Morris County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Morris County

Place USGS Topo Map
Arrowhead Lake Boonton
Baker Mill Pond Dover
Bee Meadow Pond Morristown
Birchwood Lake Boonton
Black River Pond Chester
Boonton Reservoir Boonton
Bowlby Pond Dover
Browns Pond Newfoundland
Brownwood Pond Dover
Bryant Pond Chester
Budd Lake Chester
Butler Reservoir Pompton Plains
Cantys Lake Newfoundland
Carters Pond Boonton
Cedar Lake Boonton
Clark Pond Dover
Clyde Potts Reservoir Mendham
Conkling Pond Chester
Cooks Pond Boonton
Cooper Lake Boonton
Cozy Lake Franklin
Crestmere Lake Pompton Plains
Cromwell Lake Mendham
Crystal Lake Boonton
Dalrymple Pond Mendham
Deer Pond Boonton
Diamond Springs Pond Boonton
Dixons Pond Boonton
Dover Reservoir Mendham
Duck Pond Dover
Dunlap Pond Stanhope
Durham Pond Boonton
East Lake Pompton Plains
Egbert Lake Boonton
Fayson Lakes Pompton Plains
Forge Pond Morristown
Foxs Pond Dover
George Lake Hackettstown
Great Bay Boonton
Green Pond Newfoundland
Griffith Pond Boonton
Hackettstown Storage Reservoir Hackettstown
Holstein Lake Dover
Hood Pond Boonton
Hoot Owl Lake Newfoundland
Horseshoe Lake Chester
Indian Lake Boonton
Jaqui Pond Morristown
Jays Pond Boonton
Kakeout Reservoir Pompton Plains
Kohlers Pond Boonton
Lake Ames Dover
Lake Ames Dover
Lake Cherokee Mendham
Lake Denmark Dover
Lake Emma Boonton
Lake Estling Boonton
Lake George Hackettstown
Lake Hartung Franklin
Lake Hiawatha Pompton Plains
Lake Intervale Boonton
Lake Juliet Boonton
Lake Lillian Chester
Lake Louise Stanhope
Lake Ma-He-Go Pompton Plains
Lake Montowac Pompton Plains
Lake Parsippany Morristown
Lake Pocahontas Morristown
Lake Reality Pompton Plains
Lake Ricabear Boonton
Lake Rogerene Stanhope
Lake Shawnee Dover
Lake Swannanoa Franklin
Lake Telemark Boonton
Lake Tumble-In Boonton
Lake Valhalla Pompton Plains
Lake Winona Dover
Laurel Lake Mendham
Ledells Pond Mendham
Ledgewood Pond Stanhope
Little Mitten Lake Boonton
Longwood Lake Dover
Macopin Reservoir Newfoundland
Manor Lake Boonton
Maple Lake Wanaque
Marine Lake Dover
McDonalds Ponds Pompton Plains
Mendham Reservoir Mendham
Mine Hill Reservoir Hackettstown
Mirror Pond Morristown
Mitt Pond Franklin
Moosepac Pond Franklin
Mount Hope Lake Dover
Mount Hope Pond Dover
Mount Kemble Lake Bernardsville
Mount Tabor Lake Morristown
Mountain Lake Boonton
Mountain Pond Stanhope
Oak Ridge Lake Dover
Openaka Lake Mendham
Osborn Pond Bernardsville
Patex Pond Boonton
Picatinny Lake Dover
Piscatells Pond Boonton
Pleasant Valley Lake Mendham
Powder Mill Pond Morristown
Rainbow Lakes Boonton
Rock Ridge Lake Boonton
Sawmill Pond Pompton Plains
Saxton Lake Tranquility
Shongum Lake Mendham
Silver Lake Morristown
Speedwell Lake Morristown
Splitrock Reservoir Boonton
Spring Lake Morristown
Stickle Pond Boonton
Sunrise Lake Mendham
Sunset Lake Boonton
Suntan Lake Pompton Plains
Surprise Lake Pompton Plains
Taylortown Reservoir Boonton
Terrace Lake Wanaque
The Tarn Boonton
Triple Lakes Chester
Untermeyer Lake Pompton Plains
Valley Spring Lake Pompton Plains
Van Dorans Mill Pond Bernardsville
Walrus Pond Morristown
Washington Pond Dover
Waterloo Lakes Tranquility
Weldon Brook Lake Franklin
West Lake Pompton Plains
White Meadow Lake Dover
White Rock Lake Franklin
Wildwood Lake Boonton
Woodland Lake Pompton Plains

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Morris County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Morris County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.