Brunswick County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Brunswick County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Creek Carolina Beach
Alligator Branch Leland
Alligator Creek Wilmington
Alligator Swamp Juniper Creek
Apricot Creek Shallotte
Bald Head Creek Kure Beach
Banton Branch Leland
Batarora Branch Lewis Swamp
Bay Branch Leland
Bay Branch Leland
Bay Branch Exum
Bay Creek Kure Beach
Bear Branch Acme
Bear Branch Freeland
Beaverdam Creek Southport
Beaverdam Swamp Southport
Beaverdam Swamp Supply
Beaverdam Swamp Lewis Swamp
Bell Swamp Funston
Bell Swamp Juniper Creek
Big Gut Slough Shallotte
Bishop Branch Winnabow
Blane Creek Little River
Boathouse Creek Southport
Boggy Branch Bolivia
Bolivia Branch Bolivia
Bonaparte Creek Little River
Boundary Creek Calabash
Bowensville Creek Kure Beach
Brunswick River Wilmington
Bryant Mill Creek Acme
Buck Branch Bolivia
Bull Creek Little River
Burriss Creek Kure Beach
Calabash River Calabash
Calf Gully Creek Southport
Camp Branch Juniper Creek
Camp Branch Honey Island
Cape Creek Kure Beach
Cape Fear River Southport
Cape Fear Slue Cape Fear
Cartwheel Branch Castle Hayne
Cawcaw Swamp Longs
Cedar Creek Kure Beach
Cherry Tree Prong Leland
Cherry Tree Swamp Bolivia
Chinnis Branch Acme
Clabber Branch Leland
Clam Creek Shallotte
Clark Branch Bolivia
Clayton Creek Little River
Clear Branch Honey Island
Coffin Branch Acme
Cool Run Shallotte
Cooter Creek Shallotte
Cottage Creek Southport
Coward Creek Southport
Cowpen Branch Leland
Deep Creek Cape Fear
Denis Creek Southport
Denis Creek Southport
Denis Creek Southport
Dews Creek Winnabow
Doe Creek Supply
Doshers Creek Southport
Double Run Leland
Driving Creek Supply
Dutchman Creek Southport
Earnest Branch Calabash
Elizabeth River Southport
Fall Swamp Supply
First Cross Swamp Juniper Creek
Fishing Creek Kure Beach
Fishing Creek Kure Beach
Flat Branch Freeland
Ford Branch Bolivia
Four Mile Slue Cape Fear
Fox Creek Little River
Fox Maple Branch Acme
Freeland Branch Freeland
Gap Branch Bolivia
Gapway Creek Lewis Swamp
Gapway Swamp Lewis Swamp
Gause Landing Creek Shallotte
George Brown Branch Leland
Gibbs Creek Holden Beach
Gibbs Creek Leland
Goodland Branch Winnabow
Goose Creek Shallotte
Gore Branch Freeland
Governors Creek Kure Beach
Grape Branch Acme
Grist Mill Branch Leland
Gum Log Branch Kure Beach
Half Hell Swamp Bolivia
Harris Swamp Funston
Hickman Branch Funston
Hickmans Branch Calabash
Hog Branch Bolivia
Holden Creek Bolivia
Hood Creek Leland
Horse Ford Creek Shallotte
Horse Pen Swamp Freeland
Indian Creek Leland
Jackeys Creek Wilmington
Jennies Branch Shallotte
Jump and Run Creek Southport
Juniper Creek Old Dock
Kilbart Slough Shallotte
Leonard Branch Juniper Creek
Lewis Branch Lewis Swamp
Lewis Swamp Lewis Swamp
Liliput Creek Carolina Beach
Little Cawcaw Swamp Calabash
Little Doe Creek Supply
Little Mallory Creek Wilmington
Little Muddy Branch Exum
Little Royal Oak Swamp Supply
Little Sauce Pan Creek Shallotte
Lockwoods Creek Lockwoods Folly
Lockwoods Folly River Lockwoods Folly
Lookout Branch Shallotte
Mallory Creek Wilmington
McKinzie Creek Carolina Beach
McMilly Swamp Shallotte
Mercers Mill Pond Lockwoods Folly
Middle Branch Bolivia
Middle Creek Kure Beach
Middle Dam Creek Holden Beach
Middle River Supply
Middle Swamp Bolivia
Mill Branch Leland
Mill Branch Old Dock
Mill Branch Exum
Mill Creek Lockwoods Folly
Mill Creek Funston
Mill Creek Winnabow
Milliken Swamp Freeland
Molasses Creek Southport
Montgomery Slough Lockwoods Folly
Moore Creek Funston
Morgan Branch Winnabow
Muddy Branch Exum
Muddy Slough Kure Beach
Mulberry Branch Leland
Mulberry Branch Shallotte
Mullet Creek Lockwoods Folly
Nancys Creek Kure Beach
Neal Branch Leland
Needham Hole Creek Shallotte
Nigis Creek Kure Beach
Nucitt Branch Bolivia
Old Mill Creek Shallotte
Orton Creek Carolina Beach
Otter Branch Leland
Pamlico Creek Holden Beach
Pasture Pond Branch Acme
Persimmon Swamp Calabash
Pinch Gut Creek Bolivia
Pine Log Branch Bolivia
Piney Branch Winnabow
Piney Point Creek Southport
Polly Gully Creek Southport
Possum Branch Freeland
Price Creek Kure Beach
Ramshead Branch Bolivia
Rattlesnake Branch Leland
Rattlesnake Branch Bolivia
Ready Branch Old Dock
Red Run Bolivia
Redmond Creek Wilmington
Regan Branch Freeland
Rice Creek Winnabow
Rice Creek Funston
River Swamp Bolivia
Rock Creek Lewis Swamp
Rowel Branch Leland
Royal Oak Swamp Supply
Russells Creek Winnabow
Salt Boiler Creek Little River
Sand Hill Creek Carolina Beach
Sandy Branch Holden Beach
Sarah Hole Bolivia
Sauce Pan Creek Shallotte
Saw Pit Swamp Shallotte
Scotts Branch Bolivia
Second Cross Swamp Juniper Creek
Shallotte Creek Holden Beach
Shallotte River Shallotte
Sharron Creek Holden Beach
Shellbed Creek Kure Beach
Shingletree Swamp Calabash
Skipper Hill Branch Leland
Smokehouse Creek Southport
Sols Creek Shallotte
South Prong Wet Ash Swamp Exum
Spring Branch Shallotte
Spring Creek Lockwoods Folly
Stanland Branch Calabash
Still Creek Shallotte
Still Creek Kure Beach
Sturgeon Creek Wilmington
Swain Branch Funston
The Millpond Holden Beach
The Swash Holden Beach
Tom Branch Carolina Beach
Tompkin Branch Lewis Swamp
Town Creek Wilmington
Tubbs Inlet Shallotte
Turkey Branch Lewis Swamp
Walden Creek Kure Beach
Waters Branch Acme
Wet Ash Swamp Freeland
White Spring Creek Southport
Willet Branch Funston
Williams Branch Holden Beach
Williams Branch Supply
Woodward Branch Shallotte

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Brunswick County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Brunswick County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.