Bladen County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Bladen County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bakers Creek Dublin
Baldwin Branch Abbottsburg
Bandeau Creek Singletary Lake
Bear Ford Swamp Bladenboro
Beaverdam Creek Kelly
Bee Tree Branch Emerson
Benson Branch Emerson
Black Swamp Tar Heel
Bog Branch Elizabethtown South
Boggy Branch Council
Bomill Branch Dublin
Boots Swamp Bladenboro
Box Branch Emerson
Briary Stream Ammon
Broad Branch Elizabethtown South
Brown Marsh Swamp Clarkton
Browns Creek Elizabethtown North
Bryant Swamp Bladenboro
Buck Branch Duart
Buckhorn Branch Bladenboro
Butler Branch Clarkton
Cameron Branch Singletary Lake
Carvers Creek Kelly
Crawley Swamp Bladenboro
Crooked Bay Branch Tar Heel
Cypress Creek Garland
Dam Branch Emerson
Davis Branch Abbottsburg
Davis Creek Elizabethtown South
Donoho Creek Council
Double Branch Singletary Lake
Doubles Branch Elizabethtown South
Drunken Run Council
Drunken Run Singletary Lake
Eastern Prong Middle Swamp Emerson
Elkton Swamp Clarkton
Ellis Creek Dublin
Fishpond Branch Tar Heel
Frenchs Creek Kelly
Georgia Branch Duart
Goodman Swamp Tar Heel
Hammonds Creek Singletary Lake
Harrison Creek Dublin
Horsepen Branch Kelly
Horsepen Branch Abbottsburg
Horsepen Branch Chadbourn NE
Horseshoe Swamp Emerson
Huckleberry Swamp Tar Heel
Indian Creek Elizabethtown North
Indian Creek Jerome
Johns Swamp Branch Singletary Lake
Kitchens Branch Council
Lake Creek Rowan
Lake Drain Singletary Lake
Lake Drain White Lake
Lake Run Jerome
Lamb Branch Elizabethtown South
Little Colly Creek White Lake
Little Horseshoe Swamp Elizabethtown South
Little Pine Log Swamp Emerson
Little Turnbull Creek Ammon
Little Whites Creek Elizabethtown South
Long Branch Garland
Mare Branch Bladenboro
Marsh Branch Singletary Lake
McNeill Branch Singletary Lake
Middle Swamp Emerson
Mill Branch Clarkton
Mill Branch Emerson
Mill Race Abbottsburg
Mines Creek Duart
Moccasin Branch Bladenboro
Mulford Creek Elizabethtown South
Natmore Creek Kelly
Panther Branch Elizabethtown North
Pemberton Creek Elizabethtown South
Peters Creek Garland
Phillips Creek Tar Heel
Pine Log Swamp Emerson
Plum Branch Elizabethtown South
Plummers Run Kelly
Red Hill Branch Council
Reedy Branch Bladenboro
Reedy Meadow Swamp Tar Heel
Rowan Creek Rowan
Shipman Branch Emerson
Slender Branch Chadbourn NE
Spring Branch Ammon
Steep Run Kelly
Tub Mill Creek Elizabethtown North
Turnbull Creek Elizabethtown South
Upton Creek Elizabethtown South
Wateree Creek Bladenboro
Watson Branch Elizabethtown South
White Lake Drain Elizabethtown North
Whites Creek Elizabethtown South
Whites Creek Abbottsburg

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Bladen County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Bladen County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.