Washoe County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Washoe County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexander Lake Steamboat
Alkali Lake Alkali Lake
Americum Reservoir Hart Mountain
Antimony Reservoir Hart Mountain
Argon Reservoir Nellie Spring Mountain
Bald Mountain Lake Bald Mountain
Bedrock Reservoir Boulder Lake
Big Mahogany Reservoir Mahogany Mountain
Black Canyon Reservoir Big Hat Mountain
Black Rock Reservoir Pinto Springs
Black Rock Reservoir Boulder Mountain
Boulder Dam Reservoir Poodle Mountain
Boulder Lake Boulder Lake
Boulder Reservoir Pinto Springs
Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 10 Hillside Spring
Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 6 Hillside Spring
Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 7 Hillside Spring
Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 8 Poodle Mountain
Buffalo Hills Reservoir Number 9 Hillside Spring
Burnt Lake Burnt Lake
Calcutta Lake Calcutta Lake
Captain Johnson Reservoir Painted Point
Carter Reservoir Carter Reservoir
Catnip Reservoir Catnip Canyon
Central Lake Vya
Cockrell Trough Wall Canyon Reservoir
Cold Weather Reservoir Powers Well
Coleman Reservoir Little Coleman Canyon
Cow Lake Calcutta Lake
Crampton Troughs Boulder Lake
Deadmans Canyon Reservoir Carson City
Dewey Parker Reservoir Salt Marsh
Dewey Parker Reservoir Number Two Salt Marsh
Disabel Reservoir Hillside Spring
Dry Lake Bedell Flat
Dry Lake Reservoir Red Rock Canyon
Dry Steer Lake Burnt Lake
East Wash Reservoir Reno
Fatty Martin Lake Massacre Lake
Fly Reservoir Hualapai Flat South
Fortynine Lake Vya
Frog Pond Crooks Meadow
Fuller Lake Mount Rose NW
Garden Lake Burnt Lake
Ginny Lake Mount Rose
Grass Lake Washoe City
Grass Valley Reservoir Fox Mountain
Gray Lake Mount Rose
Heward Reservoir The Banjo
Hidden Lake Washoe City
Highland Reservoir Reno
Hill Reservoir Mosquito Valley
Hobart Creek Reservoir Carson City
Hobble Reservoir Bald Mountain
Hog John Reservoir Butte Spring
Horse Lake Calcutta Lake
Hunter Creek Reservoir Verdi
Hunter Lake Mount Rose NW
Incline Lake Mount Rose
Iveson Reservoir Melody Mountain
Jack Reservoir Boulder Mountain
Jones Flat Reservoir Poodle Mountain
Joy Lake Washoe City
Lake Tahoe Marlette Lake
Larkspur Reservoir Red Rock Canyon
Leadville Troughs Leadville
Little High Rock Reservoir Butte Spring
Little Hog Ranch Reservoir Butte Spring
Little Mahogany Reservoir Hart Mountain
Little Valley Reservoir Little Coleman Canyon
Little Washoe Lake Washoe City
Long Lake Big Hat Mountain
Lords Lake Boulder Lake
Lower Coyote Reservoir Hillside Spring
Lower Peavine Creek Reservoir Reno
Lower Price Lake Washoe City
Lower Wall Canyon Reservoir Juniper Springs
Mahogany Lake Boulder Mountain
Mahogany Troughs Fox Mountain
Manzanita Lake Reno
Marlette Lake Marlette Lake
Marlette Reservoir Marlette Lake
Massacre Lake Massacre Lake
Melody Lake Melody Mountain
Middle Lake Calcutta Lake
Middle Lake Massacre Lake
Milk Ranch Reservoir Dogskin Mountain
Mill Creek Reservoir Number Two Marlette Lake
Mosquito Lake Mosquito Valley
Mud Lake Carter Reservoir
Mud Lake Mount Rose
Negro Creek Reservoir Melody Mountain
New Year Lake Crooks Meadow
North Lake Sage Hen Hills
Orphan Reservoir Boulder Lake
Parker Reservoirs Salt Marsh
Pegleg Reservoir Pegleg Canyon
Pilgrim Lake Burnt Lake
Pyramid Lake Pyramid SE
Racetrack Reservoir Rye Creek
Rock Lake Washoe City
Rocky Trail Reservoir Red Rock Canyon
Round Mountain Lake Catnip Canyon
Rye Creek Reservoir Rye Creek
Sheep Camp Draw Reservoir Red Rock Canyon
Silver Lake Reno NW
Slick Reservoir Sand Pass
SOB Lake Burnt Lake
Spanish Flat Reservoir Spanish Flat
Spanish Springs Vista
Squaw Valley Reservoir Squaw Valley
Steer Lake Burnt Lake
Swan Lake Reno NE
Swan Lake Swan Lake
Swan Lake Reservoir Swan Lake
Table Lakes Big Hat Mountain
Tamarack Lake Mount Rose
Toney Reservoir Coleman Canyon
Twin Lakes Marlette Lake
Twin Spring Reservoir Bordwell Spring
Upper Coyote Reservoir Hillside Spring
Upper Peavine Creek Reservoir Reno
Upper Price Lake Mount Rose
Virginia Lake Reno
Wall Canyon Reservoir Wall Canyon Reservoir
Washoe Lake Washoe City
West Lake Painted Point
West Wash Reservoir Reno
Wheeler Reservoir Mount Rose NE
Willow Creek Reservoir McConnel Canyon
Willow Lake Burnt Lake
Willow Reservoir Red Rock Canyon
Winnemucca Lake Tohakum Peak SE
Winnemucca Ranch Reservoir Dogskin Mountain
Wood Road Reservoirs Squaw Valley

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Washoe County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Washoe County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.