Cherokee County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Cherokee County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aaron Creek Andrews
Adams Branch Farner
Alfred Creek Andrews
Allen Branch Persimmon Creek
Allmon Branch Andrews
Allmon Creek Marble
Anderson Creek Unaka
Ash Cove Creek Andrews
Ashturn Creek Topton
Augen Branch McDaniel Bald
Baine Branch Farner
Bald Creek McDaniel Bald
Barnett Branch Marble
Bates Creek Murphy
Beach Branch Andrews
Bear Branch Unaka
Bear Branch Andrews
Bear Hug Creek Unaka
Bearpen Branch McDaniel Bald
Bearpen Creek Persimmon Creek
Beaver Creek Andrews
Beaverdam Creek Unaka
Beavers Branch Unaka
Beech Creek Murphy
Beetree Branch Topton
Bell Creek McDaniel Bald
Bettis Branch Marble
Bevins Branch Peachtree
Big Cove Branch Andrews
Big Dam Branch Marble
Bob Allen Branch Topton
Bob Branch Andrews
Bob Creek Big Junction
Bolden Branch Andrews
Brady Branch Topton
Brendle Branch Peachtree
Brittian Branch Murphy
Britton Creek Andrews
Brokeleg Branch Andrews
Brown Creek Andrews
Brushy Creek Farner
Bryson Branch Unaka
Bryson Branch Andrews
Bryson Creek Unaka
Buckberry Branch Unaka
Buckhorn Branch Marble
Buckhorn Creek Unaka
Burl Branch Peachtree
Burnt Branch Marble
Burnt Shanty Branch Andrews
Burnthouse Branch Peachtree
Butler Creek Nottely Dam
Calhoun Branch Peachtree
Camp Creek Farner
Campground Branch Murphy
Cane Creek Murphy
Catstair Branch Topton
Chambers Creek Unaka
Chestnut Log Branch Marble
Cindy Branch Marble
Cindy Branch Unaka
Clayton Branch Peachtree
Cobb Creek Nottely Dam
Coefield Branch Andrews
Coefield Creek Andrews
Coldspring Branch Marble
Coldspring Branch Peachtree
Collett Creek Andrews
Colvard Creek Marble
Colvard Creek Andrews
Cook Creek McDaniel Bald
Cook Creek McDaniel Bald
Copper Creek Unaka
Cornwell Branch Peachtree
Cowmire Branch Marble
Cozad Branch Marble
Crane Creek Murphy
Crawford Branch Andrews
Culbert Branch Andrews
Dan Holland Creek Andrews
Davis Creek McDaniel Bald
Derreberry Branch Marble
Dick Branch Marble
Dickey Branch Persimmon Creek
Dinkin Cove Creek McDaniel Bald
Dockery Creek McDaniel Bald
Dockery Creek McDaniel Bald
Doctor Branch Andrews
Donaldson Branch Peachtree
Elbow Creek Unaka
Elliott Branch Peachtree
Fall Branch Peachtree
Farmer Branch McDaniel Bald
Fine Comb Branch Andrews
Fishermare Branch Marble
Flat Branch Farner
Flat Branch Andrews
Flat Branch Andrews
Flax Creek Persimmon Creek
Floyde Branch Unaka
Frankum Branch Peachtree
Freeman Branch Andrews
Gabby Branch Marble
Garland Branch Persimmon Creek
Garrett Creek McDaniel Bald
Garringer Branch Peachtree
George Martin Branch Peachtree
Gipp Creek Andrews
Gold Branch Murphy
Graham Branch Peachtree
Granny Squirrel Branch Andrews
Grape Creek Murphy
Grape Thicket Branch Murphy
Graybeard Creek Marble
Gregory Branch Peachtree
Griggs Branch Marble
Grindstone Branch McDaniel Bald
Groundhog Branch Unaka
Gumflats Creek Andrews
Gumlog Creek McDaniel Bald
Hampton Creek Murphy
Hanging Dog Creek Murphy
Harris Creek Andrews
Harshaw Branch Peachtree
Hayes Mill Creek Marble
Hibbert Branch Persimmon Creek
Hickey Branch Persimmon Creek
Hicks Branch Topton
Highfall Branch Marble
Highfall Branch Marble
Hogan Branch Topton
Hogpen Branch Andrews
Horton Branch McDaniel Bald
Hurricane Branch Marble
Hyatt Creek Marble
Hyatt Creek Marble
Hyatt Mill Creek Unaka
Ingram Branch Andrews
Jack Davis Branch Persimmon Creek
Jackson Branch Marble
Jenick Branch Marble
Jenks Branch Big Junction
John Mason Branch Peachtree
John Newton Branch Marble
Johnson Creek Unaka
Jones Branch Andrews
Junaluska Creek Andrews
Keener Branch Marble
Kennedy Creek Andrews
Kilby Branch Unaka
Ladd Branch Marble
Lamb Branch Peachtree
Laurel Branch Farner
Laurel Branch Murphy
Laurel Branch Marble
Left Fork Webb Creek Andrews
Lindsey Branch Murphy
Little Brasstown Creek Peachtree
Little Creek McDaniel Bald
Little Dam Branch Marble
Little Owl Creek McDaniel Bald
Locust Gap Branch Unaka
Long Branch Marble
Long Branch Isabella
Long Branch Topton
Luther Branch Marble
Mag Ashe Branch Murphy
Magazine Branch Marble
Marble Creek Murphy
Martin Creek Murphy
Mary Branch Marble
Mary Branch Andrews
Mason Branch Marble
Matherson Creek Andrews
Mc Clellan Creek Andrews
Mc Comb Branch Peachtree
Melton Creek Andrews
Messer Branch Peachtree
Micken Branch Unaka
Mike Branch Andrews
Mill Branch Peachtree
Mill Branch Andrews
Mill Branch Topton
Miller Branch Unaka
Mission Branch Peachtree
Mistletoe Creek Big Junction
Moccasin Creek Unaka
Moody Branch Peachtree
Moody Branch Andrews
Morgan Creek Marble
Morris Creek Andrews
Morrow Branch Unaka
Mose Creek McDaniel Bald
Moss Branch Marble
Nancy Hawkins Branch Marble
Nick Branch Andrews
North Fork Rapier Mill Creek Persimmon Creek
North Shoal Creek Unaka
Nottely River Murphy
Owenby Creek Culberson
Owl Creek McDaniel Bald
Pace Branch Marble
Painter Branch Peachtree
Palmer Branch Murphy
Panther Branch Peachtree
Parker Branch Marble
Parsons Branch Marble
Patterson Branch Andrews
Peachtree Creek Peachtree
Peachtree Creek Peachtree
Peckerwood Creek Big Junction
Persimmon Creek Persimmon Creek
Phillips Creek Andrews
Pile Creek Andrews
Pinhook Branch Peachtree
Pipes Branch Peachtree
Pole Bridge Branch Marble
Polecat Branch Andrews
Polecat Branch Andrews
Pot Log Branch Unaka
Potter Branch Unaka
Pounding Mill Branch Marble
Powder Burnt Branch Topton
Powell Branch Unaka
Pretty Pine Branch Unaka
Puett Creek Marble
Puncheon Branch Andrews
Quinn Creek Unaka
Radder Creek Andrews
Radford Branch McDaniel Bald
Rail Cove Branch Andrews
Ramp Cove Branch Marble
Rapier Mill Creek Persimmon Creek
Rattler Branch Marble
Rhea Branch Marble
Ricket Branch Andrews
Ricks Branch Peachtree
Right Fork Bear Branch Andrews
Right Fork Webb Creek Andrews
Right Prong Martin Creek Murphy
Roberts Branch McDaniel Bald
Rocky Knob Branch McDaniel Bald
Rogers Creek Marble
Rominger Creek Murphy
Rose Creek Unaka
Rose Creek McDaniel Bald
Round Mountain Branch Big Junction
Sales Branch Marble
Sam Branch Marble
Sam Newton Branch Marble
Sassafras Branch Marble
Sawmill Branch Marble
Schoolhouse Branch Topton
Schoolhouse Branch Marble
Seibold Branch Peachtree
Shadwick Branch Farner
Sharp Branch Marble
Shop Branch Andrews
Shuler Creek Farner
Silvermine Branch Topton
Simon Branch Marble
Slate Creek Farner
Slickrock Branch Marble
Slow Creek Peachtree
Snap Branch McDaniel Bald
Snead Branch Peachtree
Sneed Branch Murphy
Snyder Creek Andrews
Song Branch Murphy
South Shoal Creek Unaka
Spread Eagle Branch Andrews
Stamey Branch Peachtree
Stewart Branch Andrews
Stillhouse Branch Marble
Stillhouse Branch Murphy
Stillhouse Branch Andrews
Strange Branch Andrews
Sudderth Branch Peachtree
Sunk Branch Andrews
Tank Branch Topton
Tatham Creek Andrews
Taylor Branch Unaka
Taylor Creek Marble
Thompson Branch Persimmon Creek
Thrash Creek Marble
Tipton Creek Big Junction
Tom Branch Marble
Tom Thumb Creek Andrews
Town Branch Andrews
Townhouse Creek Marble
Trail Branch Andrews
Truett Branch Peachtree
Truett Branch Andrews
Turkeypen Branch Andrews
Turnpike Creek Andrews
Tweed Branch Peachtree
Underwood Branch Andrews
Valley River Murphy
Vengeance Creek Marble
Wagon Timber Branch Marble
Walker Mill Creek Murphy
Watkins Creek Topton
Weaver Branch Andrews
Webb Creek Andrews
Welch Mill Creek Marble
Wesley Martin Branch Peachtree
West Prong Grape Creek McDaniel Bald
Whitaker Branch Andrews
White Branch Topton
Will Creek Marble
Will Scott Creek Murphy
Wilson Branch Marble
Woody Branch Marble
Worm Creek Andrews

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Cherokee County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Cherokee County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.