Beaufort County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Beaufort County

Place USGS Topo Map
Acre Swamp Pinetown
Adams Creek Bath
Aggie Run Grimesland
Alligator Gut South Creek
Alligator Gut Pamlico Beach
Alligator Gut South Creek
Alligator Gut Blounts Bay
Archbell Gut Bath
Ashon Gut Ransomville
Back Creek Bath
Bailey Creek Aurora
Bailey Creek Ransomville
Barnett Gut South Creek
Barris Creek Bath
Bateman Creek Ponzer
Bath Creek Bath
Bay Branch Hackney
Bear Creek Washington
Beaverdam Swamp Bunyan
Betty Creek South Creek
Big Kernel Tree Branch South Creek
Big Pond Gut South Creek
Big Swamp Old Ford
Blounts Creek Blounts Bay
Bond Creek South Creek
Boyd Creek Pinetown
Bradley Creek Pamlico Beach
Broad Creek Pantego
Broad Creek Blounts Bay
Broomfield Swamp Creek Aurora
Brown Branch Hackney
Brown Run Bath
Burbage Gut Ransomville
Cals Creek Hackney
Campbell Creek Lowland
Camphion Gut South Creek
Carrie Creek South Creek
Carters Creek Advance
Cedar Creek Washington
Chapel Branch Washington
Chocowinity Creek Washington
Cindy Edwards Branch Hackney
Clark Creek Pantego
Coon Gut Blounts Bay
Cow Gallus Creek Lowland
Cradle Gut Bath
Crawford Creek Washington
Crawford Mill Run Bath
Crooked Creek Belhaven
Cuckolds Creek Pantego
Cuff Tarkiln Creek South Creek
Cupler Sloughs Bath
Cutting Sedge Creek Belhaven
Cypress Branch South Creek
Cypress Run Aurora
Davis Creek South Creek
Deep Run Pantego
Drinkwater Creek Aurora
Duck Creek Bath
Dumplin Gut South Creek
Dupree Creek Blounts Bay
Durham Creek Bath
East Fork Ransomville
East Prong Cypress Branch South Creek
Facing Gut South Creek
Flannigan Gut South Creek
Flatty Creek Blounts Bay
Fork Swamp Pinetown
Frying Pan Creek Ransomville
Gar Gut Bath
Garrett Gut Ransomville
Glebe Creek Bath
Goose Creek Lowland
Gorham Swamp Wilmar
Great Branch Pungo Lake
Great Gut Pamlico Beach
Great Gut Blounts Bay
Gum Swamp Old Ford
Gum Swamp Run Aurora
Gum Swamp Run Hackney
Hall Swamp Bunyan
Harding Swamp Wilmar
Harvey Creek Pinetown
Hatter Creek South Creek
Herring Run Blounts Bay
Hills Creek Hackney
Hog Hole Branch Hackney
Horse Branch Hackney
Horsepen Swamp Leggetts Crossroads
Horseway Swamp Wilmar
Huddy Gut South Creek
Indian Run Pungo Lake
Ingoes Creek Pantego
Jack Creek Ransomville
Jack Creek Blounts Bay
Jacks Branch Pinetown
Jacks Creek Aurora
Jacobs Creek Aurora
Joe Branch Hackney
Jordan Creek Pamlico Beach
Juniper Swamp Wilmar
Kennedy Creek Washington
Latham Creek Old Ford
Lee Creek South Creek
Lewis Gut Blounts Bay
Little Creek Blounts Bay
Little Creek Aurora
Little Creek Pantego
Little Ease Creek Ransomville
Little Kernel Tree Branch South Creek
Long Creek South Creek
Lower Dowry Creek Belhaven
Lower Spring Creek Lowland
Mallard Creek Blounts Bay
Maple Branch Washington
Maple Branch Washington
Martin Gut Blounts Bay
Mill Creek South Creek
Mill Gut Bath
Mill Swamp Old Ford
Mitchell Branch Washington
Morris Run Hackney
Muddy Creek South Creek
Myrtle Marsh Gut South Creek
Nancy Run Blounts Bay
Neezar Gut South Creek
Nevil Creek Blounts Bay
North Creek Ransomville
North Prong Wright Creek Pamlico Beach
Northeast Prong South Creek
Old Ford Swamp Old Ford
Old Mill Creek Pantego
Overton Creek South Creek
Pantego Creek Belhaven
Pasture Gut Lowland
Pate Creek South Creek
Persimmon Tree Landing Gut South Creek
Peterson Creek Lowland
Pinelog Branch Leggetts Crossroads
Pitch Hole Gut South Creek
Plum Point Gut Bath
Poley Branch Leggetts Crossroads
Porter Creek Bath
Pot Gut South Creek
Poundpole Swamp Branch Edward
Pungo Creek Belhaven
Pungo Swamp Pantego
Rice Creek Hackney
Robbin Gut South Creek
Rodman Creek Washington
Ross Creek Ransomville
Rowland Creek Pinetown
Sage Gut Ransomville
Saint Clair Creek Ransomville
Sandy Gut Belhaven
Satterthwaite Creek Pamlico Beach
Schoolhouse Gut South Creek
Scott Creek Pantego
Sheepskin Creek South Creek
Sheppard Run Blounts Bay
Shoemaker Creek Pantego
Shop Gut South Creek
Short Creek South Creek
Sidney Creek Washington
Silas Creek Hackney
Slade Gut Bath
Smith Creek South Creek
Smith Creek Pantego
Snederker Gut Pamlico Beach
Snode Creek Lowland
Snowd Branch Old Ford
South Creek South Creek
South Prong Wright Creek Pamlico Beach
Sparrows Gut Pamlico Beach
Spring Creek Pamlico Beach
Strawhorn Creek South Creek
Styron Creek Ponzer
Tan Swamp Aurora
Tankard Creek Pinetown
Tar Landing Gut South Creek
Tar River Washington
Tarkiln Creek Pamlico Beach
Taylor Branch Bath
Taylor Creek Washington
Taylor Gut Blounts Bay
Teachs Gut Bath
Tetterton Gut South Creek
Tooley Creek South Creek
Upper Dowry Creek Belhaven
Upper Goose Creek Blounts Bay
Vale Creek Pantego
Welshman Gut South Creek
White Branch Hackney
Whitehurst Creek Aurora
Wilson Gut South Creek
Wright Creek Pamlico Beach
Yeats Creek Blounts Bay
Yellowbank Gut Blounts Bay

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Beaufort County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Beaufort County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.