Phillips County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Phillips County

Place USGS Topo Map
3 Way Number 2 Reservoir Gustin Coulee
Ada Reservoir Gustin Coulee
Adair Reservoir Austin Lake
Archie Reservoir Dione Reservoir
Artie Reservoir Pea Lake
Ashfield Reservoir Robinson Ranch
Austin Lake Austin Lake
Badger Reservoir Lake Reservoir
Bass Reservoir Seymour Reservoir
Bauer Reservoir Pinks
Beam Lake Barber Coulee
Bell Reservoir Bell Ridge West
Bennett Lake Bennett Lake
Big McNeil Slough Hewitt Lake
Big Reservoir Salsbery Reservoir
Big Rock Reservoir Dry Coulee
Big Sage Reservoir Robinson School
Big Snowy Reservoir Blizzard Reservoir
Bison Bone Reservoir Bison Bone Reservoir
Black Coulee Pond Lake Bowdoin
Black Cow Reservoir Horse Pasture Coulee
Blizzard Reservoir Blizzard Reservoir
Blue Stem Reservoir Emerick Bench
Bog Reservoir Dry Fork Ridge
Buckley Lake Buckley Lake
Buckskin Reservoir Lake Reservoir
Carberry Reservoir Dione Reservoir
Carter Lake Cole
Carter Reservoir Dione Reservoir
Charley Reservoir Salsbery Reservoir
Cole Ponds Cole
Converse Reservoir Regal Coulee
Dan Reservoir Lake Reservoir
Dead Cedar Reservoir Shetland Divide
Deep Reservoir Sagebrush Reservoir
Detail Reservoir Sagebrush Reservoir
Dione Reservoir Dione Reservoir
Drabbels Reservoir Malta East
Drumbo Unit Clanton Coulee
Dry Lake Mickey Butte
Dry Lake Stratton Reservoir
Dry Lake Reservoir Lake Reservoir
Dry Lake Unit Bowdoin
Dusky Reservoir Dry Fork Ridge
Erphit Lake Lake Bowdoin
Ester Lake Ester Lake
Ethel Reservoir Pea Lake
Eva May Reservoir Mickey Butte
Express Reservoir Dry Fork Ridge
Farm Pond Lake Bowdoin
First Creek Reservoir Whitcomb Lake
First Creek Reservoir Ryan Creek
Fish Fossil Reservoir Pea Ridge
Fjeldheim Reservoir Salsbery Reservoir
Fowler Reservoir Indian Lake
Frenchman Reservoir Genevieve
Goose Island Pond Clanton Coulee
Government Field Reservoir Ball Coulee
Grag Reservoir Thoeny Hills West
Gullwing Reservoir Sagebrush Reservoir
Halfway Retaining Pit Indian Lake
Happy Gang Reservoir Dry Fork Ridge
Hewitt Lake Hewitt Lake
Hilo Reservoir Gustin Coulee
Holzhey Reservoir Holzhey Reservoir
Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake
Hoverson Reservoir Dry Fork Ridge
Indian Lake Indian Lake
J D Reservoir Hays SE
Jones Reservoir Indian Lake
King Reservoir Stratton Reservoir
Kohola Reservoir Gustin Coulee
Lake Bowdoin Lake Bowdoin
Lake PR-19 Buckley Lake
Lake Reservoir Lake Reservoir
Lakeside Unit Lake Bowdoin
LeNoir Reservoir Pinks
Lester Reservoir Pea Lake
Little Warm Reservoir Phillips
Louie Reservoir Salsbery Reservoir
Manning Corral Reservoir Sagebrush Reservoir
Martin Lake Martin Lake
Martin Retaining Pit Indian Lake
Mary Reservoir Mickey Butte
McChesney Reservoir Hays SE
McChesney Reservoir Bjornberg Bridge
McNeil Reservoir Stratton Reservoir
McNeil Slough Hewitt Lake
Monster Reservoir Lake Reservoir
Morgan Reservoir Coulter Coulee
Mud Lake Lake Bowdoin
Nelson Reservoir Bowdoin
Nelson Reservoir Button Butte
Nerve Reservoir Pea Lake
Number Twenty Reservoir Stratton Reservoir
Palea Reservoir Gustin Coulee
Paleface Reservoir Sagebrush Reservoir
Parrot Lake Ester Lake
Partnership Reservoir West Alkali Reservoir
Patrol Road Pond Lake Bowdoin
Pea Lake Pea Lake
Pearl Reservoir Hays SE
Pep Reservoir Bison Bone Reservoir
Phillips Reservoir D Y Junction
Plum Reservoir Austin Lake
Point of Rocks Reservoir Cow Creek
PR 40 Reservoir Robinson Ranch
Private Reservoir Bison Bone Reservoir
Puckett Reservoir Mitchell Corner
Reservoir Number One Hundred Sixty-one West Alkali Reservoir
Rock Creek Reservoir Kepple Bottoms
Sagebrush Reservoir Sagebrush Reservoir
Salene Reservoir Stratton Reservoir
Salsbery Reservoir Salsbery Reservoir
Sarm Reservoir Pea Lake
Schmittou Reservoir Salsbery Reservoir
Seven-Up Reservoir Robinson School
Seymour Reservoir Seymour Reservoir
Shale Reservoir Pea Ridge
Shed Lake Barber Coulee
Siwash Reservoir Pea Ridge
Skull Reservoir Stratton Reservoir
Solberg Slough Bennett Lake
Sorrell Reservoir Dry Fork Ridge
Starter Pond Lake Bowdoin
Stratton Reservoir Stratton Reservoir
Taint Reservoir Sagebrush Reservoir
The Plunge Hays SE
Timber Pit Reservoir Dry Coulee
Titan Reservoir Gustin Coulee
Tondra Reservoir Gustin Coulee
Twin Snag Reservoir Shetland Divide
Veseth Flat Veseth Reservoir
Veseth Reservoir Veseth Reservoir
Waterfowl Reservoir Gustin Coulee
Waydown Reservoir Hays SE
Weigand Reservoir Big Flat West
West Alkali Reservoir West Alkali Reservoir
Whitcomb Lake Whitcomb Lake
Whiteface Reservoir Sagebrush Reservoir
Wild Horse Reservoir Wild Horse Reservoir
Wildlife Reservoir Lake Reservoir
Williams Coulee Reservoir West Alkali Reservoir
Wilson Reservoir Stratton Reservoir
Wrangler Reservoir Dry Fork Ridge

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Phillips County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Phillips County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.