Coos County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Coos County

Place USGS Topo Map
Airport Marsh Reservoir Twin Mountain
Akers Pond Errol
Ammonoosuc Lake Crawford Notch
Anderson Reservoir Berlin
Androscoggin River Reservoir Berlin
Androscoggin River Reservoir Berlin
Androscoggin River Reservoir Berlin
Androscoggin River Reservoir Berlin
Androscoggin River Reservoir Berlin
Androscoggin River Reservoir Shelburne
Back Lake Lake Francis
Back Pond Monadnock Mountain
Baker Pond Groveton
Bear Brook Pond Umbagog Lake North
Beaver Pond Magalloway Mountain
Berlin Reservoir Berlin
Big Brook Bog Second Connecticut Lake
Blood Pond Lancaster
Boundary Pond Moose Bog
Bragg Pond Dixville Notch
Burns Pond Bethlehem
Carr Pond Lake Francis
Cascade Brook Reservoir Berlin
Cascade Mill Lagoons Berlin
Cedar Pond West Milan
Cherry Pond Lancaster
Christine Lake Percy Peaks
Clark Pond Gilman
Clarksville Pond Pittsburg
Connecticut Lakes Magalloway Mountain
Connecticut River Reservoir Second Connecticut Lake
Connecticut River Reservoir Groveton
Coon Brook Bog Cowen Hill
Cranberry Bog Pond Bunnell Mountain
Dead River Pond Berlin
Desolation Pond Stairs Mountain
Devils Washbowl Dixville Notch
Diamond Pond Diamond Pond
Dream Lake Shelburne
Dummer Ponds Dummer Ponds
Dustan Pond Umbagog Lake North
East Inlet Flowage Second Connecticut Lake
East Inlet Pond Second Connecticut Lake
Emerald Pool Carter Dome
Farm Pond Dixville Notch
First Connecticut Lake Magalloway Mountain
Fish Pond Bunnell Mountain
Forest Lake Bethlehem
Fourth Connecticut Lake Second Connecticut Lake
Garnet Pool Carter Dome
Gentian Pond Shelburne
Gilman Project Reservoir Gilman
Godfrey Pond Mount Crescent
Greenough Pond Errol
Harris Pond Lake Francis
Hazens Pond Twin Mountain
Head Pond Milan
Hell Gate Pond Wilsons Mills
Hermit Lake Mount Washington
Hoskins Pond Stratford
J Brodie Smith Reservoir Berlin
Jacquith Pond Lake Francis
Jericho Lake Mount Crescent
Jonathan Pond Stratford
Judd Pond Magalloway Mountain
Judds Ponds Magalloway Mountain
Judson Pond Shelburne
Keene Reservoir Shelburne
Kent Pond Groveton
Kilback Pond West Milan
Ladd Pond Lovering Mountain
Lake Abeniki Dixville Notch
Lake Abeniki Diamond Pond
Lake Francis Pittsburg
Lake Gloriette Dixville Notch
Lake Metalak Dixville Notch
Lakes of the Clouds Mount Washington
Lamb Valley Pond Wilsons Mills
Leonard Pond Umbagog Lake North
Lime Pond Bunnell Mountain
Little Bear Brook Pond Umbagog Lake North
Little Bog Pond Percy Peaks
Little Cherry Pond Lancaster
Little Diamond Pond Diamond Pond
Little Greenough Pond Errol
Lombard Pond Lovering Mountain
Long Mountain Pond Percy Peaks
Long Pond Errol
Long Pond Umbagog Lake North
Lost Pond Stairs Mountain
Martin Meadow Pond Lancaster
Mascot Pond Berlin
Matthews Pond Lovering Mountain
Middle Pond Pittsburg
Millsfield Pond Dixville Notch
Mirror Lake Lancaster
Moose Pond Teakettle Ridge
Moose Pond Pittsburg
Moose Pond Shelburne
Mountain Pond Moose Bog
Mountain Pond Umbagog Lake North
Mud Pond Lake Francis
Mud Pond Umbagog Lake South
Mud Pond Pittsburg
Mud Pond Dummer Ponds
Mud Pond Teakettle Ridge
Mud Pond Lancaster
Mud Pond West Milan
Mud Pond Diamond Pond
Mud Pond Lake Milan
Munn Pond Teakettle Ridge
Nash Bog Pond Bunnell Mountain
Nathan Pond Diamond Pond
Nay Pond West Milan
No Ketchum Pond Jackson
Norton Pool Rump Mountain
Page Pond Shelburne
Perry Ponds Second Connecticut Lake
Phillips Pond Dixville Notch
Pike Pond Dummer Ponds
Pond of Safety Mount Crescent
Pontook Reservoir Teakettle Ridge
Reflection Pond Shelburne
Rhubarb Pond Moose Bog
Richardson Pond Twin Mountain
Rock Pond Teakettle Ridge
Rocky Pond West Milan
Round Pond Dixville Notch
Round Pond Cowen Hill
Round Pond Lake Umbagog Lake North
Saco Lake Crawford Notch
Scott Bog Second Connecticut Lake
Second Connecticut Lake Second Connecticut Lake
Sessions Pond Teakettle Ridge
Shadow Pool Shelburne
Shehan Pond Magalloway Mountain
Signal Pond Errol
Snag Pond Moose Bog
South Ponds West Milan
Spaulding Lake Mount Washington
Star Lake Mount Washington
Stratford Bog Pond Stratford
Stub Hill Pond Bosebuck Mountain
Success Pond Success Pond
Sugarloaf Pond Percy Peaks
Sweat Pond Errol
Terrell Pond Cowen Hill
Third Connecticut Lake Second Connecticut Lake
Trio Pond Dummer Ponds
Trio Ponds Dummer Ponds
Umbagog Lake Umbagog Lake North
Umbagog LakeBrags Bay Errol
Unknown Pond Stark
Unknown Pond Second Connecticut Lake
Upper Ammonoosuc River Reservoir Groveton
Upper Ammonoosuc River Reservoir Groveton
Upper Ammonoosuc River Reservoir Groveton
Upper Gentian Pond Shelburne
Wallace Pond Tinkerville
Weed Pond Lancaster
Weeks Pond Lancaster
West Branch of Indian Stream Reservoir Cowen Hill
Whaleback Pond Umbagog Lake North
Wheeler Pond Shelburne
Whitcomb Pond Percy Peaks
Wright Pond Second Connecticut Lake
York Pond West Milan

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Coos County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Coos County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.