Clinton County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Clinton County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allegany Brook Redford
Arnold Brook Peru
Ausable River Keeseville
Bailey Brook Alder Brook
Bear Brook Wilmington
Beartown Brook Morrisonville
Beaver Creek Champlain
Behan Brook Dannemora
Bernau Brook Alder Brook
Blake Brook Peasleeville
Boyington Brook Beekmantown
Bradford Brook Altona
Bradley Brook Lyon Mountain
Brandy Brook Ellenburg Depot
Brandy Brook Jericho
Brandy Brook Lyon Mountain
Bullis Brook Mooers
Bullis Brook Jericho
Caldwell Brook Peru
Canfield Brook Dannemora
Casey Brook Alder Brook
Chapman Brook Altona
Cold Brook Alder Brook
Cold Brook Alder Brook
Cold Brook West Chazy
Cold Springs Brook Altona
Collins Brook Chateaugay
Corbeau Creek Champlain
Corners Brook Dannemora
Crystal Creek Ellenburg Depot
Dead Creek Keeseville
Dead Creek Plattsburgh
Deep Inlet Brook Moffitsville
Deer Pond Brook Altona
Demar Brook Redford
Dry Brook Chateaugay
Dry Mill Brook Keeseville
East Branch Cold Brook Lyon Mountain
Fall Brook Moffitsville
Farrell Brook West Chazy
Furnace Brook Peru
Graves Brook Altona
Great Chazy River Champlain
Guay Creek Beekmantown
Half Mile Brook Jericho
Hinchinbrook Brook Chateaugay
Jackson Brook Au Sable Forks
Kellas Creek Altona OE N
Kelly Brook Dannemora
Kennon Brook Plattsburgh
King Brook Jericho
Little Ausable River Keeseville
Little Chazy River Champlain
Marble River Burke
Mead Brook Morrisonville
Middle Kiln Brook Lyon Mountain
Middle Kilns Brook Franklin Falls
Mountain Brook Moffitsville
Mud Pond Brook Redford
Mud Pond Brook Alder Brook
North Branch Great Chazy River Altona
North Branch Saranac River Redford
Ouleout Creek Ellenburg Center
Palmer Brook Au Sable Forks
Park Brook Altona
Patterson Brook Morrisonville
Pete Lagus Brook Franklin Falls
Rea Brook Plattsburgh
Riley Brook Beekmantown
Riley Brook Morrisonville
Robinson Brook West Chazy
Ryans Brook Dannemora
Saint Germaine Brook Ellenburg Mountain
Salmon River Plattsburgh
Sample Brook Altona
Sandburn Brook Morrisonville
Saranac River Plattsburgh
Separator Brook Ellenburg Center
Shedden Brook Mooers
Silver Lake Brook Redford
Silver Stream Keeseville
Smithkill Brook Moffitsville
South Inlet Moffitsville
Southwick Brook Keeseville
Spaulding Brook Peru
Sperry Brook Mooers
Spring Brook Ellenburg Mountain
Standish Brook Lyon Mountain
Stillwater Brook Jericho
Stord Brook Redford
Taylor Brook Altona
Taylor Pond Outlet Redford
Thurber Brook Brainardsville
Tracy Brook Champlain
True Brook Moffitsville
Uncle Toms Brook Alder Brook
Weed Brook Ellenburg Center
West Branch English River Altona OE N
West Brook Morrisonville
Witherspoon Brook Altona

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Clinton County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Clinton County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.