Hillsborough County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Hillsborough County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ayers Pond Nashua South
Baboosic Lake Pinardville
Badger Pond Greenfield
Bagley Pond Hillsboro
Bailey Pond New Boston
Batchelder Pond Greenville
Bate Pond New Boston
Beard Pond Weare
Beaver Brook Association Pond Pepperell
Beaver Dam Pond New Boston
Beaver Pond Peterborough North
Beaver Ponds South Merrimack
Binney Pond Ashburnham
Black Brook Pond Manchester North
Black Pond Stoddard
Blood Brook Reservoir Greenville
Bowers Pond Nashua North
Burton Pond Greenville
Burton Pond Greenville
Campbell Pond Hillsboro
Campbell Pond New Boston
Carleton Pond New Boston
Carter Pond Hillsboro Upper Village
Caswell Pond Greenville
Cider Mill Pond Townsend
Colby Pond New Boston
Common Pond Nashua North
Contention Pond Hillsboro Upper Village
Contoocook River Reservoir Peterborough South
Contoocook River Reservoir Peterborough North
Contoocook River Reservoir Peterborough North
Contoocook River Reservoir Hillsboro
Cranberry Meadow Pond Peterborough South
Crystal Lake Manchester South
Cunningham Pond Peterborough South
Damon Pond Pinardville
Daniels Lake Weare
Darrah Pond Nashua North
Deering Reservoir Deering
Dennison Pond Deering
Dodge Pond New Boston
Dorrs Pond Manchester North
Dream Lake South Merrimack
Duck Pond Weare
Duck Pond Nashua North
Duck Pond South Merrimack
Dudley Pond Deering
Dunklee Pond South Merrimack
Edward MacDowell Reservoir Peterborough North
Everett Lake Weare
Fearon Farm Pond New Boston
Ferrin Pond Deering
Flints Pond Pepperell
Franklin Pierce Lake Hillsboro
Fulton Pond Deering
Gibson Pond Ashby
Glen Echo Pond New Boston
Glen Lake Goffstown
Goffstown Reservoirs Pinardville
Gould Pond Hillsboro Upper Village
Greens Pond South Merrimack
Greenville Reservoir Greenville
Greenville Reservoir Greenville
Gregg Lake Hillsboro
Gregg Mill Pond Weare
Gumpas Pond Lowell
Half Moon Pond Nashua North
Halfmoon Pond Peterborough North
Harris Pond Lowell
Harris Pond Nashua North
Hartshorn Pond Milford
Haunted Lake Greenfield
Haydens Millpond South Merrimack
Haydens Reservoir South Merrimack
Hoar Pond Ashby
Hogback Pond Peterborough North
Holts Pond South Merrimack
Honey Pot Pond South Merrimack
Horseshoe Pond Nashua North
Hortons Pond New Boston
Hunts Pond Dublin
Ice Pond New Boston
Improved Machinery Pond Nashua North
Jacks Pond Dublin
Jakes Pond Pinardville
Joe English Pond New Boston
Juggernaut Pond Dublin
King Brook Reservoir Greenville
Lily Pond Hillsboro
Lincoln Pond Pinardville
Little Baboosic Lake Pinardville
Little Honey Pot Pond South Merrimack
Little Island Pond Lowell
Little Ottarnic Pond Nashua North
Long Pond Manchester South
Loon Pond Hillsboro Upper Village
Lovewell Pond Pepperell
Lower Reservoir Pinardville
Maddening Ponds Pinardville
Massabesic Lake Manchester South
Mayberry Pond New Boston
McGregors Pond New Boston
McMahons Pond Pinardville
Melendy Pond Milford
Melendys Pond Nashua North
Merrimack River Reservoir Manchester North
Mill Brook Reservoir Greenville
Mill Pond Nashua North
Mount William Pond Weare
Mountain Pond Ashburnham
Mud Pond Hillsboro Upper Village
Mud Pond Deering
Mud Pond Peterborough North
Mud Pond Hillsboro Upper Village
Nashua Canal Reservoir South Merrimack
Naticook Lake South Merrimack
New Wilton Reservoir Greenville
Norway Pond Peterborough North
Nutt Pond Manchester South
Oak Hill Reservoir Manchester North
Oak Hill Reservoir Manchester North
Old Wilton Reservoir Greenville
Osgood Pond Milford
Ottarnic Pond Nashua North
Otter Brook Pond Peterborough North
Otter Lake Peterborough North
Parker Pond South Merrimack
Pennichuck Pond South Merrimack
Perch Pond Nashua North
Perkins Pond Weare
Pierce Pond Townsend
Pine Island Pond Manchester South
Piscataquog River Reservoir Goffstown
Piscataquog River Reservoir Manchester South
Pleasant Pond Deering
Potanipo Pond Townsend
Pout Pond Townsend
Powder Mill Pond Peterborough North
Pratt Pond Ashburnham
Pratt Pond Greenville
Robinson Pond Nashua North
Roby Pond New Boston
Rocky Hill Pond Nashua North
Rocky Pond Milford
Round Pond South Merrimack
Salmon Brook Main Street Pond Nashua North
Sand Brook Marsh Hillsboro Upper Village
Sandhill Pond New Boston
Sandy Pond Nashua South
Sebbins Pond Manchester South
Shadrach Pond Dublin
Shaky Pond New Boston
Shattuck Pond Deering
Silver Lake South Merrimack
Smithville Reservoir Ashburnham
Souhegan River Reservoir Milford
Souhegan River Reservoir Milford
Souhegan River Reservoir Nashua North
Souhegan River Reservoir Number 13 Greenville
Souhegan River Watershed Reservoir Number 13 Greenville
Stearns Pond New Boston
Steels Pond Hillsboro
Stevens Pond Manchester South
Still Pond Weare
Stump Pond South Merrimack
Sunset Lake Peterborough North
Supply Pond Nashua North
Swartz Pond Greenfield
Talbot Swamp Townsend
Taylor Pond Townsend
Tenney Pond Dublin
Tirrell Pond Goffstown
Topside Pond Peterborough South
Trout Pond Townsend
Uncanoonuc Lake Pinardville
Upper Reservoir Pinardville
Water Loom Pond Ashby
Weare Reservoir Deering
Wheeler Pond Peterborough South
White Pond Stoddard
Whittemore Lake Peterborough North
Willard Pond Stoddard
Williams Pond Townsend
Woodbury Estate Pond Manchester South
Woods Pond New Boston
Worcesters Millpond Milford
Zephyr Lake Greenfield

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Hillsborough County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Hillsborough County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.