Carroll County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Carroll County

Place USGS Topo Map
Archers Pond Tuftonboro
Atwood Pond Waterville Valley
Back Pond Silver Lake
Balch Pond Great East Lake
Barville Pond Center Sandwich
Basin Brook Reservoir Wild River
Batson Pond Tuftonboro
Bean Pond Ossipee Lake
Bearcamp Pond Tamworth
Beaver Pond Tamworth
Belleau Lake West Newfield
Berry Bay Freedom
Berry Pond Center Sandwich
Black Mountain Pond Waterville Valley
Black Pond Ossipee
Blue Pond Silver Lake
Braga Pond Tamworth
Branch River Reservoir Farmington
Chocorua Lake Silver Lake
Conner Pond Ossipee Lake
Conway Lake Conway
Cooks Pond Ossipee Lake
Copps Pond Melvin Village
Cranberry Bog Silver Lake
Crescent Lake Wolfeboro
Crystal Lake Conway
Dan Hole Pond Tuftonboro
Danforth Ponds Freedom
Davis Pond Silver Lake
Dinsmore Pond Center Sandwich
Dollof Pond Conway
Drew Pond Silver Lake
Duck Pond Freedom
Duncan Lake Ossipee
Durgin Pond Silver Lake
Echo Lake North Conway West
Ellis River Reservoir Jackson
Falls Pond Bartlett
Front Bay Wolfeboro
Garland Pond Tuftonboro
Garland Pond Center Sandwich
Great Hill Pond Mount Chocorua
Guinea Pond Center Sandwich
Hall Ponds Squam Mountains
Hatch Pond Conway
Haunted Pond Silver Lake
Heath Pond Freedom
Horn Pond Great East Lake
Hutchins Pond Ossipee
Intervale Pond Squam Mountains
Iona Lake Silver Lake
Jackman Pond Tamworth
James Pond Mount Chocorua
Kiah Pond Squam Mountains
Kingswood Lake Sanbornville
Kittredge Pond North Conway West
Kusumpe Pond Center Sandwich
Labrador Pond Conway
Lake Ivanhoe Great East Lake
Lake Kanasatka Center Harbor
Lake Wentworth Wolfeboro
Ledge Pond Silver Lake
Lees Pond Center Harbor
Lily Pond Ossipee Lake
Little Dan Hole Pond Tuftonboro
Little Lake Silver Lake
Little Ossipee River Reservoir West Newfield
Little Pea Porridge Pond Silver Lake
Little Pond Center Sandwich
Lonely Lake Silver Lake
Long Pond Conway
Loon Lake Freedom
Lost Ponds Ossipee
Loud Pond Conway
Lovell Lake Sanbornville
Lower Beech Pond Tuftonboro
Mack Pond Silver Lake
Mailly Pond Silver Lake
McKiels Pond Bartlett
Meadow Pond North Conway West
Melvin Pond Tuftonboro
Middle Pea Porridge Pond Silver Lake
Miles Pond Tamworth
Mirror Lake Jackson
Mirror Lake West Alton
Moody Pond Ossipee Lake
Moores Pond Ossipee Lake
Moose Pond Mount Chocorua
Mountain Lake Sanbornville
Mountain Pond Chatham
Ossipee Lake Ossipee Lake
Pea Porridge Pond Conway
Pequawket Pond Silver Lake
Pickerel Pond Conway
Pine River Pond Sanbornville
Province Lake West Newfield
Province Lake West Newfield
Province Pond Chatham
Pudding Pond North Conway East
Purity Lake Freedom
Red Eagle Pond Silver Lake
Red Hill Pond Center Sandwich
Red Hill Pond Tamworth
Roberts Pond Conway
Round Pond Ossipee
Rust Pond Wolfeboro
Sand Pond West Newfield
Sargents Pond Wolfeboro
Shannon Pond Melvin Village
Shaw Pond Freedom
Shingle Pond North Conway East
Silver Lake Ossipee Lake
Snake Pond Conway
Snake Pond Ossipee
Stump Pond Great East Lake
Taylor Pond Tamworth
Teacup Lake Center Sandwich
The Basin West Alton
Tight Pond Silver Lake
Tilton Pond Mount Chocorua
Trapper Pond Wolfeboro
Trout Pond Ossipee Lake
Tyler Bog Silver Lake
Union Meadows Sanbornville
Union Meadows Pond Sanbornville
Upper Beech Pond Tuftonboro
Upper Kimball Lake North Conway East
Upper Kimball Pond North Conway East
Upper Pequawket Pond Silver Lake
Wakondah Pond Center Harbor
White Lake Ossipee Lake
White Pond Ossipee
Whitton Pond Silver Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Carroll County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Carroll County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.