Sweet Grass County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sweet Grass County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alkali Creek Melville
Alkali Creek Kelly Hills
Amelong Creek Amelong Creek
Antelope Creek Carney
Antelope Creek Jim Creek
Bailey Creek Kelly Hills
Basin Creek Porcupine Butte
Basin Creek Iron Mountain
Bear Pen Creek Meyer Mountain
Big Timber Creek Big Timber
Billy Creek Battleship Butte
Blackaby Creek Rein Lake
Blacktail Creek Picket Pin Mountain
Blakely Creek Chrome Mountain
Blind Bridger Creek Wildcat Draw
Bohee Creek McLeod
Bologne Creek Battleship Butte
Boulder River Big Timber
Bridger Creek Work Creek
Brownlee Creek Picket Pin Mountain
Bruin Creek Amelong Creek
Canyon Creek Picket Pin Mountain
Carson Creek Ryan Creek
Castle Creek McLeod
Cathedral Creek Meyer Mountain
Cayuse Creek Upper Glaston Lake
Cedar Creek Ross Canyon
Cherry Creek McLeod
Chicken Creek Springdale
Chimney Rock Creek Ross Canyon
Clause Creek Ross Canyon
Columbine Creek Haystack Peak
Conant Creek McLeod
Corral Creek Enos Mountain
Cort Creek Raspberry Butte
Cottonwood Creek Sourdough School
Cow Creek Carney
Cox Creek Greycliff
Crescent Creek Tumble Mountain
Crest Creek Lone Indian Butte
Davis Creek Ross Canyon
Dead Beaver Creek Upper Glaston Lake
Dead Indian Creek Sliderock Mountain
Deadmans Creek Lone Indian Butte
Devil Creek Grosfield Ranch
Divide Creek Tumble Mountain
Dore Creek McLeod
Dry Creek Greycliff
Dry Creek Carney
Dry Creek Otter Creek School
Dry Creek Otter Creek School
Dry Creek Battleship Butte
Dry Fork Creek Enos Mountain
Dry Fork Sweet Grass Creek Sourdough School
Duck Creek Kelly Hills
Eagle Creek Crazy Peak
East Boulder River McLeod Basin
East Bridger Creek Packsaddle Butte
East Chippy Creek Chrome Mountain
East Fork Boulder River Mount Douglas
East Fork Duck Creek Kelly Hills
East Fork Mendenhall Creek Springdale
East Fork Sweet Grass Creek Sourdough School
East Fork Upper Deer Creek Sliderock Mountain
East Sheep Creek Enos Mountain
Elk Creek Enos Mountain
Enos Creek Enos Mountain
Featherbed Creek Big Timber
Firewater Creek Chrome Mountain
Fletcher Creek Greycliff
Forge Creek Picket Pin Mountain
Fryer Creek Kelly Hills
Graham Creek Chrome Mountain
Great Falls Creek Chrome Mountain
Greycliff Creek Work Creek
Hailstone Creek Battleship Butte
Hamilton Creek Ryan Creek
Hangmans Creek Greycliff
Hawley Creek Mount Douglas
Hell Roaring Creek Amelong Creek
Henry Creek Raspberry Butte
Hidden Creek Tumble Mountain
Horse Creek Battleship Butte
Horse Creek Enos Mountain
Hump Creek Reed Point
Iron Creek Meyer Mountain
Jarrett Creek Kelly Hills
Lewis Creek Tumble Mountain
Lightning Creek Tumble Mountain
Little Timber Creek Carney
Log Cabin Creek Ross Canyon
Lost Cabin Creek Enos Mountain
Lowell Creek Kelly Hills
Lower Deer Creek Greycliff
Makey Creek Rein Lake
McClain Coulee Reed Point
Mendenhall Creek Springdale
Meyers Creek Meyer Mountain
Middle Fork American Fork Rein Lake
Middle Fork Big Timber Creek Raspberry Butte
Middle Fork Sweet Grass Creek Stephens Hill NE
Middle Fork Upper Deer Creek Enos Mountain
Miller Creek Chrome Mountain
Milligan Creek Greycliff
Needle Creek Ross Canyon
North Amelong Creek Amelong Creek
North Fork American Fork Rein Lake
North Fork Countryman Creek Reed Point
North Fork Hawley Creek Mount Douglas
North Fork Little Timber Creek Raspberry Butte
North Fork Otter Creek Battleship Butte
North Fork Sevenmile Creek Otter Creek School
O’Hearn Creek Rein Lake
Old Daves Creek Otter Creek School
Otter Creek Big Timber
Oxbow Creek Carney
Pass Creek Meyer Mountain
Pig Creek Big Timber
Porcupine Spring Creek Porcupine Butte
Rainbow Creek Haystack Peak
Raspberry Creek Chrome Mountain
Rock Creek Upper Glaston Lake
Ryan Creek Ryan Creek
Rye Creek Melville
Saderbalm Creek Meyer Mountain
Sams Creek Lone Indian Butte
Sawmill Creek Raspberry Butte
Sevenmile Creek Otter Creek School
Shed Creek Carney
Shorty Creek Chrome Mountain
Silver Creek Work Creek
Silvertip Creek Chrome Mountain
Sixshooter Creek Sourdough School
Sourdough Creek Ryan Creek
South Amelong Creek Amelong Creek
South Fork American Fork Rein Lake
South Fork Big Timber Creek Grosfield Ranch
South Fork Meyers Creek Meyer Mountain
South Fork Swamp Creek Raspberry Butte
South Fork Tenmile Creek Otter Creek School
South Fork Wounded Man Creek Pinnacle Mountain
Speculator Creek Chrome Mountain
Spring Creek Greycliff
Spring Creek Carney
Spring Creek Springdale
Spring Creek Hunters Hot Springs
Spring Creek Battleship Butte
Spring Creek Rein Lake
Susie Creek McLeod
Swamp Creek Otter Creek School
Swamp Creek Meyer Mountain
Sweet Grass Creek Greycliff
Tenmile Creek Otter Creek School
Trail Creek Tumble Mountain
Upper Deer Creek Greycliff
West Boulder River McLeod
West Bridger Creek Packsaddle Butte
West Chippy Creek Chrome Mountain
West Fork Dry Creek Big Timber
West Fork Duck Creek Kelly Hills
West Fork Little Timber Creek Carney
West Fork Lower Deer Creek Sliderock Mountain
West Fork Mendenhall Creek Springdale
West Fork Upper Deer Creek Ross Canyon
West Sheep Creek Enos Mountain
Wheeler Creek Melville
Whistle Creek Ross Canyon
Whitetail Creek Big Timber
Whitney Creek Locomotive Butte SW
Wild Creek Springdale
Wildcat Creek Sourdough School
Work Creek Reed Point

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sweet Grass County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sweet Grass County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.