Carteret County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Carteret County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Creek Core Creek
Annis Run Styron Bay
Archer Creek Swansboro
Baymarsh Thorofare Portsmouth
Beaufort Inlet Channel Beaufort
Benneys Creek Long Bay
Berrys Creek Merrimon
Big Creek South River
Big Creek Core Creek
Big Gut Atlantic
Big Ramhorn Branch Masontown
Billys Branch Newport
Black Creek Newport
Blakes Branch Newport
Boathouse Creek Swansboro
Broad Creek Davis
Broad Creek South River
Broad Creek Salter Path
Brown Creek South River
Buck Creek South River
Cabs Creek Harkers Island
Cadduggen Creek Long Bay
Caggs Creek Horsepen Point
Caleb Branch Hadnot Creek
Cales Creek Stella
Cedar Creek Davis
Cedar Swamp Creek Masontown
Cheesemans Inlet Mansfield
Codds Creek Horsepen Point
Coffee Creek South River
Crabbing Creek Williston
Cullie Creek Merrimon
Cypress Drain Masontown
Deep Creek Williston
Deep Creek Newport
Deep Hole Point of Marsh
Deep Slough North Bay
Deer Creek Swansboro
Dixon Creek South River
Doe Creek South River
Dubling Creek Swansboro
Duck Creek South River
Dumpling Creek Merrimon
East Fork South River South River
East Prong Broad Creek Salter Path
East Prong Gales Creek Salter Path
East Prong Jasons Branch Masontown
Eastman Creek South River
Eastman Creek Core Creek
Elisha Creek South River
End of Island Slough North Bay
Evergreen Slough Portsmouth
Feltons Creek Core Creek
Fishing Creek Beaufort
Flag Creek Long Bay
Fork Creek Davis
Fulchers Creek Davis
Fullers Ditch North Bay
Fur Creek Long Bay
Gales Creek Salter Path
Garbacon Creek Merrimon
Ghouls Fork Newport
Gillikin Creek Williston
Glover Creek Styron Bay
Godfry Branch Swansboro
Golden Creek Long Bay
Goose Creek Swansboro
Great Creek Davis
Gutter Creek Styron Bay
Hadnot Creek Hadnot Creek
Hannah Branch Salter Path
Hardy Creek South River
Harlowe Creek Core Creek
Henrys Creek Long Bay
Horse Island Creek Davis
Horsepen Creek Styron Bay
Horsepen Creek Horsepen Point
Howland Creek Davis
Hull Swamp Newport
Hunting Island Creek Swansboro
Iron Creek Horsepen Point
Janes Creek Harkers Island
Jasons Branch Masontown
Jonaquin Creek Merrimon
Jumping Run Mansfield
Juniper Branch Masontown
Laurel Branch Newport
Lewis Creek Atlantic
Lewis Creek Horsepen Point
Little Creek South River
Little Creek Core Creek
Little Creek Swamp Newport
Little Deep Creek Newport
Little Port Brook Atlantic
Little Ramhorn Branch Masontown
Little Run Masontown
Lodge Creek Newport
Lynch Creek Williston
Main Prong Newport
Mairey Branch Masontown
Marina Creek Davis
Meadows Branch Masontown
Mill Creek Swansboro
Mill Creek Newport
Milldam Branch Masontown
Millis Swamp Masontown
Mingo Creek Long Bay
Miry Gut South River
Money Island Swamp Newport
Money Slough Beaufort
Mulberry Creek South River
Mulberry Point Creek Point of Marsh
Mullet Gut Swansboro
Neal Creek South River
New Drum Inlet Styron Bay
Newby Creek Harkers Island
Newport River Beaufort
North Leopard Creek Williston
North River Harkers Island
Northwest Prong Newport River Masontown
Old Drum Inlet Atlantic
Old House Creek South River
Ophelia Inlet Styron Bay
Parsons Creek South River
Peak Swamp Masontown
Peletier Creek Mansfield
Pettiford Creek Swansboro
Piney Creek Swansboro
Rawson Creek Horsepen Point
Raymond Sand North Bay
Reedy Branch Swansboro
Rich Island Gut South River
Royal Creek South River
Russell Creek Core Creek
Salters Creek Long Bay
Sand Island Inlet Wainwright Island
Sanders Creek Swansboro
Sandy Branch Newport
Sandy Branch Salter Path
Sandy Huss Creek Merrimon
Sandy Landing North Bay
School House Branch Newport
Sheep Pen Creek Horsepen Point
Sheep Pen Creek Styron Bay
Shoe Branch Masontown
Sikes Branch Salter Path
Sikes Branch East Prong Salter Path
Sleepy Creek Harkers Island
Smiths Swamp Newport
Smiths Swamp Branch Newport
Smyrna Creek Davis
Snake Gut North Bay
Snows Swamp Branch Newport
South River South River
Southwest Creek South River
Southwest Prong Atlantic
Southwest Prong Newport River Masontown
Spooner Creek Mansfield
Starkey Creek Swansboro
Styron Creek Davis
Taylor Creek Beaufort
The Haulover Portsmouth
Thomas Creek Williston
Thorofare Atlantic
Try Yard Creek Horsepen Point
Turner Creek Beaufort
Tusk Creek Harkers Island
Wainwright Slue Wainwright Island
Ward Creek Williston
Warren Gilgos Creek Portsmouth
West Fork South River South River
West Prong Broad Creek Salter Path
Whalebone Inlet Portsmouth
Williston Creek Williston
Wolf Branch Salter Path
Wolf Swamp Hadnot Creek
Zack Creek Horsepen Point

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Carteret County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Carteret County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.