White Pine County Fishing Streams

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Streams in White Pine County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antelope Valley Wash Tippett
Antone Creek Borchert Spring
Bassett Creek North Schell Peak
Bastian Creek Cave Mountain
Berry Creek Duck Creek Valley
Big Indian Creek Monte Neva Hot Springs
Big Springs Creek Needle Point Spring
Big Wash Garrison
Big Wash Walker Canyon
Bird Creek Duck Creek Valley
Board Creek Windy Peak
Bothwick Creek Combs Creek
Carry Creek Goshute Creek
Cattle Camp Wash Ward Charcoal Ovens
Cave Creek Cave Creek
Cherry Creek Cherry Creek Station
Chin Creek Tippett
Chokecherry Creek Needle Point Spring
Circle Wash Railroad Crossing Dam
Clear Creek Cave Creek
Cleve Creek South Bastian Spring
Cold Creek Cold Creek Ranch
Combs Creek Combs Creek
Conners Creek Walker Canyon
Cooper Wash Ward Charcoal Ovens
Copper Creek Willow Grove
Cottonwood Creek Badger Hole Spring
Cottonwood Creek Windy Peak
Cottonwood Creek Hamilton
Dead Horse Wash Giroux Wash
Deadman Creek Buck Mountain West
Deadman Creek Mount Moriah
Deadman Wash Railroad Crossing Dam
Duck Creek Goshute Lake South
East Creek Duck Creek Valley
Egan Creek Borchert Spring
Ellison Creek Badger Hole Spring
Eph Creek Preston
First Creek Steptoe
Fitzhugh Creek Monte Neva Hot Springs
Freehill Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Frenchman Creek Silver Canyon
Garden Creek North Schell Peak
Geyser Creek Mount Grafton
Gilford Creek Cleve Creek Baldy
Giroux Wash Preston Reservoir
Gleason Creek Ely
Gordon Creek North Schell Peak
Goshute Creek Goshute Creek
Grace Creek Windy Peak
Grass Valley Creek Grass Valley Wash
Gravel Creek Tippett Canyon
Gravel Wash Skinner Canyon
Green Springs Wash Green Springs SW
Gubler Wash Giroux Wash
Halstead Creek Illipah
Hamlin Valley Wash Tweedy Wash
Hayden Creek Railroad Crossing Dam
Holt Camp Creek Giroux Wash
Holt Creek Preston Reservoir
Horse Camp Wash Ward Charcoal Ovens
Illipah Creek Waldy Pond
Indian Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Indian Creek Goshute Creek
Indian Creek Willow Grove
Jakes Wash Preston
John Henry Wash North Spring Point
Johns Wash Red Ledges
Jones Spring Wash Jarbidge North
Kalamazoo Creek Big Hard Pan
Left Fork Silver Creek Sacramento Pass
Lehman Creek Baker
Lexington Creek Needle Point Spring
Lion Spring Wash Giroux Wash
Little Creek Kalamazoo Summit
Little Indian Creek Mattier Creek
Little Negro Creek North Schell Peak
Long Valley Slough Long Valley Slough
Long Valley Wash Junction Well
Main Fork Silver Creek Sacramento Pass
Martins Creek Preston
Mattier Creek Monte Neva Hot Springs
Mau Creek Rattlesnake Mountain
McCoy Creek South Schell Peak
McCurdy Creek Stonehouse
McDonald Creek Cleve Creek Baldy
Meadow Creek Big Hard Pan
Meadow Creek Kalamazoo Creek
Middle Creek Becky Peak
Middle Creek Kalamazoo Summit
Milk Ranch Creek Parker Station
Mill Creek Lehman Caves
Mill Creek Mount Grafton
Mill Creek Windy Peak
Miller Basin Wash Lehman Caves
Miller Creek Duck Creek Valley
Muncy Creek Big Hard Pan
Murphy Wash Indian Springs Knolls
Murry Creek East Ely
Negro Creek Yelland Dry Lake
North Creek Kalamazoo Creek
North Creek Mount Grafton
North Creek Lages Station
North Creek Duck Creek Valley
North Creek Silver Canyon
North Creek Parker Station
North Fork Baker Creek Wheeler Peak
North Fork Berry Creek Cleve Creek Baldy
North Fork Big Wash Kious Spring
North Fork Chokecherry Creek Arch Canyon
North Fork Cleve Creek Cave Mountain
North Fork Garden Creek North Schell Peak
North Fork Kalamazoo Creek Kalamazoo Creek
North Fork Muncy Creek Kalamazoo Creek
North Fork Smith Creek Mount Moriah
North Sixmile Wash Treasure Hill
O’Toole Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Odgers Creek Third Butte West
Paris Creek High Bald Peaks SE
Piermont Creek North Schell Peak
Pine Creek Wheeler Peak
Pinto Creek Silverado Mountain
Pole Creek Kious Spring
Rabbit Creek Borchert Spring
Ranger Creek South Schell Peak
Ridge Creek Baking Powder Flat
Rowe Creek Ward Mountain
Ruby Creek Silver Canyon
Sage Creek Windy Peak
Salt Creek Sixmile Canyon
Sampson Creek Lages Station
Schell Creek Borchert Spring
Second Creek Steptoe
Second Fork Silver Creek Old Mans Canyon
Sestanovich Creek Walker Canyon
Sharp Creek Becky Peak
Sheep Creek Mount Grafton
Shingle Creek Baking Powder Flat
Siegel Creek Silver Canyon
Silver Creek Baker
Silver Creek Bullwhack Summit
Six Mile Creek Sixmile Canyon
Smith Creek Little Horse Canyon
Smith Creek Badger Hole Spring
Snake Creek Garrison
Snow Bank Creek Tippett Pass
Snow Creek Paris Creek
South Fork Baker Creek Kious Spring
South Fork Big Wash Kious Spring
South Fork Cave Creek Cave Creek
South Fork Chokecherry Creek Arch Canyon
South Fork Fitzhugh Creek Kalamazoo Summit
South Fork Hendrys Creek The Cove
South Fork Kalamazoo Creek Kalamazoo Creek
South Fork Lexington Creek Arch Canyon
South Fork North Creek Parker Station
South Fork Steptoe Creek Cave Creek
South Fork Willard Creek Windy Peak
South Fork Willow Creek Ward Charcoal Ovens
South Sixmile Wash Treasure Hill
South Taft Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Spring Branch Mattier Creek
Spring Creek Georgetta Ranch
Spring Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Spring Creek Baking Powder Flat
Spring Creek Garrison
Spring Creek Old Mans Canyon
Spring Valley Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Stephens Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Steptoe Creek McGill
Strawberry Creek Lehman Caves
Taft Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Tailings Creek McGill
Tehama Creek Borchert Spring
Telegraph Creek Egan Canyon
Third Creek Steptoe
Thirtymile Wash Thirtymile Ranch
Timber Creek Mount Moriah
Timber Creek Duck Creek Valley
Timber Creek Kious Spring
Trail Canyon Creek Kalamazoo Creek
Vipont Creek Yelland Dry Lake
Weaver Creek Baker
Weaver Creek Georgetta Ranch
White River Wash Giroux Wash
White Rock Creek White Rock Creek
White Sage Wash Combs Creek
White Sage Wash Giroux Wash
Whiteman Creek Mattier Creek
Willard Creek Hogum
Williams Creek Ward Charcoal Ovens
Willow Creek Walker Canyon
Willow Creek Comins Lake
Woodwards Creek Station Butte

Above is a map and a list of the streams in White Pine County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within White Pine County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.