Sandoval County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sandoval County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alamito Arroyo Lybrook
American Creek Rancho del Chaparral
Arroyo Alamito Ojito Spring
Arroyo Alamo San Felipe Mesa
Arroyo Alamo Ojito Spring
Arroyo Armiento Ojito Spring
Arroyo Balcon San Luis
Arroyo Benavidez Benavidez Ranch
Arroyo Bernalillito Ojito Spring
Arroyo Bernardo San Felipe Mesa
Arroyo Cachulie Holy Ghost Spring
Arroyo Chavez San Luis
Arroyo Chijuilito Mesa Portales
Arroyo Chijuilla San Pablo
Arroyo Chijuillita Arroyo Chijuillita
Arroyo Corrales Ojito Spring
Arroyo Corrales Tierra Cabezon Peak
Arroyo Cucho Ojito Spring
Arroyo Cuervo Puerco Dam
Arroyo Cuevitas San Luis
Arroyo de los Cerros Colorados San Luis
Arroyo de los Pinos La Ventana
Arroyo de Rosendo Arroyo Empedrado
Arroyo Dedos Gordos La Ventana
Arroyo Empedrado Arroyo Empedrado
Arroyo Griego Collier Draw
Arroyo Hondo Marquez
Arroyo Hondo San Pablo
Arroyo Jarido Johnson Trading Post
Arroyo la Jara Ojito Spring
Arroyo Lopez Holy Ghost Spring
Arroyo Naranjo Regina
Arroyo Nine Puerco Dam
Arroyo Ojito Bernalillo NW
Arroyo Ojito Ojito Spring
Arroyo Ojitos Ojito Spring
Arroyo Pantadeleon Loma Machete
Arroyo Pelon Deer Mesa
Arroyo Penasco San Ysidro
Arroyo Piedra Lumbre Arroyo Empedrado
Arroyo Piedra Parada San Ysidro
Arroyo San Jose Cuba
Arroyo Sandoval San Felipe Mesa
Arroyo Semilla Holy Ghost Spring
Arroyo Six Puerco Dam
Arroyo Valles Five Lakes Canyon NW
Arroyo Veguita Blanca La Ventana
Cachana Arroyo Holy Ghost Spring
Canada Bernardino Canada Calladita
Canada Bonita Cabezon Peak
Canada Candelaria Headcut Reservoir
Canada Cebo Headcut Reservoir
Canada de la Milpas San Ysidro
Canada Gonzales Casa Salazar
Canada Lucero Mesa Portales
Canada Salada La Gotera
Clear Creek Rancho del Chaparral
Cuchilla Arroyo Ojito Spring
Deer Creek Gilman
East Fork Jemez River Jemez Springs
Galisteo Creek Santo Domingo Pueblo
Horn Arroyo Johnson Trading Post
Jaramillo Creek Bland
Jemez River Bernalillo
Kinaird Arroyo Mesa Portales
La Jara Creek Cuba
La Jara Creek Bland
La Saladita Arroyo Empedrado
Las Huertas Creek Placitas
Lopez Arroyo Ojo Encino Mesa
Los Pinos Arroyo Holy Ghost Spring
Marquez Wash Ojito Spring
Nacimiento Creek Cuba
One Arroyo San Felipe Mesa
Pena Wash Tancosa Windmill
Penistaja Arroyo Ojo Encino Mesa
Querencia Arroyo San Ysidro
Redondo Creek Seven Springs
Rio Cebolla San Miguel Mountain
Rio Chiquito Cochiti Dam
Rio de las Vacas San Miguel Mountain
Rio Guadalupe Ponderosa
Rio Salado San Ysidro
Rito de las Palomas Rancho del Chaparral
Rito de los Indios Valle Toledo
Rito de los Pinos Cuba
Rito de los Utes Cuba
Rito del Indio Rancho del Chaparral
Rito la Cueva San Miguel Mountain
Rito Leche Cuba
Rito Olguin La Ventana
Rito Penas Negras Rancho del Chaparral
Rock Creek Rancho del Chaparral
Salado Creek Puerco Dam
Salado Creek Cuba
San Antonio Creek Jemez Springs
San Isidro Wash Tinian
San Jose Creek Regina
San Luis Creek Valle San Antonio
Santa Fe River Santo Domingo Pueblo
South Fork Arroyo de los Pinos La Ventana
Stable Canyon Fork San Miguel Mountain
Sulphur Creek Jemez Springs
Tancosa Wash Tancosa Windmill
Torreon Wash Arroyo Empedrado
Trail Creek Rancho del Chaparral
Turkey Creek Rancho del Chaparral
Turkey Creek Valle Toledo
Vallecito Creek Jemez Pueblo
Vicente Arroyo Wolf Stand
West Fork Borrego Canyon Bear Springs Peak

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sandoval County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sandoval County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.