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Lander County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lander County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antelope Creek Sheep Creek Range NW
Antelope Creek Gilbert Creek NW
Antelope Creek Carroll Summit SE
Bade Creek Barton Spring
Barton Creek Barton Spring
Batemans Creek Bateman Spring
Battle Creek Stony Point
Big Creek West of Austin
Birch Creek Wildcat Peak NW
Birchim Creek Iron Mountain
Birchum Slough West of Austin
Blackbird Creek Simpson Park Canyon
Blue House Slough Argenta
Boone Creek Joe Eason Mountain
Boulder Creek Argenta
Bowman Creek Kingston
Cain Creek The Cedars SW
Callaghan Creek West of Fagin Mountain
Campbell Creek Carroll Summit SE
Carseley Creek Kingston
Chicken Creek Ferris Creek
Clear Creek Kingston
Corral Canyon Creek West of Fagin Mountain
Cottonwood Creek Moss Creek
Cottonwood Creek Mount Moses SE
Cottonwood Creek Reese River Butte
Cowboy Rest Creek West of Fagin Mountain
Crooked Canyon Creek Grass Valley Ranch
Daisy Creek Wild Range Canyon
Dry Canyon Wash Little Hot Springs
Dry Creek Gold Park
Dry Creek Hickison Summit
Duck Creek Galena Canyon
East Fork Rock Creek Mount Lewis
Elder Creek Rocky Pass
Ferris Creek Ferris Creek
Fire Creek Crescent Valley
Fish Creek Watts
Frenchman Creek North Toiyabe Peak
Gilbert Creek Gilbert Creek NW
Grouse Creek Ferris Creek
Hall Creek Carico Lake South
Harry Creek Redrock Spring
Haypress Creek Carroll Summit
Indian Creek West of Fagin Mountain
Indian Creek Bates Mountain
Iowa Creek Hall Creek North
Italian Creek Vigus Butte NW
Kingston Creek Wildcat Peak NW
Knox Creek Reese River Butte
Lebeau Creek Midas Spring
Lewis Bens Creek Crippen Canyon
Lewis Creek Blossom Spring
Licking Creek Galena Canyon
Little Cottonwood Creek Blossom Spring
Lynch Creek Birch Creek Ranch
McIntyre Slough Ellison
Middle Fork Mill Creek Goat Peak
Milkhouse Creek Carroll Summit
Mill Creek McCoy NE
Mill Creek Cortez
Mill Creek Cherry Creek NE
Moss Creek Moss Creek
North Fork Big Creek North Toiyabe Peak
North Fork Italian Creek Vigus Butte NE
North Fork Milkhouse Creek Carroll Summit
North Fork Mill Creek Goat Peak
North Fork Silver Creek Vigus Butte NE
North Fork Skull Creek Grass Valley Ranch
North Fork Smith Creek Basque Summit
North Fork Steiner Creek Bates Mountain
Outside Slough Battle Mountain
Ox Corral Creek Grass Valley Ranch
Park Creek Gold Park
Peterson Creek Gold Park
Pole Creek Carroll Summit
Porter Creek West of Austin
Porter Creek Carroll Summit NE
Roaring Creek Crippen Canyon
Rock Creek Battle Mountain
Rock Creek Bateman Spring
Rock Creek McCoy NW
Rock Creek Wildcat Peak NW
Rock Creek Carroll Summit SE
Rock Creek Gold Park
Rock Creek North Toiyabe Peak
Rosebush Creek West of Fagin Mountain
San Pedro Creek Reese River Butte
Santa Fe Creek Kingston
Schoonover Creek Carroll Summit SE
Sheep Creek Ellison
Sheep Creek Crippen Canyon
Shoshone Creek Kingston
Silver Creek Vigus Butte NW
Sixmile Creek Sheep Creek Range NW
Skull Creek Grass Valley Ranch
Slaven Creek Bateman Spring
Smith Creek Carroll Summit SE
South Branch Cow Creek Mount Moses
South Fork Fish Creek Fish Creek Basin
South Fork Milkhouse Creek Carroll Summit
South Fork Mill Creek Goat Peak
Steiner Creek Grass Valley Ranch
Tar Creek Birch Creek Ranch
Trout Creek McCoy NE
Trout Creek Ferris Creek
Washington Creek Reese River Butte
Water Canyon Creek Salt Marsh Canyon
West Fork Ferris Creek Ferris Creek
West Fork Hall Creek Hall Creek South
West Fork Rock Creek Mount Lewis
Willow Creek Buffalo Springs NE
Willow Creek Gold Park
Willow Creek Barton Spring

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lander County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lander County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.