Sullivan County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Sullivan County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abe Wood Brook Roscoe
Aden Brook Liberty East
Angel Mill Brook Lake Huntington
Balsam Brook Eldred
Bascom Brook Livingston Manor
Basket Creek Callicoon
Beaver Brook Shohola
Beaverdam Brook White Lake
Berry Brook Livingston Manor
Birch Ridge Brook Lake Huntington
Black Brook Highland Lake
Black Joe Brook Willowemoc
Black Lake Creek Highland Lake
Braden Brook Woodridge
Buck Brook Jeffersonville
Burnt Meadow Brook Highland Lake
Bush Kill Hartwood
Butternut Brook Willowemoc
Calkins Creek Callicoon
Callicoon Creek Callicoon
Cattail Brook Livingston Manor
Chestnut Creek Grahamsville
Conklin Brook Liberty East
Cow Swale Brook Eldred
Creamery Brook White Lake
Deep Hollow Brook Eldred
Dry Brook Claryville
Dunn Brook Eldred
East Branch Basket Creek Callicoon
East Branch Callicoon Creek Callicoon
East Branch Neversink River Claryville
East Branch Tenmile River Narrowsburg
East Mongaup River Monticello
Eden Brook Hartwood
Fall Brook Yankee Lake
Fall Brook Willowemoc
Fir Brook Willowemoc
Fish Cabin Creek Pond Eddy
Fowlwood Brook Woodridge
Frasers Brook White Lake
Gee Brook Livingston Manor
Grassy Swamp Brook Narrowsburg
Gumaer Brook Wurtsboro
Halfway Brook Shohola
Hankins Creek Callicoon
Hardin Brook White Lake
Hazel Brook Roscoe
Hemp Meadow Brook Highland Lake
Hickok Brook Shohola
Hollow Brook Liberty East
Homowack Kill Ellenville
Horseshoe Brook Liberty West
Hunter Brook Willowemoc
Hurd Brook Lake Huntington
Jaketown Creek Lake Huntington
Jersey Brook Livingston Manor
Joe Brook Callicoon
Jones Brook Lake Huntington
Judson Brook White Lake
Kiamesha Creek Monticello
Kinne Brook White Lake
Laundry Brook Jeffersonville
Lebanon Lake Brook Highland Lake
Lemons Brook White Lake
Lily Brook Eldred
Little Beaver Kill Livingston Manor
Little Eden Brook Hartwood
Long Falls Brook Highland Lake
Lybolt Brook White Lake
Mallory Brook Lake Huntington
Mercer Brook Hartwood
Middle Mongaup River Monticello
Mill Brook Pond Eddy
Mine Brook Livingston Manor
Mitchell Pond Brook Damascus
Mongaup Creek Willowemoc
Mongaup River Pond Eddy
Mullet Brook Hartwood
Narrow Falls Brook Eldred
Nebraska Brook Lake Huntington
North Branch Basket Creek Callicoon
North Branch Callicoon Creek Callicoon
Panther Rock Brook Jeffersonville
Perry Pond Brook Lake Huntington
Primrose Brook Wurtsboro
Racine Brook Eldred
Red Brook Grahamsville
Sand Pond Outlet Jeffersonville
Scott Brook Grahamsville
Shandelee Brook Livingston Manor
Sheldrake Stream Woodridge
Shin Creek Lewbeach
Shingle Brook Liberty West
Shingle Creek Eldred
Smith Mill Brook Eldred
South Brook Wurtsboro
Sprague Brook Livingston Manor
Spring Brook Monticello
Spruce Creek Eldred
Stewart Brook Roscoe
Sucker Brook Willowemoc
Sugarloaf Brook Grahamsville
Tannery Brook Monticello
Taylor Brook Woodridge
Tenmile River Narrowsburg
The Gulf Jeffersonville
Theodore Gordon Brook Liberty East
Trout Brook Liberty East
Turner Brook Hartwood
Tyler Brook Callicoon
Voorhees Brook Livingston Manor
West Branch Mongaup River White Lake
West Branch Neversink River Claryville
White Lake Brook Highland Lake
Willowemoc Creek Roscoe
Willsey Brook Wurtsboro
Wynkoop Brook Grahamsville

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Sullivan County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Sullivan County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.