Coos County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Coos County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbott Brook Cowen Hill
Abenaki Brook Mount Dartmouth
Ad Chase Brook Pittsburg
Alder Brook Cowen Hill
Alder Brook Magalloway Mountain
Alder Brook Wilsons Mills
Alder Brook Twin Mountain
Alder Brook Success Pond
Ames Brook Stark
Amey Brook Lake Francis
Annis Brook Dixville Notch
Appleby Road Brook Mount Dartmouth
Arlin Brook Monadnock Mountain
Assaguam Brook Mount Dartmouth
Austin Mill Brook Shelburne
Ayding Brook Twin Mountain
Back Lake Brook Pittsburg
Backfield Brook Pittsburg
Baldface Brook Wild River
Barnes Brook Carter Dome
Barrel Brook Magalloway Mountain
Bateman Brook Diamond Pond
Bean Brook Berlin
Bear Brook Umbagog Lake North
Bear Brook Teakettle Ridge
Bear Brook Twin Mountain
Bear Spring Brook Carter Dome
Beaver Brook Lovering Mountain
Beaver Brook Tinkerville
Bennett Brook Wilsons Mills
Betty Brook West Milan
Big Brook Second Connecticut Lake
Bishop Brook Pittsburg
Bissell Brook Stratford
Black Brook Twin Mountain
Blackstrap Brook Success Pond
Blue Brook Wild River
Boardpile Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Bog Branch Lake Francis
Bog Brook Twin Mountain
Bog Brook Stratford
Bog Brook Teakettle Ridge
Bone Brook Jefferson
Boy Brook Bunnell Mountain
Brandy Brook Mount Crescent
Brown Brook Monadnock Mountain
Buckhorn Brook Magalloway Mountain
Bull Brook Wild River
Bumpus Brook Mount Washington
Bunnell Brook Jefferson
Burnside Brook Lancaster
Burnt Mill Brook Wild River
Caleb Brook Lancaster
Camp Brook Pittsburg
Carlton Brook Mount Washington
Carroll Stream Twin Mountain
Carter Brook Twin Mountain
Cascade Alpine Brook Berlin
Cascade Brook Mount Washington
Cascade Brook Cowen Hill
Cascade Brook Magalloway Mountain
Cascade Brook Dixville Notch
Castle Brook Mount Washington
Cedar Brook Wild River
Cedar Brook Lovering Mountain
Cedar Brook West Milan
Cedar Stream Lake Francis
Chandler Brook Mount Washington
Charles Brook Chatham
Chase Brook Lancaster
Cherry Mountain Brook Twin Mountain
Chickwolnepy Stream Milan
Clay Brook Mount Washington
Clay Brook Carter Dome
Clear Stream Errol
Clement Brook Shelburne
Cold Brook West Milan
Cold Brook Mount Washington
Cold Stream West Milan
Columbia Brook Bunnell Mountain
Cone Brook Tinkerville
Connary Brook Stratford
Connor Brook Shelburne
Coolidge Brook Pittsburg
Coon Brook Magalloway Mountain
Corser Brook Errol
Cowboy Brook Carter Dome
Cozzie Brook Magalloway Mountain
Crawford Brook Mount Dartmouth
Crawford Brook Pittsburg
Crystal Brook Lake Francis
Culhane Brook Carter Dome
Cummings Brook Stark
Cushman Brook Gilman
Cutler River Mount Washington
Cypress Brook Wild River
Dartmouth Brook Mount Dartmouth
Day Brook Cowen Hill
Day Brook Monadnock Mountain
Dead Diamond River Wilsons Mills
Dead River Berlin
Dead Water Stream Pittsburg
Dean Brook Groveton
Deception Brook Mount Dartmouth
Devils Hopyard Stream West Milan
Dewdrop Brook Wild River
Dixie Brook Mount Pisgah
Dry Brook Second Connecticut Lake
Dry River Stairs Mountain
Dryad Brook Shelburne
Dube Brook Cowen Hill
Dyer Brook Lovering Mountain
East Branch Bog Brook Stratford
East Branch Dead Diamond River Magalloway Mountain
East Branch Dead Water Stream Lake Francis
East Branch Indian Stream Cowen Hill
East Branch Mill Brook Stark
East Branch Mohawk River Diamond Pond
East Branch Nash Stream Percy Peaks
East Branch Simms Stream Bunnell Mountain
East Branch Stratford Bog Brook Stratford
East Branch Swift Diamond River Errol
East Brook Shelburne
East Fork East Branch Saco River Chatham
East Horne Brook Wilsons Mills
East Inlet Second Connecticut Lake
Elephant Head Brook Crawford Notch
Emery Allen Brook Second Connecticut Lake
Falkenham Brook Cowen Hill
Favreau Brook Pittsburg
Ferguson Brook Diamond Pond
Fifield Brook West Milan
Flume Brook Dixville Notch
Fogg Brook West Milan
Fourmile Brook Mount Pisgah
Fox Brook Stark
Franklin Brook Mount Washington
Garland Brook Lancaster
Gates Brook Shelburne
Gay Brook Stratford
Gibbs Brook Crawford Notch
Gore Branch Tinkerville
Graham Brook Cowen Hill
Great Brook Jefferson
Greeley Brook Cowen Hill
Greenough Brook Errol
Gulch Brook Lovering Mountain
Gulf Brook Diamond Pond
Haines Brook Lovering Mountain
Halfway Brook Mount Dartmouth
Harvey Brook Tinkerville
Hedgehog Brook Dixville Notch
Hellgate Brook Magalloway Mountain
Hickey Brook Stark
Higgins Brook West Milan
Hix Brook Diamond Pond
Hollow Brook Lake Francis
Horn Brook Diamond Pond
Horne Brook Wilsons Mills
Horne Brook Milan
Hymmel Branch Tinkerville
Imp Brook Carter Dome
Indian Stream Pittsburg
Ingalls Brook Shelburne
Ingersoll Brook Second Connecticut Lake
Island Brook Teakettle Ridge
Israel River Lancaster
Jefferson Brook Mount Dartmouth
Jericho Brook Berlin
Jimmy Cole Brook Percy Peaks
Jobbers Brook Cowen Hill
Jodrie Brook Dummer Ponds
Johns River Gilman
Johnson Brook Bunnell Mountain
Josh Brook Berlin
Keenan Brook Mount Crescent
Kelly Brook Dixville Notch
Keyser Brook Diamond Pond
Kidder Brook Diamond Pond
Kidder Brook Berlin
Kimball Brook Stratford
La Flamme Brook Bosebuck Mountain
Labrador Brook Lake Francis
Lamb Valley Brook Cowen Hill
Lamb Valley Brook Wilsons Mills
Larry Flume Shelburne
Larrys Brook Errol
Leadmine Brook Shelburne
Leavitt Stream Milan
Leighton Brook Cowen Hill
Leonard Brook Twin Mountain
Little Bear Brook Mount Dartmouth
Little Dead Diamond River Wilsons Mills
Little Magalloway River Bosebuck Mountain
Little River Twin Mountain
Long Mountain Brook Percy Peaks
Loomis Valley Brook Wilsons Mills
Lord Brook Teakettle Ridge
Lost Valley Brook Mount Pisgah
Lyman Brook Tinkerville
Machia Brook Magalloway Mountain
Martins Brook Wild River
McCordick Brook Stark
Merrill Brook Magalloway Mountain
Merrill Brook Wilsons Mills
Middle Branch Cedar Stream Lake Francis
Middle Branch Dead Diamond River Magalloway Mountain
Middle Branch Indian Stream Cowen Hill
Mill Brook Jefferson
Mill Brook Stark
Millsfield Pond Brook Errol
Mohawk River Monadnock Mountain
Mollidgewock Brook Teakettle Ridge
Monroe Brook Mount Washington
Moore Brook Groveton
Moose Brook Cowen Hill
Moose Brook Berlin
Moose Brook Second Connecticut Lake
Moose Brook Dixville Notch
Moose Pond Brook Pittsburg
Moose River Berlin
Moran Brook Bunnell Mountain
Moriah Brook Wild River
Mount Pleasant Brook Mount Dartmouth
Nash Stream Percy Peaks
Nathan Pond Brook Mount Pisgah
Nelson Brook Dixville Notch
New River Mount Washington
Newell Brook Teakettle Ridge
Nineteen Brook Carter Dome
No Name Brook Cowen Hill
North Branch Beaver Brook Lovering Mountain
North Branch Horne Brook Shelburne
North Branch Mohawk River Lovering Mountain
North Branch Stearns Brook Success Pond
North Branch Upper Ammonoosuc River West Milan
North Inlet Dixville Notch
Number Nine Brook Mount Crescent
Number Three Brook Dixville Notch
Number Three Brook Bunnell Mountain
Number Two Brook Dummer Ponds
One Mile Brook West Milan
Otter Brook Cowen Hill
Otter Brook Lancaster
Parapet Brook Mount Washington
Parks Brook Groveton
Pea Brook Berlin
Peabody Brook Shelburne
Peabody River Berlin
Perkins Brook Berlin
Perry Brook Lake Francis
Perry Brook Cowen Hill
Perry Stream Lake Francis
Pesky Brook Mount Pisgah
Peterson Brook Cowen Hill
Phillips Brook West Milan
Pike Brook Bunnell Mountain
Pine Brook Wild River
Pisgah Brook Magalloway Mountain
Pond Brook Percy Peaks
Pond Brook Dummer Ponds
Pond Brook Pittsburg
Pond Brook West Milan
Potash Brook Pittsburg
Potter Brook Groveton
Priscilla Brook Jefferson
Rattle River Shelburne
Razor Brook Bartlett
Read Brook Lovering Mountain
Red Brook Wild River
Red Brook Shelburne
Red Brook Jefferson
Redman Brook Jefferson
Roaring Brook Mount Pisgah
Roaring Brook Cowen Hill
Roaring Brook Stratford
Roaring Brook Bunnell Mountain
Roaring Brook Percy Peaks
Roaring Brook Groveton
Robbins Brook Milan
Roberts Brooks Dummer Ponds
Robie Brook Second Connecticut Lake
Roby Brook Magalloway Mountain
Roby Brook Lake Francis
Rocky Brook Dixville Notch
Round Pond Brook Magalloway Mountain
Rowell Brook Magalloway Mountain
Rowells Brook Stark
Runcourt Brook Cowen Hill
Schoolhouse Brook Tinkerville
Schoolhouse Brook Berlin
Schoppe Brook Cowen Hill
Scott Brook Second Connecticut Lake
Scott Brook Lake Francis
Sebosis Brook Mount Dartmouth
Sessions Brook Teakettle Ridge
Silver Brook Percy Peaks
Silver Cascade Crawford Notch
Simms Stream Monadnock Mountain
Slide Brook Percy Peaks
Smith Brook Magalloway Mountain
Smith Brook Barnet
Smoky Camp Brook Teakettle Ridge
Snyder Brook Mount Washington
Sokokis Brook Mount Dartmouth
South Branch Horne Brook Shelburne
South Branch Israel River Mount Dartmouth
South Branch Little Dead Diamond River Mount Pisgah
South Branch Lyman Brook Tinkerville
South Branch Stearns Brook Success Pond
South Valley Brook Mount Pisgah
Spruce Brook Wild River
Spur Brook Mount Washington
Squeeze Hole Brook Errol
Stag Hollow Brook Mount Dartmouth
Stalbird Brook Lancaster
Stanley Slide Brook Mount Dartmouth
Stearns Brook Milan
Stony Brook Mount Crescent
Stony Brook Carter Dome
Stratford Bog Brook Stratford
Streator Brook Mount Dartmouth
Sugar Hill Brook Diamond Pond
Sugarloaf Brook Stratford
Sweatt Brook Tinkerville
Swift Diamond River Wilsons Mills
Sypher Brook Dixville Notch
Teapot Brook Cowen Hill
The Mystic Mount Washington
Thompson Brook Carter Dome
Tinker Brook Berlin
Townline Brook Carter Dome
Townline Brook Carter Dome
Tracy Brook Diamond Pond
Tracy Brook Mount Pisgah
Trestle Brook Cowen Hill
Twin Brook Wild River
Upper Ammonoosuc River Groveton
Upper Stairs Brook Stairs Mountain
Uran Brook Bunnell Mountain
Washburn Brook Wilsons Mills
Waterhole Brook Percy Peaks
Watkinson Brook Dixville Notch
Welch Brook Errol
Wells Brook Dixville Notch
West Branch Abbott Brook Wilsons Mills
West Branch Cedar Stream Lake Francis
West Branch Clear Stream Errol
West Branch Dead Diamond Magalloway Mountain
West Branch Indian Stream Cowen Hill
West Branch Little Dead Diamond River Mount Pisgah
West Branch Magalloway River Moose Bog
West Branch Mill Brook Stark
West Branch Mohawk River Diamond Pond
West Branch Peabody River Carter Dome
West Branch Phillips Brook Dummer Ponds
West Branch Simms Stream Bunnell Mountain
West Branch Upper Ammonoosuc River Mount Crescent
West Inlet Second Connecticut Lake
West Inlet Dixville Notch
Whipple Brook Groveton
Woods Brook Cowen Hill
Zealand River Twin Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Coos County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Coos County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.