St. Lawrence County Fishing Streams

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Streams in St. Lawrence County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Brook West Pierrepont
Alder Brook Lake Ozonia
Alder Brook Meno
Alder Meadow Brook Parishville
Alice Brook Oswegatchie
Allen Brook North Lawrence
Allen Brook Degrasse
Allen Pond Outlet Degrasse
Anderson Creek Bigelow
Baldwin Branch Pierrepont
Balsam Brook Sylvan Falls
Balsam Brook Meno
Barter Creek Rensselaer Falls
Barton Brook Parishville
Bassetts Creek Oswegatchie SE
Bear Brook Mount Matumbla
Bear Brook Childwold
Bear Brook Little Tupper Lake
Bear Creek West Pierrepont
Beaver Creek Rensselaer Falls
Bell Brook Brasher Falls
Bend Brook Tooley Pond
Benham Brook Nicholville
Bennett Brook Edwards
Berry Brook Degrasse
Big Brook Tooley Pond
Big Creek Harrisville
Big Hollow Brook Nicholville
Birch Brook South Edwards
Birch Creek Pope Mills
Black Brook West Pierrepont
Black Creek Hammond
Black Creek Harrisville
Blind Pond Outlet Lake Ozonia
Blue Mountain Stream Tooley Pond
Boland Creek Richville
Bonney Creek Rensselaer Falls
Bostwick Creek Hammond
Bowman Creek Harrisville
Boyden Brook Pierrepont
Brandy Brook Morrisburg
Brandy Brook Bigelow
Brandy Brook Carry Falls Reservoir
Brandy Brook Cranberry Lake
Bridge Brook Piercefield
Buck Brook West Pierrepont
Buck Brook Five Ponds
Bullock Creek Hermon
Burntbridge Outlet Long Tom Mountain
Cancross Creek Hermon
Carter Creek Bigelow
Cedar Brook Carry Falls Reservoir
Cedar Lake Stream South Edwards
Chair Rock Creek Cranberry Lake
Chippewa Creek Chippewa Bay
Church Brook Canton
Cold Brook Colton
Cold Brook West Pierrepont
Cold Brook Carry Falls Reservoir
Cold Brook Little Tupper Lake
Cold Hill Brook Nicholville
Cold Spring Creek Fine
Cold Spring Creek Oswegatchie SW
Coles Creek Louisville
Colton Creek Degrasse
Conkey Branch West Pierrepont
Cook Creek Canton
Cook Pond Outlet Brother Ponds
Crane Valley Brook Carry Falls Reservoir
Crooked Creek Chippewa Bay
Dan Wright Brook Parishville
Dead Creek Rainbow Falls
Dead Creek Rainbow Falls
Dead Creek Brother Ponds
Dead Creek Five Ponds
Dead Creek Piercefield
Dean Brook West Pierrepont
Deer Lick Brook West Pierrepont
Deer River Hogansburg
Deerskin Creek Tooley Pond
Dodds Creek Muskellunge Lake
Dodge Creek Massena
Downey Brook Meno
Earls Creek Raquette River
East Creek Cranberry Lake
Edmond Brook Hermon
Ellis Brook Childwold
Elm Creek Canton
Felton Brook Stark
Fenner Meadow Brook Sylvan Falls
First Brook Tooley Pond
Fish Creek Edwardsville
Fish Creek Remington Corners
Garfield Brook Potsdam
Gibbons Brook Hermon
Glasby Creek Five Ponds
Goose Pond Brook Meno
Grannis Brook Canton
Grass Creek Hammond
Grass River Raquette River
Greenwood Creek Fine
Grindstone Brook Piercefield
Gulf Brook Albert Marsh
Gulf Creek Rensselaer Falls
Gulf Stream Fine
Hall Creek Norfolk
Hall Creek Edwards
Hammer Creek Five Ponds
Harrison Creek Canton
Harvey Brook Rainbow Falls
Hogback Brook Sylvan Falls
Hopkinton Brook Nicholville
Hutchins Creek Massena
Indian Creek Rensselaer Falls
Indian Creek Richville
Indian River Hammond
Irish Brook Brother Ponds
Island Branch Gouverneur
Jenny Creek Harrisville
Jocks Pond Outlet Childwold
Joe Indian Inlet Carry Falls Reservoir
Jordan River Carry Falls Reservoir
Kildare Outlet Carry Falls Reservoir
Kingston Brook North Lawrence
La Rock Creek West Pierrepont
Lake Ozonia Outlet Saint Regis Falls
Lawrence Brook North Lawrence
Leonard Brook Pierrepont
Lily Pad Brook Childwold
Line Creek Morley
Lisbon Creek Heuvelton
Little Cold Brook Colton
Little Cold Brook Carry Falls Reservoir
Little Otter Pond Outlet Oswegatchie SE
Little River Canton
Little River Oswegatchie
Little Sucker Brook Waddington
Long Pond Outlet Carry Falls Reservoir
Louce Creek Morristown
Lyde Brook Nicholville
Malterna Creek Natural Dam
Matoon Creek Gouverneur
McConnell Creek Louisville
McCuen Pond Outlet Carry Falls Reservoir
Meadow Brook Harrisville
Merrill Creek Richville
Middle Branch Grass River West Pierrepont
Mill Brook South Edwards
Miller Brook Nicholville
Mink Brook Childwold
Moosehead Pond Outlet Tooley Pond
Mott Creek Edwards
Mountain Brook Mount Matumbla
Mud Brook Tooley Pond
Mud Creek Oswegatchie
Mud Lake Outlet Heuvelton
Mud Pond Outlet Sylvan Falls
Nettle Creek Morley
Newton Falls Brook Tooley Pond
North Branch Grass River West Pierrepont
North Branch Mountain Brook Mount Matumbla
O’Brien Brook West Pierrepont
O’Malley Brook Colton
Onion River Meno
Orebed Creek Degrasse
Oswegatchie River Ogdensburg East
Paddy Brown Brook South Edwards
Parkhurst Brook Potsdam
Peavine Creek Cranberry Lake
Pins Creek Oswegatchie SE
Pleasant Creek Hermon
Pleasant Lake Stream Tooley Pond
Plum Brook Massena
Plumb Brook Hermon
Polly Gut Raquette River
Pollys Creek Raquette River
Pork Creek Edwards
Potter Brook Mount Matumbla
Quebec Brook Meno
Rainbow Brook Rainbow Falls
Randall Brook Degrasse
Randle Meadow Brook Sylvan Falls
Randle Meadow Brook Sylvan Falls
Raquette River Hogansburg
Redwater Brook North Lawrence
Roaring Brook Long Tom Mountain
Robinson Creek Raquette River
Robinson Creek Gouverneur
Rosenbarker Brook Parishville
Round Lake Outlet Little Tupper Lake
Sampson Pond Outlet Brother Ponds
Santimaw Brook Sylvan Falls
Sawyer Creek Gouverneur
Second Brook Tooley Pond
Shingle Creek Gouverneur
Silver Brook Long Tom Mountain
Sixmile Creek Cranberry Lake
Skate Creek Oswegatchie
Skate Creek Newton Falls
South Branch Bear Brook Mount Matumbla
South Branch Beaver Creek Richville
South Branch Grass River West Pierrepont
South Brook Tooley Pond
Squaw Creek Sparrowhawk Point
Squeak Brook Raquette River
Stafford Brook Potsdam
Stammer Creek South Edwards
Steep Bank Brook Degrasse
Sterling Pond Outlet Sylvan Falls
Stony Brook West Potsdam
Stony Brook Sylvan Falls
Stony Brook Carry Falls Reservoir
Stony Brook Brother Ponds
Streeter Lake Outlet Oswegatchie SE
Sucker Brook Waddington
Sucker Brook Nicholville
Sucker Brook Cranberry Lake
Sugar Creek West Potsdam
Tamarack Branch West Pierrepont
Tamarack Creek Oswegatchie
Tanner Creek Canton
Taylor Creek Pierrepont
The Bog Outlet Sylvan Falls
The Stillwater West Pierrepont
Thirtyfive Outlet Carry Falls Reservoir
Thomas Brook Sylvan Falls
Thomas Brook Newton Falls
Tibbits Creek Ogdensburg East
Tooley Pond Outlet Newton Falls
Toothaker Creek Harrisville
Tracy Brook Canton
Tracy Brook Tooley Pond
Trout Brook Norfolk
Trout Brook North Lawrence
Trout Brook Brasher Falls
Tucker Brook Potsdam
Turnpike Creek Gouverneur
Tuttle Brook Childwold
Twin Lake Stream Oswegatchie
Twin Ponds Outlet Brother Ponds
Van Rensselaer Creek West Pierrepont
Warm Brook Colton
Webb Creek Brother Ponds
Welch Brook Sylvan Falls
Welch Creek Oswegatchie
Weller Pond Outlet Lake Ozonia
West Branch Saint Regis River Brasher Falls
West Branch Squeak Brook Raquette River
White Creek Richville
Willis Brook Sylvan Falls
Willis Brook Mount Matumbla
Windfall Brook Brother Ponds
Windfall Brook Childwold
Yellow Creek Fine

Above is a map and a list of the streams in St. Lawrence County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within St. Lawrence County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.