Caldwell County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Caldwell County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abingdon Creek Lenoir
Addies Branch Buffalo Cove
Amos Creek Globe
Anderson Creek Collettsville
Angley Creek Granite Falls
Anthony Bolick Branch Globe
Anthony Creek Globe
Bailey Camp Creek Buffalo Cove
Ballew Creek Globe
Barnett Branch Buffalo Cove
Beaver Creek Boomer
Benbo Branch Collettsville
Big Branch Globe
Bills Branch Globe
Billy Branch Granite Falls
Blair Fork Lenoir
Blue Creek Grandin
Boone Fork Collettsville
Brown Branch Collettsville
Brushy Fork Granite Falls
Buffalo Creek Buffalo Cove
Burnfield Branch Globe
Cane Branch Globe
Carroll Mill Creek Collettsville
Celia Creek Drexel
Church Branch Buffalo Cove
Clark Branch Globe
Cline Creek Globe
Cling Branch Buffalo Cove
Coffey Branch Lenoir
Coffey Creek Collettsville
Cold Water Creek Globe
Cook Branch Buffalo Cove
Cooper Branch Globe
Corpening Branch Buffalo Cove
Cove Branch Buffalo Cove
Craig Creek Chestnut Mountain
Crawley Branch Collettsville
Crooked Branch Globe
Crusher Branch Grandfather Mountain
Curtis Creek Globe
Dennis Creek Buffalo Cove
Dixon Creek Globe
Dyson Creek Globe
Elijah Estes Mill Creek Collettsville
Eliza Estes Mill Creek Collettsville
Estes Mill Creek Chestnut Mountain
Field Branch Buffalo Cove
Flat Branch Buffalo Cove
Franklin Branch Collettsville
Frankum Creek Globe
Freemason Creek Granite Falls
Friddle Creek Globe
Georges Creek Globe
Gilbert Branch Globe
Ginger Creek Kings Creek
Globe Mountain Branch Globe
Gragg Prong Globe
Greasy Creek Lenoir
Green Mountain Creek Grandfather Mountain
Green Rock Branch Buffalo Cove
Greenfield Branch Buffalo Cove
Gunpowder Creek Bethlehem
Guys Creek Collettsville
Hawkins Creek Grandin
Hayes Mill Creek Granite Falls
Hickory Flat Branch Buffalo Cove
Holsclaw Creek Ellendale
Honey Branch Globe
Hopewell Branch Collettsville
Horsepen Creek Chestnut Mountain
House Branch Collettsville
Husband Creek Drexel
Jackson Camp Creek Buffalo Cove
Jesse Fork Buffalo Cove
Joes Creek Buffalo Cove
Kings Creek Grandin
Kirby Creek Buffalo Cove
Larkins Estes Mill Creek Globe
Laurel Creek Grandfather Mountain
Laurel Fork Globe
Laurel Mountain Branch Grandfather Mountain
Laytown Creek Grandin
Left Fork Mulberry Creek Globe
Lick Branch Collettsville
Licklog Branch Buffalo Cove
Little Gunpowder Creek Granite Falls
Little Kings Creek Grandin
Little Mulberry Creek Lenoir
Long Branch Lenoir
Long Branch Buffalo Cove
Long Ridge Branch Buffalo Cove
Loving Branch Lenoir
Lowder Mill Branch Buffalo Cove
McCloud Branch Buffalo Cove
McLean Branch Collettsville
McRary Creek Kings Creek
Mill Creek Bethlehem
Mill Creek Grandin
Mill Pond Branch Lenoir
Millers Creek Lenoir
Millers Creek Kings Creek
Mills Creek Globe
Mine Branch Buffalo Cove
Mitchell Branch Lenoir
Moore Branch Collettsville
Morris Creek Kings Creek
Mountain Run Kings Creek
Muddy Branch Buffalo Cove
Mulberry Creek Collettsville
New Years Creek Globe
Ooten Creek Buffalo Cove
Orchard Branch Globe
Orchard Branch Buffalo Cove
Orchard Branch Buffalo Cove
Phillips Branch Chestnut Mountain
Phillips Creek Globe
Pilot Branch Kings Creek
Pinchgut Creek Globe
Poplar Spring Branch Grandfather Mountain
Pound Mill Branch Buffalo Cove
Preston Creek Buffalo Cove
Puncheon Camp Creek Buffalo Cove
Racket Creek Globe
Red Rock Creek Buffalo Cove
Reids Creek Collettsville
Rightfork Mulberry Creek Globe
Roaring Creek Globe
Rock Creek Bethlehem
Rockhouse Creek Buffalo Cove
Rush Branch Globe
Sally Creek Collettsville
Sarrett Branch Buffalo Cove
Setzer Creek Lenoir
Shop Branch Globe
Silver Creek Granite Falls
Simmons Branch Collettsville
Spencer Branch Lenoir
Stafford Creek Drexel
Stapps Branch Lenoir
Stein Branch Globe
Stone Mountain Branch Buffalo Cove
Strutton Creek Buffalo Cove
Thorps Creek Chestnut Mountain
Thunderhole Creek Globe
Toms Branch Buffalo Cove
Tough Hill Branch Globe
Upper Little River Bethlehem
Walnut Bottom Creek Globe
Walnut Branch Buffalo Cove
Warrior Creek Lenoir
White Spring Branch Globe
Wildcat Branch Globe
Wilson Creek Collettsville
Winters Branch Buffalo Cove
Wolfpen Creek Buffalo Cove
Woodruff Branch Globe
Zacks Fork Creek Lenoir

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Caldwell County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Caldwell County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.