Stillwater County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Stillwater County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Creek Rapids
Bad Canyon Creek Beehive
Bearpaw Creek Shane Ridge
Beaver Creek Absarokee
Berry Creek Springtime
Blind Sheep Creek Nye
Brown Creek Shane Ridge
Buck Creek Absarokee
Burnt Creek Nye
Camp Creek Antelope Point
Castle Creek Meyer Mountain
Cedar Creek Wheat Basin
Chicken Creek Alpine
Coal Mine Coulee Shane Ridge
Cold Creek Emerald Lake
Corkscrew Creek Little Park Mountain
Cottonwood Creek Park City
Cottonwood Creek Antelope Point
Coulee Creek Springtime
Countryman Creek Columbus West
Cow Creek Sandborn Creek
Cow Creek Antelope Point
Crazy Man Creek Sandborn Creek
Cummin Creek Rapelje
Dale Creek Beehive
Davidson Creek Fishtail
Dry Creek Park City
Dry Creek Columbus West
East Fishtail Creek Beehive
East Fork Fiddler Creek Mackay Ranch
East Fork Shane Creek Shane Ridge
East Keyser Creek Columbus West
East White Beaver Creek Springtime
Elbow Creek Emerald Lake
Falls Creek Cathedral Point
Fiddler Creek Fishtail
Fish Creek Granite Peak
Fishtail Creek Fishtail
Flood Creek Cathedral Point
Flume Creek Cathedral Point
Greenwood Creek Battle Butte
Grove Creek Absarokee
Gurney Creek Battle Butte
Hensley Creek Shane Ridge
Herein Creek Little Park Mountain
Horse Creek Columbus East
Horse Creek Roscoe NW
Horseman Creek Nye
Huckleberry Creek Granite Peak
Huntley Creek Columbus West
Ingersoll Creek Fishtail
Initial Creek Meyer Mountain
Jack Stone Creek Sandborn Creek
Joe Hill Creek Whitebird School
Kenyon Creek Lindemulder Hill
Keyser Creek Columbus West
Limestone Creek Nye
Line Creek Emerald Lake
Little Rocky Creek Nye
Little Spring Creek Sandborn Creek
Lodgepole Creek Meyer Mountain
Lost Creek Wheat Basin
Magpie Creek Beehive
McNally Creek Lindemulder Hill
Meadow Creek Beehive
Mexican Joe Creek Whitebird School
Middle Creek Battle Butte
Middle Fork Fiddler Creek Mackay Ranch
Middle Fork Wounded Man Creek Pinnacle Mountain
Midnight Creek Beehive
Mills Creek Battle Butte
Mountain View Creek Meyer Mountain
North Fork Big Coulee Creek Locomotive Butte SW
North Fork Cedar Creek Russell Gulch
North Fork Cottonwood Creek Horse Butte
North Fork Grove Creek Fishtail
North Fork Valley Creek Horse Butte
North Fork Wounded Man Creek Pinnacle Mountain
Norve Coulee Whitebird School
Nye Creek Nye
Orson Coulee Whitebird School
Phantom Creek Alpine
Picket Pin Creek Meyer Mountain
Porter Coulee Whitebird School
Prairie Creek Nye
Prairie Dog Creek Nye
Rosebud Creek Absarokee
Sandborn Creek Sandborn Creek
Sectionhouse Creek Springtime
Shane Creek Whitebird School
Sheep Creek Antelope Point
Sheep Creek Beehive
Sheep Creek Nye
Sioux Charley Lake Cathedral Point
Sixshooter Creek Haymaker Narrows
South Fork Big Coulee Creek Locomotive Butte SW
South Fork Cedar Creek Russell Gulch
South Fork Cottonwood Creek Horse Butte
South Fork Countryman Creek Reed Point
South Fork Grove Creek Fishtail
South Fork Valley Creek Horse Butte
Spring Creek Antelope Point
Spring Creek Sandborn Creek
Stillwater River Columbus West
Storm Creek Cathedral Point
Struck Creek Battle Butte
Swamp Creek Park City
Tepee Creek Wildcat Draw
Tilden Creek Rapids
Toll Creek Battle Butte
Toms Creek Columbus East
Trout Creek Cow Face Hill
Tucker Creek Rapids
Tumble Creek Tumble Mountain
Tutt Creek Shane Ridge
Valley Creek Montaqua
Van Winkle Creek Locomotive Butte SW
Verdigris Creek Meyer Mountain
West Fishtail Creek Beehive
West Fork Shane Creek Shane Ridge
West Fork Stillwater River Nye
West Prairie Dog Creek Nye
West Rosebud Creek Roscoe NW
West White Beaver Creek Springtime
Whistle Creek Springtime
White Beaver Creek Reed Point
Whitebird Creek Whitebird School
Whitney Creek Rapelje
Woodbine Creek Cathedral Point
Wounded Man Creek Little Park Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Stillwater County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Stillwater County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.