Missoula County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Missoula County

Place USGS Topo Map
Beanhole Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Beaver Lake Lake Marshall
Big Lake Stuart Peak
Big Sky Lake Salmon Lake
Black Lake Upper Jocko Lake
Blanchard Lake Salmon Lake
Boulder Lake Wapiti Lake
Buck Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Bull Lake Wapiti Lake
Bunyan Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Carlton Lake Carlton Lake
Carter Lake Stuart Peak
Cheff Lake Hemlock Lake
Clearwater Lake Holland Lake
Colt Lake Lake Marshall
Conko Lake Hemlock Lake
Cott Lake Woodworth
Cottonwood Lakes Morrell Mountain
Crazy Fish Lake Stuart Peak
Crescent Lake Hemlock Lake
Crystal Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Cygnet Lake Cygnet Lake
Doctor Lake Shaw Creek
Doyles Slough Southwest Missoula
Eagle Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Elbow Lake Salmon Lake
Elk Lake Mount Calowahcan
Farmers Lakes Stuart Peak
Finley Lakes Stuart Peak
Florence Lake Morrell Lake
Fly Lake Wapiti Lake
Frenchtown Pond Huson
George Lake Morrell Lake
Glacier Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Glacier Lake Stuart Peak
Gray Wolf Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Grizzly Lake Saint Marys Lake
Harpers Lake Salmon Lake
Heart Lake Hemlock Lake
Hemlock Lake Hemlock Lake
Hidden Lake Seeley Lake West
Hidden Lake Gold Creek Peak
High Park Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Holland Lake Holland Lake
Island Lake Hemlock Lake
Jewell Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Jim Lake Piper-Crow Pass
Koessler Lake Shaw Creek
Kreis Pond Alberton
Lace Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Lagoon Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Lake Alva Lake Inez
Lake Dinah Lake Marshall
Lake Elsina Upper Jocko Lake
Lake Inez Lake Inez
Lake Marshall Lake Marshall
Lake Sa-ol-Sooth Stuart Peak
Lena Lake Shaw Creek
Lick Lake Holland Lake
Lindbergh Lake Cygnet Lake
Little Carlton Lake Carlton Lake
Little Lake Stuart Peak
Lockwood Lake Sunflower Mountain
Loco Lake Hemlock Lake
Loon Lake Cygnet Lake
Lost Lake Stark North
Lost Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Lost Sheep Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Lower Cold Lake Piper-Crow Pass
Lower Jocko Lake Belmore Sloughs
Lower Lake of Twin Lakes Stuart Peak
Marys Pond Dick Creek
McClain Lake Carlton Lake
McKinley Lake Stuart Peak
Meadow Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Meadow Lake Belmore Sloughs
Milltown Reservoir Southeast Missoula
Mollman Lakes Mount Calowahcan
Mountaineer Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Necklace Lakes Holland Lake
North Hemlock Lake Hemlock Lake
North One Horse Lake Carlton Lake
Notlimah Lake Hemlock Lake
Onemile Pond Upper Jocko Lake
Pasture Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Pendent Lake Holland Lake
Pierce Lake Cygnet Lake
Placid Lake Belmont Point
Plummers Slough Southwest Missoula
Rainy Lake Lake Inez
Reed Lake Carlton Lake
Roosevelt Lake Stuart Peak
Rubble Lake Holland Lake
Rumble Creek Lake Holland Peak
Salmon Lake Salmon Lake
Salmon Lake Salmon Lake
Sanders Lake Stuart Peak
Sanders Lake Stuart Peak
Sapphire Lake Holland Lake
Sappho Lake Holland Peak
Seeley Lake Seeley Lake West
Seepela Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Sheridan Lake Stuart Peak
Skylark Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Sleeping Elk Lake Gray Wolf Lake
South One Horse Lake Carlton Lake
Spider Lake Mount Calowahcan
Spook Lake Belmont Point
Spook Lake Mount Calowahcan
Spring Creek Reservoir Alberton
Stoner Lake Cygnet Lake
Sudden Lake Wapiti Lake
Summit Lake Cygnet Lake
Summit Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Sunset Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Terrace Lakes Holland Peak
The Angels Bathing Pool Gray Wolf Lake
Tote Road Lake Woodworth
Tunnel Lake Southeast Missoula
Tuppers Lake Seeley Lake West
Turquoise Lake Gray Wolf Lake
Twin Lakes Stuart Peak
Upper Cold Lake Piper-Crow Pass
Upper Holland Lake Holland Lake
Upper Lake Stuart Peak
Wapiti Lake Wapiti Lake
Warm Slough Primrose
Whelp Lake Gray Wolf Lake
White Horse Lake Belmore Sloughs
Woodward Lake Holland Lake
Worden Lake Stuart Peak
Yellow Lake Upper Jocko Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Missoula County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Missoula County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.