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Custer County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Custer County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alice Creek Red Knob
Alkali Creek Miles City
Alkali Creek Tepee Butte
Alkali Creek N Bar Coulee
Anderson Creek Beebe
Archdale Creek Montague Butte
Ash Creek Ismay North
Ash Creek Jack Creek
Ash Creek Bear Jaw Creek
Ash Creek The Knob
Bachelor Creek Morehouse Creek
Basin Creek Kirkpatrick Hill
Bear Jaw Creek Bear Jaw Creek
Bensley Creek Miles City
Bert Creek Red Knob
Betz Creek Kirkpatrick Hill
Big Bobcat Creek Witcher Reservoir
Big Tepee Creek Tepee Butte
Blacktail Creek Blacktail Creek NW
Bow and Arrow Creek Butterfly Creek
Bridge Creek First Creek
Bridge Creek Forty Creek
Bridge Creek Powderville
Broughton Creek Kirkpatrick Hill
Brown Creek Garland School
Buck Creek Spring Draw
Butte Creek Beebe SW
Butterfly Creek Butterfly Creek
Cabin Creek Shirley
Cabin Creek Beebe
Cabin Creek Buck Mountain
Cedar Canyon Creek Buck Mountain
Cedar Creek Pennock Creek
Cedar Creek Knowlton
Charlie Creek Shirley
Cheever Creek Garland School
Cherry Creek Black Coulee
Chimney Creek Government Hill SE
Chinnick Creek Harris Buttes
Circle L Creek Circle L Creek
Coal Creek Spring Draw
Coal Creek Lignite Creek
Coal Creek Butterfly Creek
Coal Creek S H School
Coalbank Creek Carey-Malone School
Coon Creek S H School
Corral Creek Spring Draw
Corral Creek Mizpah
Corral Creek Jack Creek NW
Corral Creek Witcher Reservoir
Cotton Creek Big Hill
Cottonwood Creek Shirley
Cottonwood Creek Horton
Cottonwood Creek Pennock Creek
Cottonwood Creek Brandenberg NW
Cottonwood Creek Kirkpatrick Hill
Cow Creek Miles City
Cow Creek S H School
Cowles Creek Paddy Fay Creek
Cox Creek Locate
Crooked Creek Big Hill
Cross Creek Garland School
Dawson Creek Saddle Horse Butte
Dead Horse Creek Shirley
Dead Horse Creek Mills Creek East
Deadman Creek Deadman Creek
Deep Creek Shirley
Deep Creek Spring Draw
Deep Creek Locate
Deep Creek Buck Mountain
Deep Creek Powderville
Deer Creek Big Hill
Deer Creek Beebe
Deer Creek Tepee Butte
Deer Creek Volborg
Devils Hole Creek Pennock Creek
Diamond Creek Brandenberg
Dixon Creek Kinsey
Doat Creek Forty Creek
Double Corral Creek Mizpah
Dry Creek Horton
Dry Creek Circle L Creek
Dry Creek Jack Creek
Dry Creek Loony Hollow
Dry Creek Powderville
E-2 Creek Shirley
East Fork Ash Creek Jack Creek
East Fork Mill Creek Whitney Creek
East Fork Moon Creek Jack Creek NW
East Forty Creek Forty Creek
East Jones Creek Government Hill
Elk Creek Miller Creek
Elmhurst Creek Saddle Horse Butte
Fessler Creek Mizpah
Finley Creek Morehouse Creek
Fire Creek Beebe
First Creek Mizpah
First Creek First Creek
First Creek Mills Creek West
Fivemile Creek Mizpah
Flat Butte Creek Volborg
Forest Creek Garland School
Forty Creek Forty Creek
Fortyfour Creek Locate
Foster Creek Garland School
Fourmile Creek Fourmile Creek
Fourth Creek Beebe
Foxey Creek Knowlton
Freddie Creek Spring Draw
Geddes Creek Garland School
Grimes Creek N Bar Coulee
Grimes Creek The Knob
Haddow Creek Garland School
Harris Creek Shirley
Harris Creek Kirkpatrick Hill
Hay Creek Shirley
Hay Creek Government Hill
Hay Creek Locate SE
Hay Creek Black Coulee
Hay Creek Moon Creek School
Hercules Creek Forty Creek
Hogan Creek Hogan Creek
Holmes Creek Locate
Home Creek Red Knob
Horse Creek Locate SE
Horse Creek Horse Creek
Horse Creek Garland School
Horse Creek Angela NE
Horse Creek Witcher Reservoir
House Creek Kinsey
Iron Teeth Woman Creek Government Hill SE
Jack Creek Garland School
Jack Creek First Creek
Jandell Creek Foster Creek School
Jim Creek Beebe
Johnson Creek Horse Creek
Jones Creek Kinsey
Kelly Creek Kinsey
Kelsey Creek Fourmile Creek
Kennedy Creek Circle L Creek
Kimball Creek Bear Jaw Creek
Kircher Creek Miles City
Kitty Spring Creek Bear Jaw Creek
L O Creek Saddle Horse Butte
LaGrange Creek Beebe
Laney Creek Locate SE
Lay Creek S H School
Levalley Creek Buck Mountain
Lignite Creek Lignite Creek
Lindsey Creek Saddle Horse Butte
Liscom Creek Brandenberg NW
Little Blacktail Creek Blacktail Creek NW
Little Corral Creek Rattlesnake Hill
Little Cottonwood Creek Buck Mountain
Locate Creek Locate
Log Creek Paddy Fay Creek
Lone Tree Creek Ismay North
Lone Tree Creek Tepee Butte NE
Lone Tree Creek Volborg
Long Prong Locate Creek Montague Butte
Louie Creek Spring Draw
Lumpjaw Creek Hooky Dam
M S Creek Mizpah
Mack Creek Kinsey NE
Maggie Creek Spring Draw
Maggie Creek Beebe
Malone Creek Ismay North
Mason Creek Pennock Creek
May Creek Mills Creek East
McFee Creek Kirkpatrick Hill
Meadow Creek Powderville
Meadow Creek The Knob
Meyers Creek Locate
Miles City Creek Miles City Creek
Miles Creek Shirley
Miles Creek Garland School
Mill Creek Paddy Fay Creek
Miller Creek Miller Creek
Mills Creek Mills Creek East
Mizpah Creek Locate SE
Monarch Creek Bear Jaw Creek
Moon Creek Horton
Morgan Creek Bear Jaw Creek
Muster Creek Kinsey
Nelson Creek Circle L Creek
Nichols Creek Blacktail Creek NW
Nine Hundred and Sixty Nine Creek Kirkpatrick Hill
North Dixon Creek Kinsey
North Fork Alkali Creek North Fork Alkali Creek
North Fork Bachelor Creek Morehouse Creek
North Fork Foster Creek Fourmile Creek
North Fork Haddow Creek Carey-Malone School
North Fork Horse Creek Red Knob
North Fork Locate Creek Montague Butte
North Fork Miles Creek Garland School
North Fork Second Creek Loaf of Bread Butte
North Fork Sheep Creek Tepee Butte NE
North Fork Sixmile Creek Miller Creek
North Fork Smith Creek Locate
North Home Creek Red Knob
North Miller Creek Miller Creek
North Prong Hay Creek Black Coulee
North Strevell Creek Locate SE
North Sunday Creek Big Hill
North Wolf Creek Locate
North Woman Creek Paddy Fay Creek
Norton Creek Hogan Creek
Paddy Fay Creek Paddy Fay Creek
Peas Creek Powderville
Pennel Creek Ismay North
Pennock Creek Pennock Creek
Physic Creek Physic Creek
Pinto Creek Forty Creek
Plunket Creek Jack Creek
Prairie Creek Shirley
Prairie Dog Creek Volborg
Prat Creek Circle L Creek
Pump Creek S H School
Pumpkin Creek Paddy Fay Creek
Rabbidge Creek Hogan Creek
Ranch Creek S H School
Ranch Creek Fourmile Creek
Ranch Creek Volborg
Reservation Creek Lignite Creek
Rice Creek Kinsey
Road Creek Fourmile Creek
Road Creek Kirkpatrick Hill
Road Creek Witcher Reservoir
Rock Creek Knowlton
Rough Creek Beebe
Russell Creek Mizpah
Sadie Creek Physic Creek
Sage Creek Butterfly Creek
Sagebrush Creek North Stacey School
Sand Creek Kinsey
Sand Creek Garland School
Sand Creek Jack Creek
Sand Creek Saddle Horse Butte
Saugus Creek Kinsey NE
Schlosser Creek Corral Butte
Scott Creek North Stacey School
Second Creek Mizpah
Second Creek First Creek
Second Creek Mills Creek West
Sheep Creek Locate SE
Shelter Creek Volborg
Short Creek Shirley
Short Creek Locate
Short Creek Forty Creek
Short Creek Miles City Creek
Sixmile Creek Miller Creek
Skunk Creek Powderville
Smith Creek Mills Creek East
Smith Creek Locate
Snow Creek Spring Draw
South Fork Bachelor Creek Morehouse Creek
South Fork Foster Creek Fourmile Creek
South Fork Jones Creek Government Hill
South Fork Second Creek Loaf of Bread Butte
South Fork Sheep Creek Tepee Butte NE
South Laney Creek Locate SE
South Miller Creek Miller Creek
South Sunday Creek Big Hill
Spring Creek Blacktail Creek NW
Spring Creek Mills Creek East
Spring Creek Saddle Horse Butte
Spring Creek Forty Creek
Spring Creek Kinsey
Station Creek Ismay South
Steiger Creek Horton
Stony Creek Garland School
Straight Creek Tepee Butte NE
Straight Creek Brandenberg
Strevell Creek Locate SE
Sunday Creek Government Hill
Swede Creek Horton
Theade Creek Hathaway
Third Creek Mills Creek East
Third Creek First Creek
Thompson Creek Horse Creek Hill
Thorpe Creek Circle L Creek
Threemile Creek Corral Butte
Tiger Tim Creek Pennock Creek
Timothy Creek Forty Creek
Tongue River Miles City
Trail Creek Pennock Creek
Tree Creek Kinsey
Trough Creek Buck Mountain
Tub S Creek Red Knob
West Fork Cottonwood Creek Horton
West Fork Mill Creek Whitney Creek
West Fork Moon Creek Lignite Creek
West Fork Physic Creek Physic Creek
West Fork Sand Creek Coal Bank Spring
West Forty Creek Forty Creek
White Knob Creek Knowlton
Whitetail Creek Horton
Whitney Creek Whitney Creek
Widow Creek Foster Creek School
Williams Creek Kinsey NE
Wilson Creek Horton
Windmill Creek Forty Creek
Winter Creek Beebe SW
Wolf Creek Locate
Wolf Creek Circle L Creek
Yank Creek Garland School

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Custer County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Custer County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.