Grafton County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Grafton County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ammonoosuc River Reservoir Bethlehem
Ammonoosuc River Reservoir Lisbon
Ammonoosuc River Reservoir Lisbon
Ammonoosuc River Reservoir Woodsville
Ammonoosucuc River Reservoir Bethlehem
Ashland Town Sewage Lagoons Ashland
Ayer Island Station Pond Bristol
Baker Floodwater Reservoir Site Warren
Baker Floodwater Reservoir Site Wentworth
Baker Floodwater Reservoir Site Wentworth
Baker Floodwater Reservoir Site 6 Warren
Bear Pond Canaan
Beaver Pond Mount Moosilauke
Bethlehem Reservoir Franconia
Black Pond Mount Osceola
Bog Pond Plymouth
Boston Lot Lake Hanover
Brackett Pond Wentworth
Bryant Pond Mount Cardigan
Campton Bog Pond Plymouth
Campton Pond Plymouth
Canaan Street Lake Canaan
Carrigain Pond Mount Carrigain
Caswell Pond Lower Waterford
Chandler Pond Sugar Hill
Chandler Pond Lisbon
Chickenboro Brook Reservoir Squam Mountains
Church Ponds Mount Carrigain
Clark Pond Canaan
Clark Pond East Haverhill
Coffin Pond Sugar Hill
Cole Pond Enfield Center
Cone Pond Waterville Valley
Connecticut River Reservoir Barnet
Connecticut River Reservoir Woodsville
Connecticut River Reservoir Hanover
Cranberry Pond North Hartland
Crystal Lake Enfield Center
Cummins Pond Smarts Mountain
Dells Pond Littleton
Derby Pond Mount Cardigan
Dick Brown Pond Ashland
Dodge Pond Lower Waterford
Eagles Lakes Franconia
East Pond Mount Osceola
Echo Lake Franconia
Elbow Pond Woodstock
Ellsworth Pond Mount Kineo
Enfield Reservoir Enfield
Ethan Pond Crawford Notch
Flag Pond Lower Waterford
Flat Mountain Ponds Mount Tripyramid
Fletcher Reservoir Enfield
Foster Pond Danbury
Fox Pond Ashland
Foxglove Pond Mount Kineo
French Pond East Haverhill
Garfield Pond South Twin Mountain
George Pond Enfield Center
Gold Mine Pond Gilman
Goose Pond Newfound Lake
Goose Pond Canaan
Gordon Pond Mount Moosilauke
Gordon Pond Lisbon
Grafton Pond Enfield Center
Grants Pond Grafton
Greeley Ponds Mount Osceola
Grist Mill Pond Ashland
Hale Pond Enfield Center
Halfmile Pond North Grantham
Halfmoon Pond Enfield Center
Hanno Pond Lisbon
Hanover Center Reservoir Enfield
Hanover Reservoirs Enfield
Harrington Pond Lincoln
Heath Pond Woodstock
Ice Pond Littleton
Ice Pond Mount Osceola
Indian Pond Piermont
Kilton Pond Grafton
Kinsman Pond Franconia
Lake Armington Warren
Lake Armington Warren
Lake Constance East Haverhill
Lake Gardner Woodsville
Lake Katherine Warren
Lake Tarleton Warren
Lary Pond Canaan
Lily Pond Mount Carrigain
Lily Pond Smarts Mountain
Lincoln Reservoir Lincoln
Lincoln Sewage Lagoons Lincoln
Line Pond Wentworth
Little Clark Pond Canaan
Little East Pond Mount Osceola
Little Goose Pond Canaan
Little Loon Pond Lincoln
Little Perch Pond Squam Mountains
Little Pond Newfound Lake
Little Rocky Pond Wentworth
Little Sawyer Pond Mount Carrigain
Little Squam Lake Holderness
Little Squam Lake Ashland
Littleton Reservoir South Twin Mountain
Lonesome Lake Franconia
Long Pond East Haverhill
Loon Lake Rumney
Loon Pond Lincoln
Lower Baker Pond Warren
Lower Mountain Lake East Haverhill
Lower Mountain Pond Lower Waterford
Lower Reservoir Enfield
Mascoma Lake Enfield
Mason Pond Smarts Mountain
McCutcheon Pond Wentworth
Miller Pond Bethlehem
Milo Lake Plymouth
Mirror Lake Silver Lake
Mirror Lake Mount Cardigan
Moore Reservoir Miles Pond
Moosilauke Pond Squam Mountains
Mount Eustis Reservoir Littleton
Mud Pond Lincoln
Mud Pond Mount Moosilauke
Mud Pond Smarts Mountain
Mud Pond Mount Moosilauke
Mud Pond Woodstock
Mud Pond Grafton
Mud Turtle Pond Smarts Mountain
Mudgetts Pond Wentworth
Nancy Pond Mount Carrigain
Newfound Lake Bristol
Newfound Lake Newfound Lake
Newfound River Reservoir Bristol
Norcross Pond Mount Carrigain
North Woodstock Reservoir Lincoln
Oak Hill Reservoir Littleton
Occom Pond Hanover
Ogontz Lake Lower Waterford
Oliverian Brook Newbury
Oliverian Pond East Haverhill
Orange Pond Grafton
Parker Reservoir Enfield
Partridge Lake Lower Waterford
Peaked Hill Pond Woodstock
Pearl Lake Sugar Hill
Perch Pond Squam Mountains
Perch Pond Lower Waterford
Pickerel Pond Smarts Mountain
Post Pond Lyme
Pout Pond Smarts Mountain
Profile Lake Franconia
Reservoir Pond Smarts Mountain
Reynolds Pond Lower Waterford
Roaring Brook Reservoir Barnet
Rocky Pond Wentworth
Round Pond Lower Waterford
Russell Pond Lincoln
Sawyer Pond Mount Carrigain
Shadow Lake Lincoln
Shoal Pond Crawford Notch
Smith Pond North Grantham
Smith Pond Enfield Center
South Branch Baker River Reservoir Wentworth
Spectacle Pond Enfield Center
Spectacle Pond Newfound Lake
Stevenson Pond Smarts Mountain
Stinson Lake Rumney
Storrs Pond Hanover
Storrs Pond North Hartland
Streeter Pond Littleton
Tewksbury Pond Grafton
The Pool Lincoln
Three Ponds Mount Kineo
Three Thousand Acre Pond Grafton
Trout Pond Smarts Mountain
Twin Mountain Reservoir South Twin Mountain
Upper Baker Pond Warren
Upper Mountain Lake East Haverhill
Upper Mountain Pond Lower Waterford
Upper Reservoir Enfield
Wachipauka Pond Warren
Webster Pond Ashland
White Oak Pond Holderness
Whitney Pond Grafton
Wood Pond Newbury
Zeacliff Pond South Twin Mountain
Zealand Pond Crawford Notch

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Grafton County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Grafton County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.