Cheshire County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Cheshire County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arch Pond Alstead
Ashuelot River Reservoir Keene
Ashuelot River Reservoir West Swanzey
Ashuelot River Reservoir Hinsdale
Ashuelot River Reservoir Hinsdale
Ashuelot River Reservoir Hinsdale
Ashuelot River Reservoir Hinsdale
Babbidge Reservoir Marlborough
Baker Pond Hinsdale
Bancroft Reservoir Ashburnham
Barrett Pond Stoddard
Beaver Pond Dublin
Beaver Wood Pond Gilsum
Bellows Falls Canal Troy
Bent Pond Northfield
Bent Pond Northfield
Big Pond Marlow
Black Reservoir Peterborough South
Black Reservoir Peterborough South
Bolster Pond Marlow
Bowker Pond Troy
Bowker Pond Troy
Bullet Pond Peterborough South
Caldwell Pond Gilsum
California Brook Pond West Swanzey
Cass Pond Mount Grace
Center Pond Marlow
Center Pond Marlborough
Chandler Meadow Marlow
Chandler Meadow Pond Marlow
Chapman Pond Marlow
Chesham Pond Marlborough
Cheshire Pond Monadnock Mountain
Childs Bog Dublin
Clapp Pond Marlborough
Cohoos Pond East Lempster
Cold Spring Pond Marlow
Connecticut River Reservoir Bellows Falls
Connecticut River Reservoir Brattleboro
Contoocook Lake Monadnock Mountain
Converse Meadow Pond Ashburnham
Converse Pond Marlow
Corey Pond Troy
Cranberry Pond Gilsum
Crane Pond Gilsum
Crowcroft Pond Peterborough South
Cumings Pond Troy
Cummings Meadow Reservoir Monadnock Mountain
Damon Mill Pond Winchendon
Damon Reservoirs Winchendon
Damon Upper Reservoir Winchendon
Dark Pond Dublin
Dickinson Pond Hinsdale
Dinsmore Pond Dublin
Divol Pond Ashburnham
Dublin Pond Dublin
Duck Hole Marlow
Ellis Reservoir Marlow
Emerson Pond Peterborough South
Farrar Pond Troy
Forest Lake West Swanzey
Frost Pond Monadnock Mountain
Fullam Pond Hinsdale
Garfield Pond Monadnock Mountain
Gilmore Pond Monadnock Mountain
Gilson Pond Monadnock Mountain
Goose Pond Keene
Gould Pond Marlow
Granite Lake Marlow
Grassy Pond Peterborough South
Graves Pond Walpole
Gustin Pond East Lempster
Hale Pond Hinsdale
Harrisville Pond Dublin
Harvey Pond Spofford
Hidded Pond Stoddard
Highland Lake Stoddard
Hodge Pond Monadnock Mountain
Horseshoe Pond Troy
Howe Reservoir Marlborough
Hubbard Pond Peterborough South
Hubner Pond Hinsdale
Indian Pond Brattleboro
Island Pond Ashburnham
Island Pond Stoddard
Jaffrey Wastewater Lagoons Peterborough South
Kidders Pond Gilsum
Kilburn Pond Hinsdale
Lake Monomonac Ashburnham
Lake Skatutakee Dublin
Lake Warren Gilsum
Larrys Pond Troy
Laurel Lake Royalston
Lily Pond Gilsum
Lily Pond Gilsum
Lily Pond Gilsum
Lily Pond Spofford
Lily Pond Hinsdale
Lower Stillwater Marlow
Meetinghouse Pond Marlborough
Mill Pond Ashburnham
Mill Pond Walpole
Minniwawa Brook Reservoir Marlborough
Mountain Brook Reservoir Monadnock Mountain
Mud Pond Dublin
Mud Pond West Swanzey
Mud Pond Dublin
North Round Pond Hinsdale
Nubanusit Brook Reservoir Dublin
Nubanusit Lake Dublin
Otter Brook Lake Marlborough
Parker Pond Monadnock Mountain
Pearly Lake Monadnock Mountain
Pecker Pond Ashburnham
Perkins Pond Troy
Pickerel Creek Pond Stoddard
Pinnacle Pond Spofford
Pisgah Reservoir Hinsdale
Pool Pond Monadnock Mountain
Poole Reservoir Monadnock Mountain
Potters Pond Troy
Putnam Pond Northfield
Raymond Pond Gilsum
Rice Brook Pond Stoddard
Robb Reservoir Stoddard
Robbins Pond Winchendon
Robbins Pond Winchendon
Robinhood Park Reservoir Keene
Rockwood Pond Troy
Rodgers Pond Keene
Round Pond Hinsdale
Rugg Pond Monadnock Mountain
Russell Reservoir Marlborough
Rye Pond Stoddard
Sand Pond East Lempster
Sand Pond East Lempster
Sandy Pond West Swanzey
Scott Pond Monadnock Mountain
Seaver Reservoir Dublin
Shadow Lake Keene
Silver Lake Marlborough
Sip Pond Winchendon
Skatutakee Lake Dublin
Spectacle Pond Marlborough
Spofford Lake Spofford
Spoons Pond Marlow
Spoonwood Pond Dublin
Sportsman Pond Royalston
Spot Meadow Pond Hinsdale
Stanford Pond Dublin
Stone Pond East Lempster
Stone Pond Marlborough
Stone Pond Troy
Stump Pond Ashburnham
Surry Mountain Lake Keene
Swanzey Lake West Swanzey
Symonds Pond East Lempster
Taggart Meadows Monadnock Mountain
Taylor Pond Marlow
Thorndike Pond Monadnock Mountain
Tinker Pond Marlow
Tolman Pond Dublin
Trout Pond Stoddard
Trout Pond East Lempster
Tufts Pond Hinsdale
Upper Wilson Pond Keene
Upton Pond Stoddard
Vilas Pool Alstead
Village Pond Marlow
Walpole Reservoir Walpole
Wellman Pond Gilsum
West Hill Reservoir Troy
Whites Pond Monadnock Mountain
Wight Pond Marlborough
Wilson Pond Keene
Wilson Pond Keene
Wilson Pond Keene
Woodward Pond Marlborough

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Cheshire County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Cheshire County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.