Hillsborough County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Hillsborough County

Place USGS Topo Map
Baboosic Brook Nashua North
Baker Brook Manchester South
Barnard Brook Weare
Bartemus Brook Pepperell
Beard Brook Hillsboro
Beaver Brook South Merrimack
Beaver Brook Pepperell
Birch Brook Milford
Black Brook New Boston
Black Brook Milford
Black Brook Manchester North
Black Pond Brook Hillsboro Upper Village
Blood Brook Greenville
Bog Brook Goffstown
Bowman Brook Manchester South
Breed Brook Weare
Buxton Brook Weare
Catamount Brook Goffstown
Ceasars Brook Milford
Cemetery Brook Goffstown
Center Brook Weare
Chase Brook Nashua North
Choate Brook Weare
Cochran Brook Hillsboro
Cohas Brook Manchester South
Colby Brook Manchester South
Cold Brook New Boston
Cold Brook Nashua South
Collins Brook Deering
Currier Brook Weare
Curtis Brook New Boston
Dan Little Brook Goffstown
Davis Brook Peterborough North
Dinsmore Brook Deering
Dudley Brook Deering
East Branch Village Brook Townsend
Ferguson Brook Peterborough North
First Brook Nashua North
Flints Brook Pepperell
Fox Brook Ashburnham
Furnace Brook Greenville
Glover Brook Nashua North
Golden Brook Lowell
Gorham Brook Weare
Gould Mill Brook Townsend
Great Brook Hillsboro
Great Brook Milford
Gridley River Peterborough South
Gumpas Pond Brook Lowell
Hale Brook Nashua South
Hardy Brook Goffstown
Harris Brook Nashua South
Hartshorn Brook Milford
Hassells Brook Nashua South
Hillside Brook Weare
Hosley Brook Peterborough North
Humphrey Brook Manchester South
Huse Brook Weare
Island Pond Brook Lowell
Jaquith Brook Dublin
Joe English Brook Pinardville
Kimbatt Brook Peterborough North
King Brook Greenville
Lancy Brook Townsend
Limit Brook Nashua South
Long Pond Brook Manchester South
Lords Brook New Boston
McQuade Brook Pinardville
Meadow Brook Peterborough South
Meadow Brook New Boston
Meadow Brook Weare
Medlyn-Woods Brook Milford
Merrill Brook Nashua North
Middle Branch Piscataquog River Weare
Milestone Brook Manchester North
Mitchell Brook Milford
Moose Brook Peterborough North
Muddy Brook South Merrimack
Musquash Brook Nashua South
Nashua River Nashua North
Naticook Brook Nashua North
Nelson Brook Hillsboro Upper Village
Nesenkeag Brook Nashua North
North Branch River Hillsboro
North Stream Townsend
Nubanusit Brook Peterborough North
Old Maids Brook Nashua South
Otter Brook Peterborough North
Otter Brook Weare
Ox Brook Milford
Parker Pond Brook South Merrimack
Patten Brook Deering
Peacock Brook Weare
Peaslee Meadow Brook Weare
Pennichuck Brook Nashua North
Piscataquog River Manchester South
Pointer Club Brook Manchester South
Pratt Pond Brook Ashburnham
Pulpit Brook Pinardville
Purgatory Brook Milford
Rand Brook Greenfield
Reeds Brook Nashua North
Riddle Brook Pinardville
Rocky Brook Ashby
Rocky Pond Brook Townsend
Salmon Brook Stoddard
Sand Brook Hillsboro Upper Village
Scab Mill Brook Milford
Sebbins Brook Manchester South
Second Brook Nashua North
Shedd Brook Hillsboro
Smith Brook Deering
Souhegan River Nashua North
South Branch Piscataquog River Goffstown
South Branch Souhegan River Ashby
Spaulding Brook Milford
Spit Brook Nashua South
Stark Brook Ashburnham
Stickney Brook Townsend
Stonehouse Brook Townsend
Stony Brook Milford
Sucker Brook Pepperell
Talbot Brook Townsend
Temple Brook Greenville
Tonys Brook Lowell
Town Line Brook Peterborough South
Trout Brook Weare
Tucker Brook Milford
Village Brook Townsend
Wallace Brook Townsend
Watts Brook Manchester South
West Branch Souhegan River Ashby
West Branch Village Brook Townsend
West Souhegan River Ashby
Whiting Brook Greenfield
Whitney Brook Goffstown
Whittle Brook Goffstown
Witches Brook South Merrimack

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Hillsborough County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Hillsborough County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.