake Frontenac Lake
Gage Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Garfield Lake Benedict
Giles Lake Mantrap Lake
Gillett Lake Lake George
Gilmore Lake Mantrap Lake
Goodwin Lake Lake Itasca
Grace Lake Andrusia Lake
Halverson Lake Lake George
Ham Lake Nevis
Hart Lake Guthrie
Hatchers Lake Guthrie
Hay Lake Nevis
Hennepin Lake Lake Hattie
Hinds Lake Menahga
Hirts Lake Bemidji West
Holland-Lucy Lake Nevis
Horsehead Lake Guthrie
Horseshoe Lake Benedict
Hubbard Lake Frontenac Lake
Ida Lake Dorset
Indian Lake East Crooked Lake
Ingram Lake Park Rapids
Island Lake Crystal Lake
Island Lake Nevis
Island Lake Skunk Lake
Island Lake Lake George
Ivan Lake Park Rapids
Josephine Lake Lake Itasca
Kabekona Lake Laporte
Kahlstorf Lake Lake George
Kenny Lake Frontenac Lake
Kettle Lake Crystal Lake
Kimball Lake Frontenac Lake
Knutson Lake Guthrie
Lake Alice Schoolcraft Lake
Lake Belle Taine Dorset
Lake Emma Lake Hattie
Lake George Lake George
Lake Hattie Lake Hattie
Lake Minnie Schoolcraft Lake
Lake Plantagenet Bemidji West
Lake Rosie Lake Hattie
Lake Twenty Lake Hattie
Lake Twentyone Laporte
LaSalle Lake La Salle Lake
Lester Lake Laporte
Lilypad Lake Frontenac Lake
Little Bass Lake Akeley
Little Gulch Lakes Laporte
Little Ham Lake Nevis
Little Mantrap Lake Two Inlets
Little Midge Lake Andrusia Lake
Little Rice Lake Skunk Lake
Little Sand Lake Dorset
Little Stony Lake Dorset
Long Lake Dorset
Long Lake Dorset
Long Lake Lake George
Long Lake Menahga
Loon Lake Nevis
Loon Lake Dorset
Lord Lake Menahga
Lost Lake Lake Itasca
Lower Bottle Lake Mantrap Lake
Lower Camel Lake Skunk Lake
Lower Mud Lake Skunk Lake
Mantrap Lake Mantrap Lake
Many Arm Lake Skunk Lake
Marsh Lake Frontenac Lake
Mary Lake Crystal Lake
Mary Lake Lake Itasca
McCarty Lake Lake George
Middle LaSalle Lake La Salle Lake
Midge Lake Andrusia Lake
Mill Pond Guthrie
Moran Lake Menahga
Mow Lake Oshawa
Mud Lake Andrusia Lake
Mud Lake Dorset
Mud Lake First Crow Wing Lake
Mud Lake Crystal Lake
Mud Lake Park Rapids
Mud Lake Mantrap Lake
Nagel Lake Oshawa
Newman Lake Bemidji West
Niemada Lake Lake Itasca
Ninth Crow Wing Lake Nevis
Oak Lake Benedict
Objibway Lake Mantrap Lake
Ojibway Lake Mantrap Lake
Owl Lake Nevis
Paine Lake Lake George
Palmer Lake Huntersville
Petit Lake Mantrap Lake
Peysenske Lake Dorset
Pickerel Lake Mantrap Lake
Pine Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Portage Lake Park Rapids
Portage Lake Park Rapids
Potato Lake Skunk Lake
Potato Lake Park Rapids
Revoir Lake Frontenac Lake
Rice Lake Skunk Lake
Rickles Lake Akeley
Robinson Lake Crystal Lake
Rockwell Lake Dorset
Rose Lake Two Inlets
Round Lake Dorset
Sawyer Lake Skunk Lake
Schoolcraft Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Schroeder Lake Akeley
Second Crow Wing Lake First Crow Wing Lake
Seventh Crow Wing Lake Nevis
Shallow Lake Dorset
Shanty Lake Lake George
Sheridan Lake Lake George
Shingobee Lake Akeley
Shinker Lake Dorset
Sibilant Lake Lake Itasca
Sill Lake Park Rapids
Sixth Crow Wing Lake Nevis
Skunk Lake Skunk Lake
Sloan Lake Park Rapids NW
Smith Lake Grant Lake
Spearhead Lake Frontenac Lake
Spider Lake Nevis
Spider Lake Schoolcraft Lake
Spring Lake Benedict
Spring Lake Crystal Lake
Spur Lakes Lake George
Steel Lake Crystal Lake
Stocking Lake Mantrap Lake
Stony Lake Skunk Lake
Sunday Lake Dorset
Sweitzer Lake Park Rapids
Tamarack Lake Nevis
Tenth Crow Wing Lake Nevis
Tepee Lakes Lake George
Third Crow Wing Lake First Crow Wing Lake
Tripp Lake First Crow Wing Lake
Twin Lakes Lake Itasca
Upper Bass Lake Akeley
Upper Bottle Lake Mantrap Lake
Upper Camel Lake Skunk Lake
Upper Mud Lake Skunk Lake
Wabisish Lake Skunk Lake
Waboose Lake East Crooked Lake
West Crooked Lake Mantrap Lake
Whiting Lake Lake George
Williams Lake Crystal Lake
Willow Lake Laporte
Wolf Lake First Crow Wing Lake
Wolf Lake Lake Hattie

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Hubbard County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Hubbard County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.