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Lake County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lake County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ahmoo Creek Lake Insula
Amenda Creek Cramer
Arrow Creek Isabella Lake
Arrowhead Creek Isabella Lake
August Creek Gabbro Lake
Bald Eagle Creek Gabbro Lake
Balsam Creek Cabin Lake
Baptism River Illgen City
Barto Creek Lake Polly
Basswood River Basswood Lake West
Beany Creek Wilson Lake
Beaver River Silver Bay
Big Thirtynine Creek Silver Bay SW
Bill Creek Kawishiwi Lake
Blesener Creek Finland
Blue Jay Creek Lake Polly
Bone Creek Kawishiwi Lake
Bud Creek Split Rock Point
Cabin Creek Cabin Lake
Camp Creek Sawbill Landing
Camp East Creek Slate Lake East
Caribou River Little Marais
Cedar Creek Silver Bay
Cloudy Spring Creek Whyte
Cobalt Creek Gabbro Lake
Coffee Creek Kawishiwi Lake
Comfort Creek Isabella Lake
Coyote Creek Greenwood Lake East
Crow Creek Castle Danger
Crown Creek Doyle Lake
Crystal Creek Illgen City
Dago Creek Two Harbors NE
Denley Creek Babbitt NE
Drumstick Creek Snowbank Lake
Dumbbell River Perent Lake
East Branch Baptism River Finland
East Branch Beaver River Silver Bay
East Branch Fortythree Creek Silver Bay
East Split Rock River Split Rock Point
Egge Creek Finland
Ekbeck Creek Cloquet Lake
Encampment River Castle Danger
Fall Creek Ely
Ferne Creek Perent Lake
Filson Creek Bogberry Lake
Folly Creek Silver Island Lake
Fool Hen Creek Perent Lake
Fortythree Creek Silver Bay
Fourmile Creek Wilson Lake
Fry Creek Doyle Lake
Fulton Creek Wilson Lake
Good Creek Basswood Lake West
Gooseberry River Split Rock Point
Green Wing Creek Silver Island Lake
Greenwood River Greenwood Lake West
Harriet Creek Silver Island Lake
Harris Creek Bogberry Lake
Harry Creek Wilson Lake
Heffelfinger Creek Doyle Lake
Hen Creek Cloquet Lake
Hill Creek Mitawan Lake
Hockamin Creek Doyle Lake
Hog Creek Kawishiwi Lake
Hoist Creek Cabin Lake
Homestead Creek Greenwood Lake East
Hope Creek Alice Lake
Horse River Basswood Lake West
Houghtaling Creek Wilson Lake
Inga Creek Quadga Lake
Isabella River Gabbro Lake
Island River Isabella Lake
Jack Creek Isabella Lake
Jack Pine Creek Quadga Lake
Jackpot Creek Slate Lake West
Jasper Creek Ojibway Lake
Junction Creek Cabin Lake
Kawishiwi River Farm Lake
Keeley Creek Kangas Bay
Kelly Creek Slate Lake West
Kennedy Creek Illgen City
Kinney Creek Whyte
Kit Creek Silver Bay SW
Knife River Ensign Lake East
Landa Creek Wilson Lake
Langley River Brimson
Leskinen Creek Finland
Lillian Creek Whyte
Little Gooseberry River Highland
Little Isabella River Quadga Lake
Little Knife River Two Harbors
Little Langley River Kane Lake
Little Manitou River Little Marais
Little Marais River Little Marais
Little Mud Creek Mount Weber
Little Stewart River Two Harbors
Little Thirtynine Creek Silver Bay
Louse River Lake Polly
Madden Creek Farm Lake
Maki Creek Kane Lake
Manitou River Little Marais
Maniwaki Creek Alice Lake
Martin Creek Cramer
Mary Ann Creek Greenwood Lake East
McCarthy Creek McCarthy Creek
Mink Creek Split Rock Point
Mitawan Creek Quadga Lake
Moose Creek Cramer
Murphy Creek Brimson
Muskeg Creek Basswood Lake West
Nelsens Creek Split Rock Point
Nicado Creek Silver Bay
Nickel Creek Gabbro Lake
Ninemile Creek Cramer
Nip Creek Slate Lake West
Nira Creek Slate Lake West
Osier Creek Isabella Station
Pagami Creek Ojibway Lake
Palisade Creek Illgen City
Perent River Isabella Lake
Petes Creek Castle Danger
Phoebe River Lake Polly
Powwow Creek Perent Lake
Record Creek Alice Lake
Ridgepole Creek Babbitt SE
Robin Creek Slate Lake East
Rock Cut Creek Cabin Lake
Sand River Slate Lake East
Sawmill Creek Finland
Schoolhouse Creek Finland
Scott Creek Silver Island Lake
Silver Creek Castle Danger
Skunk Creek Two Harbors
Skunk Creek Split Rock Point
Snake Creek Gabbro Lake
Snake River Gabbro Lake
South Branch Manitou River Cabin Lake
South Greenwood Creek Mount Weber
South Kawishiwi River Kangas Bay
Spawn Creek Fourtown Lake
Sphagnum Creek Slate Lake East
Spur End Creek Greenwood Lake East
Stewart River Two Harbors
Stockade Creek Greenwood Lake East
Stony Creek Two Harbors NE
Stony River Babbitt NE
Strand Creek Split Rock Point
Sullivan Creek Kane Lake
Superstition Creek Quadga Lake
Tomlinson Creek Sawbill Landing
Tord Creek Wilson Lake
Trappers Creek Brimson
Trappers Creek Sawbill Landing
Uncle Judas Creek Ojibway Lake
Walter Creek Kawishiwi Lake
Wanless Creek Wilson Lake
Weiss Creek Mitawan Lake
Wenho Creek Greenwood Lake West
West Branch Baptism River Finland
West Branch Beaver River Silver Bay
West Branch Fortythree Creek Silver Bay
West Camp Creek Sawbill Landing
West Split Rock River Split Rock Point
Whyte Creek Whyte
Wilbur Creek Isabella Station
Williams Creek Illgen City
Wilson Creek Wilson Lake

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lake County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lake County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.