Putnam County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Putnam County

Place USGS Topo Map
Barett Pond West Point
Barger Pond Mohegan Lake
Barrett Pond West Point
Barrett Pond Lake Carmel
Beacon Reservoir West Point
Bird Pond Lake Carmel
Bloomer Pond Croton Falls
Bog Brook Reservoir Brewster
Boyd Corners Reservoir Lake Carmel
Brewster Pond Brewster
Browns Pond Poughquag
Bryant Pond Oscawana Lake
Canopus Lake Oscawana Lake
Cat Pond West Point
Catfish Pond West Point
China Pond Lake Carmel
Clear Lake Oscawana Lake
Clear Pool Lake Carmel
Cold Spring Reservoir West Point
Cortlandt Lake Peekskill
Croton Falls Reservoir Croton Falls
Curry Pond Peekskill
Dales Pond West Point
Dean Pond Lake Carmel
Dixon Lake Lake Carmel
Duck Pond West Point
East Branch Reservoir Brewster
Glencoma Lake Croton Falls
Haines Pond Brewster
Ice Pond Brewster
Indian Brook Pond Lake Carmel
Indian Lake Peekskill
Jacox Pond West Point
John Pond Oscawana Lake
Jordan Pond Oscawana Lake
Kirk Lake Oscawana Lake
Lake Alice Peekskill
Lake Carmel Lake Carmel
Lake Casse Lake Carmel
Lake Celeste Peekskill
Lake Charles Brewster
Lake Elizabeth Peekskill
Lake Gilead Lake Carmel
Lake Gleneida Lake Carmel
Lake Mahopac Lake Carmel
Lake Nimham Lake Carmel
Lake Ossi Oscawana Lake
Lake Peekskill Peekskill
Lake Surprise West Point
Lake Tibet Oscawana Lake
Lake Tonetta Brewster
Lake Valhalla West Point
Laths Pond West Point
Little Buck Mountain Pond Lake Carmel
Little Pond Brewster
Loch Lyall West Point
Lockwood Pond Lake Carmel
Long Pond Lake Carmel
Lost Lake Brewster
Mendel Pond Brewster
Middle Branch Reservoir Lake Carmel
Mill Pond Poughquag
Mud Lake Oscawana Lake
Mud Pond Lake Carmel
Oscawana Lake Oscawana Lake
Palmer Lake Lake Carmel
Peach Lake Peach Lake
Pelton Pond Oscawana Lake
Pine Pond Lake Carmel
Putnam Lake Brewster
Quarry Pond Peekskill
Reeves Pond West Point
Roaring Brook Lake Oscawana Lake
Sagamore Lake Oscawana Lake
Secor Lake Oscawana Lake
Seven Hills Lake Lake Carmel
South Lake Poughquag
Stillwater Pond Oscawana Lake
Stump Pond Poughquag
Teakettle Spout Lake Croton Falls
Upper Cranberry Pond Peekskill
Weise Pond West Point
West Branch Reservoir Lake Carmel
Westminster Lake Poughquag
White Pond Poughquag
Wiccopee Reservoir Oscawana Lake
Wixon Pond Lake Carmel
Wonder Lake Lake Carmel

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Putnam County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Putnam County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.