Pearl River County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Pearl River County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Branch Nicholson
Alligator Creek Big Swamp
Back Bayou Henleyfield
Baughman Creek Bogalusa East
Bay Branch Picayune
Beaverdam Creek Big Swamp
Bee Tree Brake Hillsdale
Bell Creek Sellers
Big Brake Big Swamp
Big Branch McNeill
Big Branch Orvisburg
Big Creek Bogalusa East
Black Creek Industrial
Blacksnake Branch Caesar
Boardpile Branch Caesar
Boggy Branch Hillsdale
Boggy Branch Orvisburg
Buck Branch Bogalusa East
Buckley Creek Bogalusa East
Chinquapin Creek Bogalusa East
Cowpen Branch McNeill
Cowpen Creek Big Swamp
Crane Creek Sellers
Cypress Bayou Henleyfield
Cypress Creek Silver Run
Cypress Creek Millard
Davis Branch Caesar
Davis Creek Big Swamp
Dry Creek Carnes
Dutch Branch Picayune
East Hobolochitto Creek Picayune
Farr Slough Picayune
Fords Creek Fords Creek
Fryes Creek Big Swamp
George Branch Picayune
Grandpa Brake Hillsdale
Granny Branch Hillsdale
Green Brake Hillsdale
Gum Bayou Henleyfield
Henry Brake McNeill
Hickory Creek Carnes
Hickory Creek Hillsdale
Hobolochitto Creek Picayune
Hog Branch Bogalusa East
Hogpen Branch Industrial
Hurricane Creek Carnes
Jarrell Creek Industrial
John Davis Brake Hillsdale
Jumpoff Creek Millard
Juniper Creek Millard
Juniper Creek Browns Lake
Kennedy Creek McNeill
Leslie Slough Industrial
Little Hell Creek Fords Creek
Long Branch Picayune
Long Branch White Sand
Lotts Creek Industrial
Lutens Branch Picayune
Mars Slough Industrial
Marsen Branch Picayune
McCall River Nicholson
McGehee Creek Henleyfield
Middle Creek Henleyfield
Mill Branch McNeill
Mill Branch McNeill
Mill Creek Nicholson
Mill Creek Picayune
Mill Creek McNeill
Mill Creek Fords Creek
Mill Creek Big Swamp
Mill Creek Poplarville
Mill Creek Carnes
Mill Creek Carnes
Mill Creek Hillsdale
Moody Branch Industrial
Moran Creek Millard
Murder Creek Big Swamp
Murder Creek Big Swamp
Parker Creek Carnes
Pen Branch Silver Run
Pendorvos Creek McNeill
Pink Smith Branch Henleyfield
Playground Branch Caesar
Pole Creek McNeill
Poplar Springs Branch Big Swamp
Price Creek McNeill
Rattlesnake Bay Picayune
Redfish Creek Savannah
Riley Brake McNeill
Rocky Creek McNeill
Rough Wood Branch McNeill
Rowland Branch McNeill
Savannah Branch Big Swamp
Scrub Creek Hillsdale
Second Alligator Branch Nicholson
Sheldon Creek Big Swamp
Soloman Creek Industrial
Spring Branch Hillsdale
Springhead Branch Hillsdale
Stanfield Creek Caesar
Turkey Creek Browns Lake
Twomile Creek Fords Creek
Waterhole Brake Big Swamp
West Hobolochitto Creek Picayune
White Sand Creek White Sand
Willis Slough Industrial
Wolf Creek Hillsdale
Wooten Creek McNeill

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Pearl River County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Pearl River County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.