Merrimack County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Merrimack County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adder Pond Andover
Ayers Pond Washington
Bagley Pond Warner
Bear Brook Park Pond Suncook
Bear Hill Pond Candia
Bear Pond Henniker
Beaver Pond Goffstown
Benton Pond Danbury
Berry Pond Pittsfield
Billings Pond Bradford
Bixby Pond Gossville
Blaisdell Lake Bradford
Blake Pond Pittsfield
Bog Pond Andover
Bog Pond Danbury
Bog Pond Loudon
Bow Town Pond Concord
Bradley Lake Andover
Butterfield Pond New London
Carding Mill Pond Loudon
Carr Pond Henniker
Cascade Marsh New London
Catamount Pond Suncook
Center Pond Loudon
Chalk Pond Sunapee Lake South
Chase Pond New London
Chestnut Pond Pittsfield
Clark Pond New London
Clay Pond Manchester North
Clement Pond Henniker
Clough Pond Loudon
Cold Pond Andover
Colleague Pond Henniker
Contoocook River Reservoir Henniker
Contoocook River Reservoir Hopkinton
Contoocook River Reservoir Penacook
Cornelius Pond Bradford
Crane Neck Pond Penacook
Craney Pond Henniker
Crooked Pond Loudon
Cunningham Pond Henniker
Day Pond Hillsboro Upper Village
Drew Lake Hopkinton
Dubes Pond Manchester North
Duck Pond Warner
Eagle Pond New London
East Turning Pond Loudon
Eaton Pond Pittsfield
Elbow Pond Andover
Emory Pond Franklin
Fifield Farm Pond Penacook
Flaghole Pond Webster
Forest Pond Northfield
Fort Eddy Concord
French Pond Henniker
Gile Pond Bradford
Giles Pond Franklin
Gillingham Pond Sunapee Lake South
Goldfish Pond Manchester North
Goose Pond Sunapee Lake North
Gorham Pond Weare
Grassy Pond Henniker
Greenough Pond Warner
Greylore Farm Pond Goffstown
Hall Mountain Marsh Candia
Hannah-Ho-Hee Pond Manchester North
Hayes Swamp Gossville
Heads Pond Manchester North
Highland Lake Andover
Hinman Pond Manchester North
Hoit Road Marsh Penacook
Hopkinton Lake Hopkinton
Horseshoe Pond Andover
Horseshoe Pond Penacook
Horseshoe Pond Concord
Hothole Pond Penacook
Hoyt Brook Pond Grafton
Huntoon Pond Andover
Island Pond Manchester North
Keyser Pond Henniker
Kezar Lake Bradford
Kimball Pond Goffstown
Kimball Pond Hopkinton
Kimball Pond Penacook
Knights Meadow Marsh Reservoir Warner
Knowles Pond Northfield
Lake Massasecum Hillsboro Upper Village
Lake Solitude Sunapee Lake South
Lake Winnepocket Webster
Lake Winnepocket Webster
Lewis Putney Pond Goffstown
Little Pond Concord
Little Pond Webster
Little Pond Webster
Little River Reservoir Gossville
Little Sunapee Lake Sunapee Lake North
Little Turkey Pond Concord
Loch Lyndon Bradford
Loch Lyndon Reservoir Bradford
Long Pond Goffstown
Long Pond Henniker
Long Pond Loudon
Lower School Pond Concord
Lyford Pond Belmont
Lynxfield Pond Loudon
March Pond Andover
Marsh Pond Suncook
Meadow Pond Warner
Merrimack River Reservoir Penacook
Merrimack River Reservoir Manchester North
Messer Pond Sunapee Lake North
Middle Pond Henniker
Moonshine Pond Goffstown
Morey Pond Andover
Morrill Pond Henniker
Morrill Pond Penacook
Morrill Pond Penacook
Mud Pond Andover
Mud Pond Henniker
Mud Pond Warner
Mud Pond Henniker
Murray Pond Sunapee Lake North
New Pond Franklin
New Pond Belmont
Odiorne Pond Pittsfield
Old Pembroke Reservoir Manchester North
Ox Pond Webster
Palmer Pond Bradford
Pemigewasset River Reservoir Franklin
Penacook Lake Concord
Pillsbury Lake Webster
Pinnacle Pond Manchester North
Piper Pond New London
Pleasant Lake New London
Pleasant Pond Henniker
Pleasant Pond Henniker
Poverty Pond Danbury
Purgatory Pond Goffstown
Putney Meadow Pond Goffstown
Rocky Pond Belmont
Rolf Pond Henniker
Round Pond Gossville
Runaway Pond Loudon
Russell Pond Bradford
Sanborn Pond Loudon
Saw Mill Pond Suncook
School Pond Danbury
Shaker Ponds Loudon
Shaw Pond Franklin
Simmons Pond Bradford
Smalls Pond Loudon
Smith Pond Hopkinton
Smiths Pond Gossville
Snow Pond Penacook
Sondogardy Pond Northfield
Spectacle Ponds Suncook
Spender Pond Penacook
Stark Pond Hopkinton
Stevens Pond Manchester North
Suncook River Reservoir Suncook
Suncook River Reservoir Suncook
Suncook River Reservoir Suncook
Suncook River Reservoir Suncook
Tannery Pond New London
The Bay Andover
Todd Lake Bradford
Tom Pond Warner
Trumbull Pond Warner
Tucker Pond Warner
Turee Pond Concord
Turkey Pond Concord
Turtle Pond Penacook
Upper Pond Henniker
Vermetti Pond Franklin
Walker Pond Webster
Warner River Reservoir Bradford
Waukeena Lake Grafton
Webster Lake Franklin
Webster Lake and Chance Pond Franklin
Weeks Pond Franklin
West Henniker Pond Henniker
West Turning Pond Loudon
White Pond New London
Whites Pond Pittsfield
Whittier Pond Hopkinton
Wild Goose Pond Parker Mountain
Wilder Pond Andover
Winnepesaukee River Reservoir Franklin

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Merrimack County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Merrimack County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.