St. Lawrence County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in St. Lawrence County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Falls Reservoir Parishville
Allen Pond Tooley Pond
Amber Lake Augerhole Falls
Arbuckle Pond Colton
Arquett Pond Lake Ozonia
Ash Pond Wolf Mountain
Balsam Pond Brother Ponds
Barney Pond Stark
Bassout Pond Wolf Mountain
Bear Lake Fine
Beaver Lake Harrisville
Beaver Pond Brother Ponds
Big Marsh Degrasse
Black Lake Hammond
Black Pond Piercefield
Blake Falls Reservoir Stark
Blind Pond Nicholville
Blind Pond Lake Ozonia
Blue Pond Stark
Bonner Lake Edwards
Boottree Pond Long Tom Mountain
Boyd Pond West Pierrepont
Bridge Brook Pond Piercefield
Brother Ponds Brother Ponds
Buck Pond West Pierrepont
Buck Pond Carry Falls Reservoir
Buck Pond Five Ponds
Bullhead Pond Harrisville
Bullhead Pond West Pierrepont
Bundy Pond Oswegatchie
Burntbridge Pond Long Tom Mountain
Carr Pond South Edwards
Carry Falls Reservoir Carry Falls Reservoir
Cat Mountain Pond Wolf Mountain
Catamount Pond Childwold
Cedar Lake Edwards
Center Pond Long Tom Mountain
Chandler Pond Childwold
Chaumont Pond Newton Falls
Chub Lake Edwards
Church Pond Stark
Clear Lake Edwards
Clear Lake West Pierrepont
Clear Pond Rainbow Falls
Clear Pond Brother Ponds
Clear Pond Wolf Mountain
Close Pond Rainbow Falls
Cold Pond Stark
Colvin Pond Wolf Mountain
Cook Pond Newton Falls
Cowhorn Pond Wolf Mountain
Cranberry Lake Newton Falls
Cranberry Pond Albert Marsh
Crane Pond Newton Falls
Crooked Lake Childwold
Crystal Lake Oswegatchie SE
Curtis Pond Cranberry Lake
Darning Needle Pond Wolf Mountain
Deer Pond Childwold
Deer Pond Long Tom Mountain
Deerskin Pond Tooley Pond
Dillon Pond Cranberry Lake
Dodge Pond Degrasse
Dog Pond Long Tom Mountain
Dry Timber Lake Fine
Eagle Crag Lake Piercefield
Egg Pond Brother Ponds
Egg Pond Long Tom Mountain
Eskar Pond Newton Falls
Fishpole Pond Wolf Mountain
Five Falls Reservoir Rainbow Falls
French Lake Stark
Glasby Pond Five Ponds
Goose Pond Harrisville
Graham Pond Harrisville
Grass Lake Muskellunge Lake
Grass Pond Fine
Grass Pond Brother Ponds
Grass River Flow Childwold
Graves Pond Wolf Mountain
Green Pond Colton
Greenfield Pond Degrasse
Halfmoon Pond Wolf Mountain
Hall Lake South Edwards
Heath Pond Newton Falls
Hedgehog Pond Cranberry Lake
Hickory Lake Pope Mills
High Pond Wolf Mountain
Hitchins Pond Sabattis
Hopkinton Pond Sylvan Falls
Hornet Ponds Sabattis
Horseshoe Lake Piercefield
Horseshoe Pond West Pierrepont
Horseshoe Pond Long Tom Mountain
Horton Ponds Rainbow Falls
Huckleberry Lake Edwards
Indian Mountain Pond Cranberry Lake
Iron Pond Sabattis
Jenny Lake Fine
Jocks Pond Childwold
Joe Indian Pond Carry Falls Reservoir
John Pond Wolf Mountain
Jones Pond South Edwards
Jordan Lake Augerhole Falls
Jordan Outlet Carry Falls Reservoir
Kettle Pond Carry Falls Reservoir
Kildare Pond Carry Falls Reservoir
L Pond Albert Marsh
Lake Marian Sabattis
Lake Ozonia Lake Ozonia
Lake Saint Lawrence Cornwall West
Lem Pond Brother Ponds
Leonard Pond Childwold
Lilypad Pond Rainbow Falls
Lilypad Pond Long Tom Mountain
Line Pond Mount Matumbla
Little Blue Pond Brother Ponds
Little Fish Pond Wolf Mountain
Little Jordan Lake Augerhole Falls
Little Lake South Edwards
Little Moosehead Pond Newton Falls
Little Mud Pond Edwards
Little Otter Pond Oswegatchie SE
Little Pine Pond Long Tom Mountain
Little Rock Pond Albert Marsh
Little Rock Pond Rainbow Falls
Little Trout Pond Sabattis
Lone Pond Brother Ponds
Long Lake Fine
Long Lake Oswegatchie SW
Long Pond Degrasse
Long Pond Rainbow Falls
Long Pond Stark
Long Pond Childwold
Long Pond Sabattis
Lost Pond Harrisville
Lost Pond Newton Falls
Lost Pond Cranberry Lake
Lower Lake Rensselaer Falls
Lows Lake Sabattis
Marsh Pond Albert Marsh
Marsh Ponds Mount Matumbla
Massawepie Lake Long Tom Mountain
McCuen Pond Carry Falls Reservoir
Midget Pond Carry Falls Reservoir
Mile Pond Tooley Pond
Minnow Pond Piercefield
Moon Lake Edwards
Moosehead Pond Tooley Pond
Mount Arab Lake Piercefield
Mud Lake Heuvelton
Mud Lake Natural Dam
Mud Pond Gouverneur
Mud Pond Harrisville
Mud Pond West Pierrepont
Mud Pond South Edwards
Mud Pond Sylvan Falls
Mud Pond Fine
Mud Pond Stark
Mud Pond Oswegatchie SE
Muskrat Pond Newton Falls
Nicks Pond Newton Falls
Norwood Lake Potsdam
Olmstead Pond Wolf Mountain
Orebed Ponds Degrasse
Ormsbee Pond Stark
Osborn Lake Richville
Otter Pond Mount Matumbla
Otter Pond Five Ponds
Otter Pond Sabattis
Pansy Pond Oswegatchie SE
Panther Pond Long Tom Mountain
Parmeter Pond Tooley Pond
Partlow Pond South Edwards
Pine Hill Pond Harrisville
Pine Marsh Degrasse
Pine Pond Oswegatchie SE
Pine Pond Childwold
Pine Pond Long Tom Mountain
Pleasant Lake Pope Mills
Pleasant Lake Brother Ponds
Portaferry Lake Fine
Rainbow Falls Reservoir Rainbow Falls
Readway Ponds Oswegatchie
Rock Lake Fine
Rock Pond Albert Marsh
Rock Pond Rainbow Falls
Round Lake Oswegatchie SW
Round Pond Degrasse
Round Pond Stark
Round Pond Childwold
Sampson Pond Brother Ponds
Sardine Pond Long Tom Mountain
Scott Pond Wolf Mountain
Scuttle Hole Oswegatchie SW
Sevey Pond Childwold
Shiner Pond Harrisville
Shingle Pond West Pierrepont
Shingle Pond Degrasse
Silver Lake Cranberry Lake
Silver Leaf Pond Wolf Mountain
Simmons Pond Wolf Mountain
Slender Pond Wolf Mountain
Slouch Pond Tooley Pond
Slough Pond Sylvan Falls
Smith Pond South Edwards
Snyder Lake Fine
South Colton Reservoir Rainbow Falls
Spectacle Pond Cranberry Lake
Spider Pond Fine
Spring Pond Sabattis
Spruce Pond Tooley Pond
Star Lake Oswegatchie
Stark Falls Reservoir Carry Falls Reservoir
Sterling Pond Sylvan Falls
Stockwell Pond South Edwards
Streeter Lake Oswegatchie SE
Sucker Lake Oswegatchie
Sunny Pond Newton Falls
Sweet Pond Degrasse
Sylvia Lake Gouverneur
Tamarack Pond Wolf Mountain
Thirtyfive Pond Augerhole Falls
Toad Pond Cranberry Lake
Tooley Pond Tooley Pond
Toothaker Pond Harrisville
Town Line Pond Long Tom Mountain
Tracy Pond Tooley Pond
Triangle Pond Long Tom Mountain
Trout Lake Edwards
Trout Pond Sabattis
Twin Lakes Oswegatchie
Twin Ponds Harrisville
Twin Ponds Fine
Twin Ponds Albert Marsh
Twin Ponds Sylvan Falls
Upper Lake Canton
Warden Pond South Edwards
Warm Brook Flow Colton
Weller Pond Lake Ozonia
Whitney Pond Carry Falls Reservoir
Wilson Pond Carry Falls Reservoir
Windfall Pond Childwold
Wolf Hole Tooley Pond
Wolf Lake Edwards
Wolf Pond Brother Ponds
Yellow Lake Natural Dam

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in St. Lawrence County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within St. Lawrence County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.