St. Louis County Fishing Bays

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Bays in St. Louis County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Creek Cranberry Bay
Anderson Bay Kettle Falls
Armstrong Bay Soudan
Bass Bay Chad Lake
Bear Head Bay Eagles Nest
Big Bay Tower
Big Bay Eagles Nest
Birch Bay Shagawa Lake
Black Bay Norwegian Bay
Black Duck Bay Vermilion Dam
Bleak Bay Soldier Point OE N
Blind Ash Bay Ash River NE
Blue Fin Bay Daley Bay
Bob Bay Babbitt NE
Boulder Bay Lake Agnes
Boulder Bay Lake Agnes
Boulder Bay Shagawa Lake
Bowman Bay Daley Bay
Browns Bay Kempton Bay
Browns Bay Johnson Lake
Bungalow Bay Babbitt SE
Bystrom Bay Vermilion Dam
Cable Bay Soudan
Canfield Portage Bay Sioux Pine Island
Cranberry Bay Cranberry Bay
Daisy Bay Tower
Daley Bay Daley Bay
Dollar Hide Bay Babbitt
Duck Bay Kabetogama
Duluth Harbor Basin Duluth
Duluth Harbor Basin Northern Section Duluth
Duluth Harbor Basin Southern Section Duluth
Dunka Bay Babbitt NE
East Bay Crane Lake
East Bay Eagles Nest
East Loon Bay Takucmich Lake
Eks Bay Ash River NE
Everetts Bay Tower
Finger Bay Kempton Bay
Finlander Bay Soldier Point
Finn Bay Babbitt
Frazer Bay Vermilion Dam
Friday Bay Friday Bay
Furaganger Bay Shagawa Lake
Grassy Bay Blind Pig Island
Grassy Lake Bay Eagles Nest
Greenwood Bay Vermilion Dam
Hammer Bay Blind Pig Island
Head of the Lakes Bay Haley
Hitchcock Bay Soldier Point
Hoist Bay Namakan Island
Hoist Bay Crab Lake
Indian Bay Norwegian Bay
Irwin Bay Daley Bay
Johnson Bay Namakan Island
Junction Bay Namakan Island
Kaleva Bay Crab Lake
Kangas Bay Kangas Bay
Kempton Bay Kempton Bay
Kohler Bay Ash River NE
Kramer Bay Babbitt
Lady Boot Bay Coleman Island
Larsons Bay Norwegian Bay
Log Bay Bear Island
Longstorff Bay Shagawa Lake
Lost Bay Soldier Point
Lost Bay Ash River NE
Marion Bay Soldier Point
Mattson Bay Soudan
Mica Bay Kettle Falls
Moose Bay Ash River NE
Mud Bay Daley Bay
Mud Creek Bay Soudan
Muskego Bay Norwegian Bay
Nebraska Bay Daley Bay
Never Fail Bay Coleman Island
Niles Bay Norwegian Bay
North Arm Shagawa Lake
North Bay Kangas Bay
Norwegian Bay Norwegian Bay
Old Dutch Bay Ash River NE
Olson Bay Cranberry Bay
Olson Bay Shagawa Lake
Orr Bay Orr
Outlet Bay Crab Lake
Peterson Bay Kabetogama
Peterson Bay Iron Lake
Pike Bay Tower
Portage Bay Sioux Pine Island
Portage Bay Eagles Nest
Randolph Bay Namakan Island
Rice Bay Chad Lake
Rocky Bay Ely
Rollick Bay Crane Lake
Saginaw Bay Soldier Point
Saint Louis Bay Duluth
Saturday Bay Friday Bay
Saunders Bay Orr SW
Schaefer Bay Shagawa Lake
School Section Bay Shagawa Lake
School Section Bay Crab Lake
Slatinski Bay Daley Bay
Smart Bay Vermilion Dam
Snow Bay Snow Bay
Snowshoe Bay Babbitt
Spaulding Bay Ely
Staege Bay Johnson Lake
Stuntz Bay Soudan
Sullivan Bay Ash River NE
Sunday Bay Friday Bay
Superior Bay Superior
Susan Bay Orr SW
Swansons Bay Swansons Bay
Swedetown Bay Tower
Tamarack Bay Crab Lake
Tiger Bay Lake Agnes
Waconda Bay Norwegian Bay
Wakemup Bay Norwegian Bay
West Bay Sioux Pine Island
West Bay Babbitt
Wolf Bay Vermilion Dam

Above is a map and a list of the bays in St. Louis County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within St. Louis County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.