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Washoe County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Washoe County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alum Creek Reno
Badger Creek Swan Lake
Bald Mountain Creek Bald Mountain
Barker Creek Hualapai Flat South
Berrey Brook Alkali Lake
Big Hog Ranch Creek Butte Spring
Big Mouth Creek Pah Rah Mountain
Bordwell Creek Wall Canyon Reservoir
Boulder Creek Boulder Lake
Boynton Slough Steamboat
Branch Big Mouth Creek Pah Rah Mountain
Brooklyn Creek Verdi
Browns Creek Washoe City
Buffalo Creek Hog Spring
Buffalo Slough Hog Spring
Bull Creek San Emidio Desert North
Bull Ranch Creek Verdi
Burro Creek Smoke Creek Ranch
Campoodie Creek Bordwell Spring
Catnip Creek Rye Creek
Cherry Creek Melody Mountain
Cherry Creek Juniper Springs
Chimney Rock Creek Buffalo Creek
Clear Creek Squaw Valley
Clover Creek Chester Lyons Spring
Coal Creek Pah Rah Mountain
Cottonwood Creek West of Empire
Cottonwood Creek Hualapai Flat South
Cottonwood Creek Astor Pass
Cottonwood Creek Fraser Flat
Cottonwood Creek Butte Spring
Cottonwood Creek Yellow Hills West
Coyote Creek San Emidio Desert North
Davis Creek Washoe City
Dead Ox Wash Wadsworth
Dove Creek Tohakum Peak SE
Dry Creek Smith Canyon
Dry Creek Mount Rose NE
Duck Flat Wash Duck Lake
East Creek Powers Well
East Fork Skedaddle Creek Red Rock Canyon
East Fork Smoke Creek Mixie Flat
Evans Creek Mount Rose NE
First Creek Marlette Lake
Fish Creek Swan Lake
Fish Springs Creek State Line Peak
Fort Defiance Creek Wadsworth
Franktown Creek Washoe City
Frog Creek Eddies Garden
Galena Creek Washoe City
Granite Creek Hualapai Flat South
Grass Valley Creek Chester Lyons Spring
Hardscrabble Creek Sutcliffe
Hobart Creek Carson City
Hog Ranch Creek Mahogany Mountain
Hunter Creek Verdi
Incline Creek Marlette Lake
Jims Creek Butte Spring
Jones Creek Olinghouse
Jones Creek Reno NW
Jones Creek Washoe City
Lewers Creek Carson City
Little Hog Ranch Creek Butte Spring
Lost Creek Reynard
Lost Creek Duck Lake
Mahogany Creek High Rock Lake
Massacre Creek Massacre Lake
McClellans Creek Spanish Springs Peak
McEwen Creek Carson City
Middle Fork Buffalo Creek Eddies Garden
Middle Fork Negro Creek Melody Mountain
Mill Creek Marlette Lake
Millers Creek Wadsworth
Mountain View Creek Wall Canyon Reservoir
Mud Lake Slough Pah Rah Mountain
Mullen Creek Sutcliffe
Musgrove Creek Carson City
Negro Creek Hualapai Flat North
Newton Creek Virginia City
No Savvy Creek Hillside Spring
North Catnip Creek Catnip Canyon
North Fork Buffalo Creek Buffalo Creek
North Fork Coyote Creek Pah-Rum Peak
North Fork Dry Valley Creek Seven Lakes Mountain
North Fork Frog Creek Poodle Mountain
North Fork Negro Creek Melody Mountain
North Fork Rodeo Creek Pah-Rum Peak
Ophir Creek Washoe City
Paiute Creek Moses Rock
Parsnip Wash Buffalo Creek
Peavine Creek Reno
Rock Creek Hualapai Flat South
Rodeo Creek San Emidio Desert North
Rodero Creek Nixon NW
Rye Creek Rye Creek
Second Creek Marlette Lake
Secret Creek Nixon
Secret Creek Vya
Smoke Creek Sheepshead Spring
South Catnip Creek Catnip Canyon
South Creek Vya
South Fork Dry Valley Creek Seven Lakes Mountain
South Fork Frog Creek Poodle Mountain
South Fork Negro Creek Melody Mountain
South Fork Parsnip Wash Buffalo Creek
South Fork Red Mountain Creek Melody Mountain
South Fork Rush Creek Smoke Creek Ranch
South Willow Creek Hualapai Flat South
South Willow Creek Big Hat Mountain
Squaw Creek Wall Spring
Steamboat Creek Vista
Sunrise Creek Verdi
Texas Creek Chester Lyons Spring
Third Creek Marlette Lake
Thomas Creek Mount Rose NE
Truckee River Pah Rah Mountain
Tuledad Creek Duck Lake
Tunnel Creek Marlette Lake
Wagon Tire Creek Melody Mountain
Wall Canyon Creek Yellow Hills West
Wall Creek Duck Lake
West Fork Buffalo Creek Buffalo Creek
Whites Creek Steamboat
Wild Horse Creek Reynard
Willow Creek West of Empire
Willow Creek Buffalo Creek
Willow Creek Hillside Spring
Willow Creek Calcutta Lake
Willow Creek Boulder Lake
Willow Creek Butte Spring
Winters Creek Washoe City
Yellow Rock Canon Creek Yellow Hills West

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Washoe County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Washoe County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.