Cherry County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Cherry County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alkali Lake Brownlee
Alkali Lake Sevenmile Hill
Alkali Lake Irwin
Alkali Lake Camp Valley
Alkali Pond Square Lake
Badger Lake Farm Flat
Bakers Lake Ell Lake
Bean Soup Lake Wolford Valley
Beaver Lake Mule Lake
Beaver Pond Farm Flat
Big Alkali Lake Ell Lake
Big Buck Lake Mother Lake
Big Dad Lake Wolford Valley
Big Lake Big Lake
Big Lake Bovee Valley East
Blue Crane Lake Turpin Lake East
Bobtail Lake Turpin Lake East
Bornemann Lake Bornemann Lake
Bos Lake Card Lake
Braunsweiger Lake Turpin Lake West
Bray Lake Round Lake
Bristol Lake Bristol Lake
Brush Lake Wolf Lake
Bull Lake Bull Lake
Burr Lake White Willow Lake
Campbell Lake Big Lake
Card Lake Card Lake
Carpenter Lake Coleman Lake
Carrico Lakes Carrico Lakes
Castle Lake Hyannis North
Cedar Lake Simeon
Cedar Lake Bovee Valley East
Cedar Lake Turpin Lake West
Center Lake Long Lake
Chamberlin Lake Turpin Lake East
Church Lake Bristol Lake
Clear Lake Willow Lake
Clear Lake Turpin Lake West
Clubhouse Lake Merriman NE
Coble Reservoir Wolf Lake
Cody Lake Cody West
Coffee Lake Mother Lake
Coffey Lake Irwin SE
Coleman Lake Mule Lake
Coleman Lake Coleman Lake
Coleman Pond Ell Lake
Collier Lake White Willow Lake
Conway Lake Rose Valley
Cotton Lake Hill Lake
Cottonwood Lake Merriman
Cottonwood Lake Steverson Lake
Cow Lake Big Lake
Cox Dam Number 2 Hire NE
Cox Reservoir Number 1 Hire NE
Cox Reservoir Number 1 Sevenmile Hill
Cullison Lake Irwin
Dads Lake Mule Lake
Dads Lake Hog Island
Dead Cow Lake Turpin Lake East
Devils Punch Bowl Lake Mule Lake
Dewey Lake Simeon
Dillie Lake Turpin Lake East
Dipping Vat Meadow Camp Valley
Dooley Lake Wolf Lake
Downing Lake Card Lake
Dry Lake Turpin Lake West
Dry Valley Lake Turpin Lake West
Duck Lake Duck Lake
Duck Lake Simeon
Durbin Lake Big Lake
East Twin Lake Willow Lake
East Twin Lake Wolf Lake
Edwards Lake Turpin Lake East
Ell Lake Ell Lake
Ell Lake Turpin Lake East
Esther Lake Hog Island
Evy Lake Wolf Lake
Fawn Lake Turpin Lake West
Fender Lake Hire
Fish Hatchery Lake Valentine North
Flowing Well Lake Coleman Lake
Fox Reservoir Number 2 Kilgore
Frye Lake Turpin Lake East
Goodwin Reservoir Cooper Canyon
Goose Lake Heath Valley
Goose Lake Merriman NE
Goose Lake Irwin
Goose Lake Round Lake
Goose Lake Mother Lake
Gordon Valley Reservoir Turpin Lake East
Green Lake Brush Hill
Green Lake Frye Lake
Gus Lake Mule Lake
Hackberry Lake Simeon
Hart Lake Bovee Valley East
Hay Lake Willow Lake
Heath Lake Wild Mare Lake
Hill Lake Hill Lake
Holst Lake Turpin Lake East
Home Lake Wolford Valley
Home Valley Lake Steverson Lake
Homestead Lake Big Lake
Horseshoe Bend Pond Farm Flat
Horseshoe Lake Mother Lake
Hudson Lake Hudson Lake
Humpert Lake Allen Valley
Indian Lake Card Lake
Jack Rabbit Lake White Willow Lake
Jim Lake Camp Valley
Keller Lake Camp Valley
Krumpf Lake Sunflower Lake
Lake George Powderhorn Valley SW
Lake John Farm Flat
Larson Lake Hog Island
Leach Lake Brush Creek
Little Alkali Lake Hudson Lake
Little Alkali Lake White Willow Lake
Little Buck Lake Mother Lake
Little Coleman Lake Coleman Lake
Little Dad Lake Card Lake
Little Hay Lake Willow Lake
Little Skull Lake Wilson Valley
Log Cabin Lake Hog Island
Log Cabin Lake Irwin
Lone Tree Lake Kennedy
Long Lake Long Lake
Long Lake Simeon
Long Lake Mother Lake
Lord Lakes Powderhorn Valley
Lost Lake Big Lake
Lovejoy Lake Ell Lake
Lowes Lake Lowes Lake
Mallard Lake Trumbull Lake
Mally Lake Turpin Lake East
Marsh Lake Mayhew Lake
Marty Lake Turpin Lake East
McKeel Lake Willow Lake
Medicine Lake Medicine Lake
Melvin Lake Camp Valley
Merritt Reservoir Kennedy NW
Merritt Reservoir Windmill Lake
Middle Lake Turpin Lake West
Middle Marsh Lake Willow Lake
Mill Pond Valentine North
Moon Lake Medicine Lake
Moore Lake Turpin Lake West
Mother Lake Mother Lake
Mud Lake Square Lake
Mud Lake Wolf Lake
Mud Lake Irwin
Mule Lake Mule Lake
Muleshoe Lake Willow Lake
Mullis Lake Hog Island
Murphy Lake Round Lake
Negrohead Lake Turpin Lake West
Nelson Lake Eli
North Marsh Lake Willow Lake
North Twin Lake Irwin
North Twin Lake Mother Lake
O’Kief Reservoir Arabia
Packingham Lake Square Lake
Palmer Lake Rosebud Valley
Pelican Lake Simeon
Pelican Lake Steverson Lake
Pierce Milling Plant Reservoir Valentine North
Piester Lake Steverson Lake
Pony Lake Big Lake
Preston Lake Bristol Lake
Rat Lake Wilson Valley
Rat Lake Mule Lake
Rat Lake Trumbull Lake
Rat Lake Wolf Lake
Rat Lake Turpin Lake West
Rattlesnake Lake Turpin Lake West
Red Deer Lake Arabia SW
Red Mill Lake Card Lake
Red Willow Lake White Willow Lake
Robinson Lake Square Lake
Rogers Lake Ell Lake
Roseberry Lake Sevenmile Hill
Round Lake Big Lake
Round Lake Merriman NE
Round Lake Round Lake
Ruby Lake Turpin Lake East
S B Lake Merriman NE
Sand Beach Lake Camp Valley
School House Lake Reservoir Heath Valley
School Lake Willow Lake
School Section Lake Carrico Lakes
School Section Lake Camp Valley
Schoolhouse Lake Heath Valley
Shaup Lake Heath Valley
Shell Lake Hog Island
Sherman Pond Powderhorn Valley SW
Shigley Lake Camp Valley
Shore Lake Heath Valley
Short Lake Wolford Valley
Sively Lake Steverson Lake
Skull Lake Wilson Valley
Slim Jim Lake Mother Lake
Smith Lake Ell Lake
Soda Lake Hyannis North
Solitare Lake Mother Lake
South Marsh Lake Arabia SW
South Marsh Lake Arabia SW
South Twin Lake Irwin
South Twin Lake Mother Lake
Spall Lake Irwin
Speck Lake Sevenmile Hill
Speckel-Meir Lake Sevenmile Hill
Spencer Lake Simeon
Spring Lake Steverson Lake
Square Lake Square Lake
Steve Lake Turpin Lake East
Stevenson Lake Steverson Lake
Stout Lake Square Lake
Sunflower Lake Sunflower Lake
Swan Lake Arabia NW
Swan Lake Rose Valley
Tate Lake Big Lake
Thirty-One Lake Turpin Lake West
Thirty-Six Lake Turpin Lake East
Three Corners Lake Steverson Lake
Tony Lake Card Lake
Tree Claim Lake Steverson Lake
Tree Lake White Willow Lake
Trout Lake Willow Lake
Trucks Lake Hog Island
Trumbull Lake Trumbull Lake
Turpin Lake Turpin Lake East
Twentyone Lake Long Lake
Twin Lakes Square Lake
Twomile Lake Heath Valley
Valentine Reservoir Valentine North
Vaughn Lake Steverson Lake
Watts Lake Simeon
Weed Lake Medicine Lake
West Cottonwood Lake Steverson Lake
West Twin Lake Willow Lake
White Willow Lake White Willow Lake
Whitewater Lake Simeon
Wild Mare Lake Wild Mare Lake
Willow Lake Willow Lake
Willow Lake Medicine Lake
Windmill Lake Windmill Lake
Winslow Lake Eli
Wolf Lake Wolf Lake
Y Lake Heath Valley

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Cherry County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Cherry County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.