Sullivan County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Sullivan County

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Pond North Grantham
Ashuelot Pond East Lempster
Bacon Pond Washington
Baptist Pond Sunapee Lake North
Barden Pond Washington
Barney Pond Washington
Barrett Pond East Lempster
Bear Pond Washington
Beaver Pond East Lempster
Blow-me-down Pond Windsor
Blow-Me-Down Pond Claremont North
Bog Brook Reservoir Sunapee Lake North
Bryant Pond North Hartland
Butterfield Pond Washington
Butterfield Pond Washington
Butternut Pond North Grantham
Butternut Pond Enfield Center
Chapin Pond Claremont North
Chase Pond North Grantham
Chatterton Pond Alstead
Clay Brook Reservoir Bellows Falls
Cold Brook Pond Newport
Cranberry Pond Sunapee Lake North
Crescent Lake Claremont South
Dodge Pond East Lempster
Dole Reservoir Claremont North
Dutchman Pond Sunapee Lake North
Eastman Pond Canaan
Eastman Pond Enfield Center
Fitch Reservoir Claremont North
Fitch Reservoir Claremont North
Fletcher Pond Washington
Freezeland Pond Washington
Frog Pond Washington
Gilman Pond Newport
Gordon Woolen Mill Pond Newport
Governors Pond Claremont North
Grass Pond North Grantham
Halfmoon Pond Washington
Hall Pond Claremont South
Hedgehog Pond Washington
Hetti Pond Grantham
Hilliard Pond Alstead
Hurd Pond Newport
Island Pond Washington
Jericho Lake Mount Crescent
Kolelemook Lake Sunapee Lake North
Lake Coniston Sunapee Lake North
Lake Sunapee Sunapee Lake North
Leavitt Pond North Grantham
Ledge Pond Sunapee Lake North
Lily Pond North Grantham
Little Stocker Pond Sunapee Lake North
Lity Pond Grantham
Long Pond East Lempster
Marshall Pond Claremont South
May Pond Washington
McAlvin Pond Sunapee Lake North
McQuade Reservoir Claremont North
Middle Pond Bellows Falls
Mill Pond North Grantham
Millen Lake East Lempster
Millen Lake Washington
Miller Pond North Grantham
Miller Pond North Grantham
Mitchell Pond Alstead
Morgan Pond Sunapee Lake North
Moses Pond North Hartland
Mountainview Lake Sunapee Lake South
Mud Pond Washington
Mud Pond Sunapee Lake South
Mud Pond North Hartland
North Pond Washington
North Pond Bellows Falls
Otter Pond Sunapee Lake North
Palazzi Pond Sunapee Lake North
Perkins Pond Sunapee Lake North
Philbruek Pond Washington
Rand Pond Sunapee Lake South
Red Leaf Pond Grantham
Rice Reservoir Claremont North
Rice Reservoir Claremont North
Richardson Brook Pond East Lempster
Rockybound Pond Grantham
Russell Millpond East Lempster
Sky Ranch Pond North Hartland
Smith Pond Washington
Spectacle Pond Grantham
Star Lake Sunapee Lake North
Stocker Pond Sunapee Lake North
Straw Reservoir Claremont North
Sugar River Reservoir Claremont South
Sugar River Reservoir Windsor
Sumners Pond Claremont North
Sunapee Lake Sunapee Lake North
The Overflow Grantham
The Overflow Reservoir Grantham
Tyler Reservoir Claremont South
Vickery Pond Washington
Wendall Marsh Sunapee Lake North
Whitewater Reservoir Claremont North

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Sullivan County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Sullivan County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.