Madison County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Madison County

Place USGS Topo Map
Albro Lake Potosi Peak
Alp Lake Hilgard Peak
Avalanche Lake Hilgard Peak
Axolotl Lake Varney
Axolotl Lakes Varney
Beall Lake Manhead Mountain
Beehive Lake Lone Mountain
Bell Lake Noble Peak
Big Brother Lake Willow Swamp
Bismark Reservoir Noble Peak
Blossom Lake Noble Peak
Blue Danube Lake Hilgard Peak
Blue Lake Cirque Lake
Blue Lake Windy Hill
Blue Paradise Lake Hilgard Peak
Branham Lakes Potosi Peak
Brannan Lakes Noble Peak
Call Road Reservoir Varney
Camp Creek Reservoir Potosi Peak
Cataract Lake Pony
Cataract Lake Hilgard Peak
Cedar Lake Lake Cameron
Cherry Lake Cherry Lake
Cherry Lakes Broomtail Ridge
Chilled Lakes Lone Mountain
Chiquita Lake Willow Swamp
Cirque Lake Cirque Lake
Clear Lake Hilgard Peak
Cliff Lake Cliff Lake
Cliff Lake Ramshorn Mountain
Comet Lake Hilgard Peak
Coney Lake Hilgard Peak
Cradle Lakes Hilgard Peak
Crag Lake Hilgard Peak
Crockett Lake Warm Springs Creek
Crystal Lake Noble Peak
Curly Lake Manhead Mountain
Dead Lakes Hilgard Peak
Deep Lake Potosi Peak
Deep Lake Potosi Peak
Diamond Lake Beacon Point
Dome Lake Hilgard Peak
Doubtful Reservoir Varney
Dry Lake Whitehall
Dude Lake Hilgard Peak
Durham Reservoir Sheridan
Dutchman Lake Hilgard Peak
Earthquake Lake Earthquake Lake
Echo Lake Hilgard Peak
Ennis Lake Ennis Lake
Ennis Lake Ennis Lake
Expedition Lake Hilgard Peak
Fault Lake Windy Hill
Finger Lake Hilgard Peak
Freezeout Lakes Freezeout Mountain
Globe Lake Noble Peak
Gneiss Lake Noble Peak
Gnome Lake Hilgard Peak
Goose Lake Hidden Lake Bench
Granite Lake Noble Peak
Grassy Lake Cirque Lake
Haypress Lakes Varney
Heart Lake Varney
Hermit Lake Willow Swamp
Hidden Lake Hidden Lake Bench
High Hope Lake Hilgard Peak
Hilgard Lake Hilgard Peak
Hill Reservoir Noble Peak
Hollow Top Lake Potosi Peak
Jackson Lake Noble Peak
Jackson Lake Noble Peak
Jerome Rock Lakes Willow Swamp
Kelly Reservoir Big Horn Mountain
Kid Lake Ramshorn Mountain
Lake Cameron Lake Cameron
Lake Eglise Hilgard Peak
Lake Ha Hand Hilgard Peak
Lake Levinsky Lone Mountain
Lake Solitude Willow Swamp
Little Brother Lake Willow Swamp
Little Pine Lakes Hilgard Peak
Little Sister Lake Willow Swamp
Lone Acre Lake Cherry Lake
Lost Cabin Lake Noble Peak
Lost Lake Lone Mountain
Louise Lake Noble Peak
Lower Boulder Lake Old Baldy Mountain
Lower Branham Lake Potosi Peak
Lower Falls Creek Lake Willow Swamp
Macaroni Lake Noble Peak
Marcheta Lake Willow Swamp
Margo Lake Willow Swamp
Mason Lake Pony
McKelvey Lake Ramshorn Mountain
Miller Reservoir Silver Star
Mine Lake Ramshorn Mountain
Mirror Lake Lone Mountain
Moose Lake Warm Springs Creek
Mud Lake Old Baldy Mountain
Nelson Reservoir Silver Star
No Man Lake Koch Peak
Noble Lake Noble Peak
Otter Lake Hidden Lake Bench
Oval Lake Noble Peak
Painted Lake Hilgard Peak
Rainbow Lakes No Man Peak
Ramona Lake Hilgard Peak
Red Lake Big Horn Mountain
Reservoir Lake Varney
Rock Creek Lake Manhead Mountain
Romy Lake Warm Springs Creek
Rossiter Lake Noble Peak
Ruby River Reservoir Metzel Ranch
Sailor Lake Noble Peak
Second Lower Falls Creek Lake Willow Swamp
Sedge lake Hilgard Peak
Shadow Lake Lone Mountain
Sheep Lake Earthquake Lake
Skytop Lake Potosi Peak
Smith Lake Cliff Lake
Smith Reservoir Old Baldy Mountain
Snake Lake Koch Peak
South Meadow Creek Lake Ramshorn Mountain
Spanish Lakes Lone Mountain
Speck Lake Hilgard Peak
Summit Lake Lone Mountain
Sunrise Lake Noble Peak
Sunset Lake Hilgard Peak
Sureshot Lake Potosi Peak
Swan Lake Warm Springs Creek
Tallus Lake Hilgard Peak
Talus Lake Cirque Lake
Tate Reservoir Warm Springs Creek
Thompson Lake Gallatin Peak
Thompson Reservoir Noble Peak
Thunderbolt Lake Hilgard Peak
Triangle Lake Noble Peak
Triple Lakes Hilgard Peak
Trudau Lake Metzel Ranch
Twin Lakes Varney
Twin Lakes Potosi Peak
Twin Lakes Noble Peak
Ulerys Lakes Lone Mountain
Upper Boulder Lake Noble Peak
Upper Branham Lake Potosi Peak
Upper Falls Creek Lake Willow Swamp
Upper Mason Lake Potosi Peak
Upper Sureshot Lake Potosi Peak
Wade Lake Cliff Lake
Wall Creek Lake Big Horn Mountain
Willow Creek Reservoir Willow Creek Reservoir
Yellow Bear Lake Spur Mountain
Ziegler Reservoir Noble Peak

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Madison County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Madison County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.