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Cascade County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Cascade County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adobe Creek Sun River
Allen Creek Rocky Reef
Allen Creek Dana Ranch
Andy Creek Hardy
Antelope Creek Horsehead Peak
Beaudry Fork Evans
Belt Creek Morony Dam
Bender Creek Barker
Big Otter Creek Armington
Big Willow Creek Waltham
Bird Creek Nelson Island
Birdtail Creek Cascade Colony
Blaine Creek Schrammeck Lake
Box Elder Creek Morony Dam
Bull Roaring Creek Monarch
Bunnell Creek Rocky Reef
Burg Creek Neihart
Carpenter Creek Belt Park Butte
Chamberlain Creek Neihart
Charcoal Creek Barker
Clark Creek Spanish Coulee School
Coal Creek Millegan
Cora Creek Blythe
Cottonwood Creek Southeast Great Falls
Cox Creek Hardy
Crawford Creek Monarch
Crooked Creek Dana Ranch
Crown Butte Creek Cascade Colony
Deep Creek Millegan
Deer Creek Thunder Mountain
Dog Creek Hound Creek Reservoir
Dry Fork Cascade
Dry Fork Belt Creek Monarch
East Fork Government Creek Conway Ridge
East Fork Hound Creek B K Ranch
East Fork Sand Coulee Creek Mahoney Hill
East Fork Spring Creek Spanish Coulee School
Encampment Creek Dana Ranch
Finigan Creek Hardy
Finn Creek Barker
Fir Creek Millegan
Flat Creek Truly
Flat Creek Coburn Mountain
Flood Creek Evans
Fourmile Creek Vaughn
Fourteen Creek Dana Ranch
Geyser Creek Truly
Government Creek Conway Ridge
Half Breed Creek Evans
Hardy Creek Hardy
Harley Creek Belt Park Butte
Harris Creek Rocky Reef
Haystack Creek Neihart
Hoover Creek Monarch
Horn Creek Belt Park Butte
Hound Creek Spanish Coulee School
Huff Creek Schrammeck Lake
Hunt Creek Monarch
Hunters Creek Mount Cecelia
Iron Creek Thunder Mountain
James Creek Monarch
Jefferson Creek Neihart
Johnston Creek Neihart
Joice Creek Monarch
Knapp Creek Cascade
Lake Creek Benton Lake East
Lepley Creek Mount Cecelia
Lick Creek Thunder Mountain
Lishen Creek Kings Hill
Little Belt Creek Belt
Little Bird Creek Schrammeck Lake
Little Muddy Creek Nelson Island
Little Water Creek Belt Park Butte
Logging Creek Riceville
Lucy Creek Neihart
Mackay Creek Neihart
Memorial Creek Neihart
Middle Creek B K Ranch
Middle Fork Hoover Creek Barker
Middle Fork Little Belt Creek Highwood Baldy
Middle Fork Sand Coulee Creek Mahoney Hill
Middle Willow Creek Belt NE
Mill Coulee Dana Ranch
Mill Coulee Creek Sun River
Mill Creek Blankenbaker Flats
Mission Creek Telegraph Mountain
Muddy Creek Vaughn
Mullens Creek Spanish Coulee School
Mullery Creek Conway Ridge
Neil Creek Armington
North Branch Knapp Creek Mount Cecelia
North Fork Deep Creek Millegan
North Fork Fir Creek Millegan
North Fork Hoover Creek Barker
North Fork Little Belt Creek Highwood Baldy
North Fork Sheep Creek Hardy
North Willow Creek Highwood
Novak Creek Hardy
O’Brien Creek Neihart
Palisade Creek Neihart
Paul Creek Mid Canon
Pilgrim Creek Thunder Mountain
Pole Creek Hound Creek Reservoir
Porcupine Creek Conway Ridge
Prewett Creek Hardy
Prospect Creek Belt Park Butte
Rafferty Creek Monarch
Richardson Creek Dana Ranch
Rock Creek Neihart
Rocky Gap Creek Cascade
Roe River Northeast Great Falls
Ruby Creek Monarch
Saint Johns Creek Cascade Colony
Sand Coulee Creek Southwest Great Falls
Sawmill Creek Rocky Reef
Sawmill Creek Barker
Sheep Creek Hardy
Shellrock Creek Fife
Shorty Creek Neihart
Sih-mem Creek Neihart
Simms Creek Fairfield
Smart Fork Deep Creek Park
Smith Creek Telegraph Mountain
Smith River Antelope Butte
Smoke-in-Hole Creek Barker
Snow Creek Neihart
Soldier Creek Conway Ridge
South Fork Hoover Creek Barker
South Fork Little Belt Creek Highwood Baldy
South Fork Sheep Creek Hardy
Spring Creek Fife
Spring Creek Spanish Coulee School
Spring Creek Dana Ranch
Spring Creek Millegan
Spring Creek Hound Creek Reservoir
Spruce Creek Barker
Sullivan Creek Coburn Mountain
Sun River Southwest Great Falls
Thunder Creek Monarch
Tiger Creek Riceville
Tillinghast Creek Monarch
Too-nah-hin Creek Dana Ranch
Trout Creek Millegan
Trout Creek Mid Canon
Tyrell Creek Hound Creek Reservoir
Virgin Creek Thunder Mountain
Weasel Creek Telegraph Mountain
West Fork Flat Creek Spanish Coulee School
West Fork Hound Creek Conway Ridge
West Fork Middle Creek Middle Creek Lake
Willow Creek Schrammeck Lake
Wilson Creek Belt Park Butte
Wooden Shoe Creek Middle Creek Lake
Yank Creek Rocky Reef

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Cascade County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Cascade County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.