Missoula County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Missoula County

Place USGS Topo Map
Albert Creek Primrose
Albino Creek Holland Peak
Allen Creek Bonner
Anderson Creek Dick Creek
Archibald Creek Seeley Lake West
Arkansas Creek Mineral Ridge
Ashby Creek Potomac
Ashby Creek Mineral Ridge
Auggie Creek Seeley Lake West
Barber Creek Cygnet Lake
Barrette Creek Stark North
Bear Creek Frenchtown
Bear Creek Sunflower Mountain
Bear Creek Camp Creek
Bear Creek Bata Mountain
Bear Run Creek Southeast Missoula
Beaver Creek Cygnet Lake
Beaver Creek Seeley Lake West
Beecher Creek Horsehead Peak
Beeskove Creek Blue Point
Belmont Creek Potomac
Belmore Sloughs Belmore Sloughs
Benedict Creek Seeley Lake West
Bertha Creek Lake Inez
Big Blue Creek Stark North
Bill Creek Garden Point
Bird Creek Stark North
Bitterroot River Southwest Missoula
Blackfoot River Southeast Missoula
Blanchard Creek Greenough
Blixit Creek Potomac
Boles Creek Belmont Point
Bruce Creek Petty Mountain
Buck Creek Seeley Lake West
Buck Creek Potomac
Buck Creek Cygnet Lake
Burnt Bridge Creek Sunflower Mountain
Burnt Creek Belmont Point
Burnt Point Creek Frenchtown
Butler Creek Northwest Missoula
Butler Creek Alberton
Camas Creek Potomac
Camp Creek Camp Creek
Camp Creek Stark North
Camp Creek Lake Inez
Carlton Creek Florence
Cataract Creek Holland Peak
Cedar Creek Dick Creek
Cedar Creek Alberton
Cedar Run Creek Garden Point
Clark Creek Garden Point
Clearwater River Greenough
Cloudburst Creek Garden Point
Cold Brook Salmon Lake
Cold Creek Peck Lake
Colt Creek Lake Inez
Condon Creek Peck Lake
Cooney Creek Condon
Cooper Creek Dick Creek
Corral Creek Huson
Cottonwood Creek Woodworth
Cow Creek Sunflower Mountain
Cramer Creek Ravenna
Crazy Horse Creek Hemlock Lake
Crescent Creek Hemlock Lake
Cromwell Creek Alberton
Crystal Creek Bonner
Dagret Creek Southeast Missoula
Dart Creek Holland Peak
Davis Creek Florence
Davis Creek Garden Point
Deep Creek Primrose
Deep Creek Belmore Sloughs
Deer Creek Seeley Lake West
Deer Creek Elevation Mountain
Deer Creek Southeast Missoula
Devils Creek Horsehead Peak
Dick Creek Dick Creek
Dirty Ike Creek Clinton
Doctor Creek Shaw Creek
Donovan Creek Bonner
Drew Creek Seeley Lake East
Duff Creek Alberton
East Fork Beecher Creek Horsehead Peak
East Fork Burnt Fork Creek Horsehead Peak
East Fork Clearwater River Lake Inez
East Fork Deer Creek Southeast Missoula
East Fork Finley Creek Evaro
East Fork Grant Creek Northeast Missoula
East Fork Grave Creek Garden Point
East Fork Lolo Creek Lolo Hot Springs
East Fork Petty Creek Garden Point
East Fork Rattlesnake Creek Blue Point
East Fork Saint Louis Creek Knowles
East Twin Creek Sunflower Mountain
Eddy Creek Alberton
Edith Creek Frenchtown
Eds Creek Petty Mountain
Elk Creek Condon
Elk Creek Greenough
Ellis Creek Alberton
Eustache Creek Horsehead Peak
Falls Creek Condon
Falls Creek Dick Creek
Fawn Creek Seeley Lake West
Feline Creek Shaw Creek
Fern Creek Frenchtown
Findell Creek Lake Inez
Finley Creek Seeley Lake West
Fir Creek Frenchtown
Fire Creek Stark North
First Creek Upper Jocko Lake
Fish Creek Greenough
Fish Creek Salmon Lake
Fournier Creek Frenchtown
Fraser Creek Northeast Missoula
Free Creek Alberton
Frenchy Creek Hemlock Lake
Frog Creek Evaro
Game Creek Sunflower Mountain
Garden Creek Garden Point
George Creek Shaw Creek
Gilbert Creek Iris Point
Gilman Creek Diamond Point
Glacier Creek Condon
Gold Creek Sunflower Mountain
Granite Creek Lolo Hot Springs
Grant Creek Northwest Missoula
Grave Creek Garden Point
Greenough Creek Clinton
Grouse Creek Upper Jocko Lake
Gyp Creek Big Salmon Lake West
Hayes Creek Southwest Missoula
Hemlock Creek Hemlock Lake
Herrick Run Lake Marshall
Herzog Creek Frenchtown
High Falls Creek Wapiti Lake
Holland Creek Cygnet Lake
Holloman Creek Davis Point
Horn Creek Upper Jocko Lake
Houle Creek Huson
Howard Creek Garden Point
Hungry Creek Garden Point
Inez Creek Lake Inez
Issac Creek Alberton
Jocko Creek Upper Jocko Lake
John Creek Carlton Lake
Johns Creek Petty Mountain
Johny Creek Dick Creek
Josephine Creek Stark North
Kallis Creek Bonner
Kendall Creek Bonner
Kennedy Creek Alberton
Kennedy Creek Elevation Mountain
Keno Creek Elevation Mountain
Kirchey Creek Petty Mountain
Kraft Creek Cygnet Lake
La Fray Creek Blue Point
La Valle Creek Primrose
Lake Creek Wapiti Lake
Lantern Creek Dick Creek
Last Drink Creek Elk Mountain
Lee Creek Lolo Hot Springs
Liberty Creek Wapiti Lake
Lick Creek Shaw Creek
Limestone Creek Southeast Missoula
Little Bear Creek Stark North
Little Belmont Creek Potomac
Little Blue Creek Stark North
Little Fish Creek Greenough
Little Marion Creek Stark North
Little McCormick Creek McCormick Peak
Little Park Creek Southeast Missoula
Lolo Creek Florence
Lost Horse Creek Salmon Lake
Lost Park Creek West Fork Butte
Lost Prairie Creek Salmon Lake
Maple Creek Florence
Marion Creek Stark North
Marshall Creek Northeast Missoula
Marshall Creek Dick Creek
Marshall Creek Lake Inez
Martin Creek Lupine Creek
Martina Creek Horsehead Peak
Mattie V Creek Horsehead Peak
McClain Creek Florence
McClure Creek Arlee
McCormick Creek Stark North
McGinnis Creek Elevation Mountain
McKay Creek Condon
Meadow Creek Dick Creek
Middle Creek Dick Creek
Middle Fork Deer Creek Southeast Missoula
Middle Fork Swartz Creek Elk Mountain
Mike Creek Garden Point
Mill Creek Huson
Mill Creek Blue Mountain
Miller Creek Southwest Missoula
Moccasin Creek Bonner
Moncure Creek Stark North
Mormon Creek Southwest Missoula
Moulton Reservoir Number Two Garden Point
Mountain Creek Seeley Lake East
Mud Creek Lolo Hot Springs
Murphy Creek Lake Inez
Ninemile Creek Alberton
Norman Creek Sunflower Mountain
North Creek Lolo Hot Springs
North Fork Blanchard Creek Salmon Lake
North Fork Cold Creek Peck Lake
North Fork Elk Creek Elevation Mountain
North Fork Elk Creek Hemlock Lake
North Fork Gilbert Creek Iris Point
North Fork Hemlock Creek Hemlock Lake
North Fork Howard Creek Garden Point
North Fork Placid Creek Upper Jocko Lake
North Fork Sleeman Creek Blue Mountain
North Woodchuck Creek Florence
Nugget Creek Horsehead Peak
O’Brien Creek Southwest Missoula
O’Keefe Creek Primrose
Oliver Creek Horsehead Peak
Owl Creek Salmon Lake
Owl Creek Holland Lake
Park Creek Davis Point
Pats Creek Horsehead Peak
Pattee Creek Southwest Missoula
Pendant Creek Big Salmon Lake West
Petty Creek Petty Mountain
Pierce Creek Cygnet Lake
Pilcher Creek Northeast Missoula
Pine Creek Stark North
Placid Creek Belmont Point
Plant Creek Davis Point
Porcupine Creek Wapiti Lake
Powell Creek Lolo Hot Springs
Queue Creek Horsehead Peak
Rattlesnake Creek Southeast Missoula
Red Butte Creek Hemlock Lake
Rennic Creek Alberton
Reservoir Creek Petty Mountain
Rice Creek Seeley Lake West
Richmond Creek Lake Inez
Rock Creek Alberton
Rock Creek Primrose
Rock Creek Iris Point
Roman Creek Huson
Rumble Creek Condon
Saint Lawrence Creek Blue Point
Saint Louis Creek Horsehead Peak
Sappho Creek Big Salmon Lake West
Sawpit Creek Horsehead Peak
Sawyer Creek Seeley Lake West
Schley Creek Evaro
Second Creek Upper Jocko Lake
Seeley Creek Seeley Lake East
Sheep Creek Seeley Lake West
Sheldon Creek Camp Creek
Sim-heh Creek Evaro
Simpson Creek Condon
Sin-tin-tin-em-ska Creek Florence
Sixmile Creek Huson
Skimmerhorn Creek Elevation Mountain
Sleeman Creek Southwest Missoula
Slippery John Creek Seeley Lake West
Sluice Creek Davis Point
Small Creek Dick Creek
Smith Creek Condon
Smith Creek Camp Creek
Smith Creek Mineral Ridge
Smoky Creek Holland Peak
Soldier Creek Stark North
South Fork Barber Creek Cygnet Lake
South Fork Cold Creek Peck Lake
South Fork Elk Creek Hemlock Lake
South Fork Gilbert Creek Iris Point
South Fork Jocko River Wapiti Lake
South Fork Lolo Creek Camp Creek
South Fork Petty Creek Garden Point
South Fork Rumble Creek Condon
South Fork Sleeman Creek Blue Mountain
Sparks Creek Horsehead Peak
Spooner Creek Davis Point
Spring Creek Frenchtown
Spring Creek Sunflower Mountain
Spring Creek Alberton
Spring Creek Morrell Mountain
Spud Creek Big Salmon Lake West
Stark Creek Alberton
Starvation Creek Iris Point
Stinkwater Creek Greenough
Stony Creek Alberton
Swamp Creek Seeley Lake East
Swartz Creek Clinton
Tamarack Creek Blue Point
Tango Creek Holland Peak
Tank Creek Alberton
Tepee Creek Lupine Creek
Tevis Creek Blue Mountain
Trail Creek Seeley Lake East
Turah Creek Bonner
Twin Creek Stark North
Uhler Creek Lake Inez
Union Creek Sunflower Mountain
Vaughn Creek Salmon Lake
Wagner Creek Sunflower Mountain
Wallace Creek Clinton
Warm Springs Creek Sunflower Mountain
Warren Creek Greenough
Washoe Creek Union Peak
West Fork Bear Creek Bata Mountain
West Fork Beecher Creek Horsehead Peak
West Fork Burnt Fork Creek Horsehead Peak
West Fork Butte Creek Camp Creek
West Fork Clearwater River Lake Inez
West Fork Cramer Creek Mineral Ridge
West Fork Deer Creek Southeast Missoula
West Fork Gold Creek Sunflower Mountain
West Fork Lolo Creek Lolo Hot Springs
West Fork Petty Creek Petty Mountain
West Fork Swartz Creek Elk Mountain
West Twin Creek Sunflower Mountain
Westerman Creek Blue Mountain
White Cloud Creek Davis Point
Wild Horse Creek Sunflower Mountain
Windfall Creek Cygnet Lake
Woodman Creek Camp Creek
Worden Creek Southwest Missoula
Wrangle Creek Stuart Peak

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Missoula County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Missoula County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.