Steuben County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Steuben County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bailey Creek Caton
Baker Creek Canisteo
Barnard Creek Caton
Bennetts Creek Canisteo
Big Creek Hornell
Birch Creek Seeley Creek
Borden Creek Corning
Brickyard Creek South Canisteo
Bulkley Brook Knoxville
Camp Brook Elkland
Campbell Creek Bath
Canatoga Creek Borden
Canisteo River Addison
Carrington Creek Haskinville
Castle Creek Avoca
Catherine Creek Borden
Caton Creek Caton
Chamberlain Brook Towlesville
Chauncey Run Hornell
Church Creek Addison
Cohocton River Corning
Colby Creek Greenwood
Cold Brook Rheims
Cole Creek Addison
Colonel Bills Creek Canisteo
Cotton Creek Avoca
Cowanesque River Caton
Crosby Creek Hornell
Culver Creek Bath
Cunningham Creek Canisteo
Curtis Creek Campbell
Cutler Creek Corning
Deer Lick Run Rheims
Dennis Creek South Canisteo
Dry Run Campbell
East Lick Creek Woodhull
Elk Creek Borden
Erwin Creek Corning
Fall Creek South Canisteo
Fivemile Creek Bath
Gillette Creek Caton
Glen Brook Hammondsport
Glendening Creek Addison
Goff Creek Avoca
Goodhue Creek Addison
Gorton Creek Corning
Gravel Run South Canisteo
Gulf Creek Bath
Hammer Creek Canisteo
Helmer Creek Rathbone
Hodgmans Creek Corning
Holden Creek Elkland
Honey Run Hornell
Keuka Inlet Hammondsport
Kirkwood Creek Naples
Knight Creek Bath
Lime Kiln Creek Arkport
Maxwell Creek Towlesville
McNutt Run Campbell
Meads Creek Corning
Michigan Creek Campbell
Mill Creek Dansville
Mill Creek Arkport
Milwaukee Creek South Canisteo
Mitchellsville Creek Rheims
Monkey Run Corning
Morgan Creek Addison
Mud Creek Savona
Mulholland Creek Addison
Myers Creek Borden
Narrows Creek Corning
Neils Creek Avoca
North Branch Glendening Creek Addison
North Branch Tuscarora Creek Borden
North Brook Troupsburg
Onawasa Creek Campbell
Page Brook Haskinville
Peak Creek South Canisteo
Post Creek Corning
Purdy Creek Canisteo
Rainbow Bridge Creek Towlesville
Red Spring Run South Canisteo
Reuben Brook Addison
Reynolds Creek Avoca
Rock Creek Greenwood
Rock Run South Canisteo
Rose Brook Rexville
Ryers Creek Addison
Salmon Creek Avoca
Seeley Creek Hornell
Sinclair Creek Towlesville
Slate Creek South Canisteo
Smith Run Bath
Softwater Creek Rheims
South Branch Glendening Creek Addison
South Branch Tuscarora Creek Woodhull
Stanton Creek Corning
Steamtown Creek Caton
Stephens Creek Canisteo
Stocking Creek Bath
Stony Brook Dansville
Stony Run Campbell
Stowell Creek Addison
Strait Creek Tioga
Sugar Creek South Canisteo
Talbot Creek Cameron
Tannery Creek Addison
Tenmile Creek Avoca
Tioga River Corning
Tracy Creek Rathbone
Troups Creek Knoxville
Trout Run Rheims
Tuscarora Creek Addison
Tuttle Creek Canisteo
Twelvemile Creek Avoca
Two Bridge Run South Canisteo
Waldo Creek Rheims
Watson Creek Addison
West Creek Avoca
Whisky Creek Caton
Winfield Creek Big Flats
Wolf Run Campbell

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Steuben County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Steuben County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.