Belknap County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Belknap County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Pond Alton
Adams Pond Parker Mountain
Arbutus Hill Pond Winnisquam Lake
Badger Pond Belmont
Bear Pond Alton
Bear Pond Holderness
Beaver Meadow Pond Winnisquam Lake
Brindle Pond Parker Mountain
Cawley Pond Winnisquam Lake
Center Harbor Sewage Lagoons Reservoir Center Harbor
Chocorua River Reservoir Silver Lake
Clough Pond Belmont
Crystal Lake Gilmanton Ironworks
Dan Hole River Reservoir Ossipee Lake
Double Dammed Pond Winnisquam Lake
Footes Pond Laconia
Forest Pond Holderness
Giles Pond Franklin
Gillan Pond Gilmanton Ironworks
Gilman Pond Wolfeboro
Halfmoon Lake Alton
Hawkins Pond Holderness
Hermit Lake Winnisquam Lake
Hills Pond Gilmanton Ironworks
Hunkins Pond Winnisquam Lake
Huntress Pond Pittsfield
Jackson Pond Holderness
Knights Pond Wolfeboro
Lake Eileen Gilmanton Ironworks
Lake Waukewan Holderness
Lake Waukewan Holderness
Lake Winnipesaukee West Alton
Lake Winnisquam Winnisquam Lake
Lige Pond Bristol
Lily Lake Pittsfield
Lily Pond Laconia
Little Pond Center Harbor
Locke Lake Alton
Loon Pond Belmont
Lougee Pond Pittsfield
Lower Suncook Lake Pittsfield
Manning Lake Gilmanton Ironworks
Meadow Dam Pond Alton
Meetinghouse Pond Gilmanton Ironworks
Meredith Reservoir Holderness
Mountain Pond Bristol
Mountain Pond Bristol
Mud Pond Winnisquam Lake
Opechee Bay Laconia
Opechee Bay Reservoir Laconia
Otter Pond Holderness
Pemingewasset Lake Winnisquam Lake
Perley Pond Laconia
Pickerel Pond Winnisquam Lake
Pout Pond Belmont
Randlett Pond Winnisquam Lake
Roberts Pond West Alton
Rollins Pond Newport
Rollins Pond Pittsfield
Rollins Pond Winnisquam Lake
Round Pond West Alton
Saltmarsh Pond Laconia
Sargent Lake Belmont
Sawyer Lake Belmont
Shellcamp Pond Belmont
Silver Lake Northfield
Sky Pond Holderness
Spectacle Pond Bristol
Squam Lake Squam Mountains
Suncook Lake Pittsfield
Suncook River Reservoir Pittsfield
Sunset Lake Gilmanton Ironworks
Swamp Pond Winnisquam Lake
Tioga River Reservoir Belmont
Tioga River Reservoir Belmont
Upper Suncook Lake Gilmanton Ironworks
Webster Stream Reservoir Alton
Wentworth Pond Alton
Wickwas Lake Winnisquam Lake
Winona Lake Holderness

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Belknap County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Belknap County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.