Kandiyohi County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Kandiyohi County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alvig Slough Spicer
Andrew Lake Mount Tom
Bass Lake Spicer
Bear Lake New London
Big Kandiyohi Lake Lake Lillian
Blaamyhre Lake Sunburg
Brenner Lake Lake Johanna
Burr Oak Lake Spicer
Calhoun Lake Hawick
Carlson Lake Solomon Lake
Carlson Lake Spicer
Carrie Lake Lake Elizabeth
Charlotte Lake Lake Elizabeth
Cherry Lake Little Kandiyohi Lake
Church Lake Pennock
Crook Lake Mount Tom
Crow River Reservoir Hawick
Dia Linn Lake Belgrade
Diamond Lake Atwater
Diamond Lake Atwater
Downs Lake Spicer
Eagle Lake Solomon Lake
East Woodcock Lake Spicer
Elkhorn Lake Spicer
Elkhorn Lake Spicer
Ella Lake Lake Elizabeth
Fanny Lake Little Kandiyohi Lake
Florida Lake Solomon Lake
Florida Slough Lake Solomon Lake
Foot Lake Solomon Lake
Foot Lake Willmar
Games Lake Mount Tom
George Lake Spicer
Gina Lake Spicer
Glesne Lake Sunburg
Green Lake New London
Green Lake Hawick
Hefta Lake Sunburg
Henderson Lake Spicer
Henry Lake Lake Elizabeth
Henschien Lake Mount Tom
Hubbard Lake Atwater
Hystad Lake Belgrade
Jesse Lake Atwater
Johnson Lake Lake Elizabeth
Kandiyohi Lake Little Kandiyohi Lake
Kasota Lake Little Kandiyohi Lake
Lake Calhoun Hawick
Lake Eight New London
Lake Eleanor Little Kandiyohi Lake
Lake Elizabeth Lake Elizabeth
Lake Florida Mount Tom
Lake Lillian Lake Lillian
Lake Monongalia New London
Lake Wakanda Little Kandiyohi Lake
Lindgren Lake Pennock
Little Kandiyohi Lake Little Kandiyohi Lake
Little Kandiyohi Lake Little Kandiyohi Lake
Long Lake Solomon Lake
Long Lake Hawick
Long Lake New London
Mamre Lake Pennock
Mennetaga Lake Lake Elizabeth
Middle Lake Mount Tom
Mill Pond New London
Mill Pond New London
Nest Lake New London
Nest Lake New London
Norstedt Lake Mount Tom
Norway Lake Mount Tom
Ole Lake Lake Johanna
Olson Lake Raymond
Oslo Lake Solomon Lake
Otter Lake Lake Elizabeth
Otter Lake Hawick
Pay Lake Atwater
Point Lake Solomon Lake
Ringo Lake Solomon Lake
Saint Johns Lake Pennock
Schultz Lake Atwater
Section Twelve Lake Lake Johanna
Shoemaker Lake New London
Skanning Lake Lake Johanna
Skataas Lake Solomon Lake
Skull Lake Mount Tom
Solomon Lake Solomon Lake
Sperry Lake Atwater
Stevens Lake Willmar
Summit Lake Atwater
Sunburg Lake Sunburg
Swan Lake Little Kandiyohi Lake
Swan Lake Pennock
Swan Lake Solomon Lake
Swan Lake Mount Tom
Swan Lake Pennock
Swenson Lake Sunburg
Tadd Lake Atwater
Taits Lake Atwater
Thompson Lake Spicer
Twin Lakes Spicer
Upper Lake Atwater
West Solomon Lake Solomon Lake
Wheeler Lake Atwater
Willmar Lake Solomon Lake
Woodcock Lake Spicer

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Kandiyohi County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Kandiyohi County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.