Avery County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Avery County

Place USGS Topo Map
Andrews Creek Grandfather Mountain
Anthony Creek Newland
Ashley Branch Newland
Banjo Branch Newland
Bee Branch Grandfather Mountain
Bee Branch Valle Crucis
Beech Creek Elk Mills
Big Branch Newland
Big Branch Carvers Gap
Big Grassy Creek Grandfather Mountain
Bill White Creek Newland
Birchfield Creek Newland
Blevins Creek Elk Park
Blood Camp Branch Newland
Brushy Creek Linville Falls
Buckeye Creek Elk Park
Bucks Timber Creek Grandfather Mountain
Buckwheat Branch Linville Falls
Bunt Creek Newland
Camp Branch Carvers Gap
Camp Creek Linville Falls
Cannon Branch Elk Park
Canoe Branch Linville Falls
Cary Flat Branch Grandfather Mountain
Chestnut Cove Branch Grandfather Mountain
Clark Branch Newland
Clear Creek Spruce Pine
Clingman Mine Branch Elk Park
Cooper Branch Elk Park
Cow Branch Newland
Cow Camp Creek Newland
Cranberry Creek Elk Park
Crossnore Creek Newland
Curtis Creek Elk Park
Doublehead Creek Carvers Gap
Elk Hollow Branch Carvers Gap
Fall Branch Newland
Fall Branch Carvers Gap
Fall Branch Newland
Fall Creek Elk Park
Flat Land Branch Grandfather Mountain
Flat Springs Branch Elk Mills
Flattop Creek Valle Crucis
Fork Creek Linville Falls
Gooseneck Branch Newland
Gragg Prong Grandfather Mountain
Grandmother Creek Newland
Greenbrier Creek Elk Park
Handpole Branch Newland
Hanging Rock Creek Valle Crucis
Harper Creek Chestnut Mountain
Harris Creek Linville Falls
Haw Branch Newland
Henson Creek Carvers Gap
Hickorynut Branch Newland
Horney Branch Elk Park
Horse Bottom Creek Valle Crucis
Horse Creek Newland
Hull Branch Chestnut Mountain
Isaae Branch Newland
Jenny Branch Newland
Jerry Creek Carvers Gap
Joe Branch Carvers Gap
Jones Branch Elk Park
Jones Creek Spruce Pine
Justice Creek Carvers Gap
Keller Branch Carvers Gap
Kentucky Creek Newland
Laurel Creek Linville Falls
Lee Branch Elk Park
Leroy Creek Elk Park
Ling Branch Grandfather Mountain
Linn Cove Branch Grandfather Mountain
Little Elk Creek Elk Park
Little Grassy Creek Grandfather Mountain
Little Henson Creek Carvers Gap
Little Horse Creek Newland
Little Horse Creek Carvers Gap
Little Laurel Creek Grandfather Mountain
Little Lost Cove Creek Grandfather Mountain
Little Plumtree Creek Newland
Little Whiteoak Creek Newland
Little Wilson Creek Grandfather Mountain
Lost Cove Creek Grandfather Mountain
Major Branch Grandfather Mountain
Martin Creek Carvers Gap
Mill Creek Elk Park
Mill Timber Creek Newland
Miller Branch Elk Park
Mollie Branch Carvers Gap
North Harper Creek Chestnut Mountain
Pancake Branch Carvers Gap
Peavine Branch Elk Park
Phillips Branch Elk Park
Pine Branch Newland
Plumtree Creek Carvers Gap
Poga Creek Elk Mills
Powdermill Creek Carvers Gap
Puckett Branch Elk Park
Puncheon Camp Branch Carvers Gap
Pyatt Creek Spruce Pine
Race Path Branch Carvers Gap
Raider Camp Creek Chestnut Mountain
Ramp Branch Elk Park
Roaring Creek Carvers Gap
Rockhouse Creek Grandfather Mountain
Row Branch Newland
Sandbank Creek Carvers Gap
Sassafras Creek Grandfather Mountain
Shanty Spring Branch Valle Crucis
Skalley Branch Elk Park
Squirrel Creek Carvers Gap
Stacey Creek Newland
Stack Rock Creek Grandfather Mountain
Stamey Branch Linville Falls
State Line Branch Elk Park
Sugar Creek Valle Crucis
Threemile Creek Spruce Pine
Trim Branch Newland
Trivett Branch Elk Park
Turkey Branch Grandfather Mountain
Valley Creek Valle Crucis
Webb Creek Grandfather Mountain
West Fork Linville River Grandfather Mountain
Whitaker Branch Newland
White Oak Creek Linville Falls
White Pine Creek Newland
Whitehead Creek Elk Park
Whiteoak Creek Spruce Pine
Whiteoak Creek Newland
Wildcat Creek Elk Park

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Avery County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Avery County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.