Pine County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Pine County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bartels Lake Kerrick
Bass Lake Finlayson
Bass Lake Giese
Benjamin Lake Danbury West
Big Pine Lake Giese
Big Pine Lake Giese
Big Sink Hole Sandstone North
Big Slough Lake Willow River
Billys Lake Danbury West
Black Lake Black Lake
Buck Lake Wilbur Lake
Bullhead Lake Wilbur Lake
Cedar Lake Cedar Lake
Cemetery Lake Denham
Chain Lakes Wilbur Lake
Charlie Bear Lake Finlayson
Churchill Lake Danbury West
Clayton Lake Monson Lake
Clear Lake Denham
Clear Lake Finlayson
Close Lake Moose Lake
Cranberry Lake Holyoke
Crooked Lake Wilbur Lake
Cross Lake Pine City
Cross Lake Ramey
Dago Lake Willow River
Delong Lake Holyoke
Devils Lake Pine City
Dollar Lake Wilbur Lake
Elbow Lake Finlayson
First Lake Willow River
Fish Lake Finlayson
Fox Lake Denham
Graces Lake Danbury West
Grass Lake Finlayson
Greigs Lake Danbury West
Grindstone Lake Kroschel
Harmon Pool Cloverdale
Hay Creek Flowage Danbury West
Hay Creek Reservoir Danbury West
Headquarters Lake Holyoke
Hellmans Lake Finlayson
Hicks Lake Kerrick
Indian Lake Finlayson
Irons Pool Wilbur Lake
Island Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Johnson Lake Bruno
Keene Lake Danbury West
Kenney Lake Wilbur Lake
Kettle River Reservoir Sandstone South
Kick Lake Pine City
Kramer Lakes Wilbur Lake
Lake Alma Yellow Lake
Lake Clayton Lake Clayton
Lake Eleven Hanging Horn Lake
Lake Five Wilbur Lake
Lake Margaret Kerrick
Lake Olive Wilbur Lake
Lake Thirteen Hanging Horn Lake
Lake Twelve Hanging Horn Lake
Lawrence Mans Reservoir Beroun
Lena Lake Danbury West
Little Bass Lake Finlayson
Little Island Lake Hanging Horn Lake
Little Lake Giese
Little Mud Lake Willow River
Little Oak Lake Nickerson
Little Pine Lake Finlayson
Little Tamarack Lake Wilbur Lake
Logan Lake Moose Lake
Long Lake Willow River
Long Meadows Lake Bass Creek
Lords Lake Moose Lake
Mackie Lake Wilbur Lake
Maheu Lake Nickerson
Mallard Lake Danbury West
McCormick Lake Willow River
McGowan Lake Wilbur Lake
Miller Lake Finlayson
Mud Lake Beroun
Mud Lake Danbury West
Mud Lake Denham
Mud Lake Finlayson
Net Lake Holyoke
Oak Lake Nickerson
Orville Harmon Reservoir Cloverdale
Passenger Lake Willow River
Pickerel Lake Holyoke
Pokegama Lake Henriette
Razor Lake Danbury West
Rhine Lake Giese
Rock Lake Pine City
Rock Lake Danbury West
Rush Lake Willow River
Sand Lake Moose Lake
Scott Dixon Pond Askov Lookout Tower
Second Lake Willow River
Shoemaker Lake Willow River
Silberg Lake Rush Lake
Skunk Lake Hinckley
Skunk Lake Finlayson
Squaw Lake Pine City
Stevens Lake Danbury West
Stevens Lake Bruno
Sturgeon Lake Moose Lake
Sutton Lake Danbury West
Tamarack Lake Wilbur Lake
Tamarack River Reservoir Ox Creek
Twin Lakes Denham
Upper Pine Lake Giese
Wallace Lake Cloverdale
Walthausen Lake Kerrick
Wilbur Lake Wilbur Lake
Willow Lake Bruno
Willow River Reservoir Willow River
Wolf Lake Nickerson
Zalesky Lake Willow River

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Pine County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Pine County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.