St. Louis County Fishing Streams

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Streams in St. Louis County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ahmik River Gowan
Alango Creek Linden Grove
Amity Creek Duluth
Apple Creek Skibo
Armstrong Creek Shagawa Lake
Armstrong River Soudan
Artichoke River Brookston
Ash River Ash River NE
Astrid Creek Astrid Lake
Baldpate Creek Angleworm Lake
Barber Creek Little Swan
Bear Creek Sioux Pine Island
Bear Creek Embarrass
Bear Island River Kangas Bay
Bear River Creek Bear River
Beartrap Creek Independence
Beartrap River Iron Lake
Beaver Creek Gheen NW
Beaver River Twig
Beaver River Bear Island
Beaver Stream Lake Jeanette
Bellow Creek Bootleg Lake
Berry Creek Pequaywan Lake
Bezhik Creek Bootleg Lake
Big Bull Creek Bootleg Lake
Big Sucker Creek Knife River
Bill Creek Lapond Lake
Birch River Babbitt
Black Creek Norwegian Bay
Black Duck River Ash River SW
Bobcat Creek Whiteface
Boriin Creek Dewey Lake
Bottle River Iron Lake
Boulder Creek Boulder Lake Reservoir
Boulder River Lake Agnes
Breda Creek Brimson
Brendvold Creek Picket Lake
Britt Creek Britt
Brophy Creek Barrs Lake
Buck Creek Chad Lake
Buckingham Creek Duluth
Bug Creek Elephant Lake
Bug Creek Cotton
Bum Creek Harris Lake
Bunggee Creek Friday Bay
Burntside River Shagawa Lake
Butterball Creek Skibo
Camp Eight Creek Embarrass
Camp Forty Creek Crane Lake
Camp Ninety Creek Ash River NE
Camp Ninty Seven Creek Echo Lake
Captain Jacobson Creek McCarthy Creek
Carey Creek Buhl
Carol Creek Shell Lake
Chalberg Creek Independence
Chester Creek Duluth
Chicken Creek Independence
Civet Creek Pequaywan Lake
Clear Creek Elephant Lake
Cloquet River Brookston
Clora Creek Shell Lake
Clyde Creek Daley Bay
Color Creek Astrid Lake
Colvin Creek Allen
Coolidge Creek Comstock Lake
Coons Creek Silica
Coyote Creek Pequaywan Lake
Crab Creek Crab Lake
Cranberry Creek Cranberry Bay
Cranberry Creek Babbitt SW
Crellin Creek Astrid Lake
Cusson Creek Orr
Dahlgren River Lake Agnes
Daley Brook Daley Bay
Dark River Dark Lake
Dead River Shagawa Lake
Deadmans Creek Kelsey
Deep Slough Blind Pig Island
Deer Creek Daley Bay
Deer Creek Stingy Lake
Dempsey Creek Little Swan
Dixon Creek Johnson Lake
Duck Creek Lapond Lake
Dunka River Babbitt NE
Dutch Slough Saginaw
East Branch Amity Creek Duluth
East Branch Chester Creek Duluth
East Branch Sturgeon River Dewey Lake NW
East Knuckey Creek Dark Lake
East River Toimi
East Savanna River Floodwood
East Swan River Toivola
East Two River Casco
East Two River Tower
Echo River Crane Lake
Eightmile Creek Picket Lake
Elbow Creek Zim
Elbow River Orr
Elephant Creek Elephant Lake
Elm Creek Orr SW
Ely Creek Gilbert
Embarrass River Gilbert
Fawn Creek Ash River SW
Finger Creek Takucmich Lake
Finstad Creek Picket Lake
First Creek Aurora
Flap Creek Elephant Lake
Flint Creek Linden Grove
Floodwood River Floodwood
Forsman Creek Britt
Franey Creek Orr SW
French River French River
Fullers Creek Tower
Gannon Creek Ash River NE
Gaunt Creek Lake Jeanette
Ge-be-on-e-quet Creek Coleman Island
Gilmore Creek Meadow Brook
Gimlet Creek Whiteface
Glenmore Creek Chad Lake
Gordons Creek Astrid Lake
Gustafson Creek Astrid Lake
Hag Creek Takucmich Lake
Hanson Creek Echo Lake
Hasty Brook Prairie Lake
Hay Creek Gilbert
Hellwig Creek Independence
Heritage Creek Takucmich Lake
Hilda Creek Picket Lake
Home Creek Friday Bay
Hoodoo Creek Haley
Hornby Creek Fairbanks
Howell Creek Brimson
Humphrey Creek Thompson Lake
Hunting Shack River Echo Lake
Hush Creek Bird Lake
Hustler River Takucmich Lake
Hypo Creek Brimson
Indian Creek Brimson
Jeanette Creek Shell Lake
Jenkins Creek Kelsey
Jenkins Creek Fairbanks
Jerry Creek Iron Lake
Johns Creek Lake Agnes
Johnson Creek Saginaw
Johnson Creek Idington
Johnson Creek Bear Island
Johnson River Namakan Island
Joki Creek Meadowlands NW
Joula Creek Toivola SW
Kangas Creek Kangas Bay
Keene Creek West Duluth
Kingsbury Creek West Duluth
Kinmount Creek Ash River SW
Knife River Knife River
Knowlton Creek West Duluth
Korb River Crab Lake
Lahti Creek Pequaywan Lake
Laird Creek Skibo
Leander Creek Dark Lake
Legend Creek Lake Agnes
Lehtinen Creek Lost Lake
Lester River Duluth
Limpy Creek Shell Lake
Little Cloquet River Thompson Lake
Little East Creek Vermilion Dam
Little Indian Sioux River Lake Jeanette
Little Knife River Knife River
Little Pony River Bootleg Lake
Little Shiver Creek Harris Lake
Little Sucker River Knife River
Little Whiteface River McCarty River
Little Whiteface River Meadowlands
Lonesome Polecat Creek Dark Lake
Long Lake Creek Zim
Long Slough Ash River NE
Longnose Creek Allen
Longstorff Creek Shagawa Lake
Loon River Crane Lake
Lost Jack Creek Echo Lake
Lost River Nett Lake NE
Maki Creek Britt
Manes Nord Creek Lake Agnes
Marion Creek Elephant Lake
Martin Branch Brookston
Marvins Creek Bootleg Lake
Masse Creek Boulder Lake Reservoir NE
Maude Creek Lake Jeanette
McCarty River McCarty River
McNiven Creek Kinney
Meander Creek Lake Agnes
Miller Creek Duluth Heights
Mission Creek Esko
Moonshine Creek Whiteface
Moose River Ash River NE
Moose River Lake Agnes
Mud Creek Soudan
Mud Creek Pequaywan Lake
Mud Hen Creek Central Lakes
Mule Creek Lake Agnes
Murray Creek Dark Lake
Nelson Creek Brimson
Nigh Creek Lake Jeanette
Nina Moose River Lake Agnes
Ninemile Creek Ash River SE
North Branch Whiteface River Harris Lake
North Creek Norwegian Bay
North River Babbitt SE
Norway Creek Astrid Lake
Nugget Creek Lake Jeanette
Otter River Boulder Lake Reservoir
Owens Creek Soudan
Oyster River Lake Agnes
Paavola Creek Dark Lake
Pageant Creek Takucmich Lake
Paleface Creek Central Lakes
Paleface River Cotton
Palo Creek Whiteface
Papoose Creek Friday Bay
Partridge River Turpela Lake
Pelican River Kabustasa Lake
Petrell Creek Fairbanks
Phantom Creek Chad Lake
Picket Creek Echo Lake
Picnic Creek Whiteface
Pike River Tower
Pine Creek Sioux Pine Island
Pine Creek Fairbanks
Pine River Saginaw
Pocket Creek Coleman Island
Porcupine Creek Harris Lake
Portage Creek Nett Lake NE
Portage River Lake Agnes
Puutio Creek Britt
Ramshead Rapids Creek Lake Agnes
Range Line Creek Takucmich Lake
Range Line Creek Shell Lake
Range River Fourtown Lake
Reno Creek Harris Lake
Rice River Linden Grove
Ridge Creek Isaac Lake
Rock Lake Creek Stingy Lake
Rocky Run Adolph
Rollick Creek Johnson Lake
Ryan Creek Boulder Lake Reservoir NE
Saint Louis River West Duluth
Sand Creek Toivola
Sand Creek Bear River
Sand River Biwabik NW
Sargent Creek Esko
Sassas Creek Sassas Creek
Schmidt Creek French River
Scott Bevier Creek Chad Lake
Screwgee Creek Lake Jeanette
Second Creek Angleworm Lake
Second Creek Aurora
Section Thirty Creek Ely
Shagawa River Ely
Shannon River Dewey Lake NW
Shiver Creek Harris Lake
Shohola Creek Shell Lake
Sinneeg Creek Friday Bay
Sixteen Creek Floodwood
Skunk Creek Elmer
Slow Creek Dewey Lake SE
Slow Creek Dewey Lake SE
South Branch Mud Creek Barrs Lake
South Branch Partridge River Babbitt SW
South Branch Partridge River Babbitt SE
South Branch Water Hen Creek Makinen
South Branch Whiteface River Whiteface Reservoir
Spider Creek Elmer
Spike Horn Creek Bootleg Lake
Spring Creek Independence
Spring Creek Iron Lake
Spring Mine Creek Isaac Lake
Stanley Creek Knife River
Stephens Creek Aurora
Sterling Creek Iron Lake
Stewart Creek West Duluth
Stone Creek Skibo
Stoney Brook Brookston
Stony Creek Toivola
Store Creek Brimson
Stuart River Lake Agnes
Stubble Creek Babbitt SW
Sturgeon River Silverdale
Sucker Creek Cranberry Bay
Sucker Creek Orr
Sullivan Creek Twig
Sunset Creek Haley
Swamp Creek Angleworm Lake
Swan Creek Orr SW
Talmadge River French River
Tamarack Creek Crab Lake
Teds Creek Bootleg Lake
Timber Creek Kinney
Tischer Creek Duluth
Toimi Creek Brimson
Tower Creek Comstock Lake
Trimble Creek Embarrass
Triumph Creek Bootleg Lake
Tubfull Creek Lapond Lake
Twenty Proof Creek Babbitt NE
Twomile Creek Vermilion Dam
Tynjala Creek Comstock Lake
Urho Creek Bootleg Lake
Us-Kab-Wan-Ka River Twig
Vaara Creek Toivola SW
Vermilion River Johnson Lake
Walberg Creek Britt
Wallow Creek Harris Lake
Water Hen Creek Central Lakes
Watercress Creek Idington
West Branch Bug Creek Comstock Lake
West Branch Chester Creek Duluth
West Branch Cloquet River Pequaywan Lake
West Branch Knife River McCarthy Creek
West Knuckey Creek Dark Lake
West Swan River Little Swan
West Two River Tower
West Two River Casco
Wetlegs Creek Allen
Whiteface River McCarty River
Woksapiwi Creek Shell Lake
Wolf Creek Vermilion Dam
Wolf Creek Pequaywan Lake
Wolfpack Creek Lake Jeanette
Wouri Creek Biwabik NW
Wyman Creek Allen
Yelp Creek Babbitt

Above is a map and a list of the streams in St. Louis County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within St. Louis County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.