Clay County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Clay County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allbone Branch Hayesville
Anderson Branch Peachtree
Auberry Branch Peachtree
Bald Springs Branch Andrews
Barnards Creek Rainbow Springs
Barrett Branch Rainbow Springs
Beach Creek Peachtree
Bee Branch Hayesville
Beech Branch Hiawassee
Bell Creek Macedonia
Bethabara Creek Macedonia
Betty Branch Peachtree
Big Tuni Creek Shooting Creek
Black Branch Rainbow Springs
Blair Creek Hayesville
Bluff Branch Shooting Creek
Boardtree Branch Hayesville
Bob Branch Hayesville
Bob Prater Branch Hayesville
Boone Branch Topton
Brasstown Creek Peachtree
Bristol Branch Hayesville
Buchanan Branch Peachtree
Buck Creek Shooting Creek
Buckner Branch Hayesville
Bullscrape Branch Rainbow Springs
Burch Cove Branch Shooting Creek
Byers Branch Hayesville
Caesar Austin Branch Hayesville
Camp Branch Topton
Carroll Branch Peachtree
Carver Branch Peachtree
Carver Creek Hayesville
Chairmaker Branch Shooting Creek
Cherry Cove Branch Shooting Creek
Chestnut Branch Topton
Chestnut Branch Shooting Creek
Chestnut Branch Rainbow Springs
Chimney Rock Branch Rainbow Springs
Church Branch Shooting Creek
Clabber Branch Blairsville
Clear Creek Topton
Clear Spring Branch Rainbow Springs
Cold Branch Shooting Creek
Coldspring Branch Andrews
Coleman Creek Hayesville
Collett Camp Branch Andrews
Compass Creek Shooting Creek
Copper Mine Branch Shooting Creek
Crawford Branch Hayesville
Crawford Creek Blairsville
Curtis Branch Peachtree
Dave Barrett Creek Shooting Creek
Davenport Branch Rainbow Springs
Deep Gap Branch Rainbow Springs
Dick Branch Hayesville
Downing Creek Hayesville
Eagle Fork Creek Shooting Creek
Evans Branch Hayesville
Far Bald Spring Branch Topton
Fires Creek Hayesville
Fishprong Branch Shooting Creek
Flintspring Branch Hayesville
Game Branch Hayesville
Giesky Creek Shooting Creek
Glade Branch Rainbow Springs
Greasy Creek Peachtree
Greasy Creek Hayesville
Gumlog Creek Peachtree
Haigler Camp Branch Hayesville
Hall Branch Blairsville
Hickory Cove Creek Hayesville
Hothouse Branch Shooting Creek
Hurricane Creek Shooting Creek
Huskins Branch Hayesville
Hyatt Mill Creek Hayesville
Jake Branch Rainbow Springs
Jenkins Branch Peachtree
John Reese Branch Hayesville
Johnson Branch Rainbow Springs
Johnson Creek Hayesville
Julie Branch Shooting Creek
Ketron Camp Branch Hayesville
Kimsey Branch Hayesville
Laurel Branch Highlands
Laurel Creek Hayesville
Leatherwood Branch Hayesville
Ledford Branch Hayesville
Ledford Creek Shooting Creek
Left Prong Johnson Creek Hayesville
Licklog Creek Hayesville
Little Buck Creek Rainbow Springs
Little Fires Creek Hayesville
Little Tuni Creek Shooting Creek
Locust Log Branch Shooting Creek
Logan Cove Branch Hayesville
Loggy Branch Rainbow Springs
Long Branch Peachtree
Long Branch Shooting Creek
Long Branch Andrews
Lynch Branch Shooting Creek
Lyon Branch Hayesville
Matlock Creek Shooting Creek
Messer Branch Andrews
Mill Creek Shooting Creek
Mill Creek Shooting Creek
Mob Branch Hayesville
Moore Branch Shooting Creek
Morgan Branch Shooting Creek
Moss Branch Hayesville
Mud Branch Hiawassee
Mull Branch Shooting Creek
Muskrat Branch Shooting Creek
Nattie Branch Shooting Creek
Needmore Branch Shooting Creek
North Fork Blair Creek Hayesville
Old House Branch Hayesville
Padgett Branch Hayesville
Passmore Branch Hayesville
Passmore Branch Shooting Creek
Patterson Branch Hayesville
Payne Branch Peachtree
Peckerwood Branch Hayesville
Pendergrass Branch Hayesville
Penland Branch Shooting Creek
Perry Creek Shooting Creek
Pigpen Branch Hayesville
Pinelog Creek Peachtree
Potrock Branch Andrews
Pounding Mill Creek Shooting Creek
Qually Creek Hayesville
Rockhouse Creek Hayesville
Rocking Chair Branch Shooting Creek
Rocky Branch Peachtree
Rocky Cove Branch Hayesville
Rocky Creek Hayesville
Rogues Branch Andrews
Sapsucker Branch Shooting Creek
Sassafras Branch Hightower Bald
Schoolhouse Branch Hayesville
Shearer Creek Hayesville
Shoal Branch Hayesville
Shooting Creek Shooting Creek
Short Branch Andrews
Snake Branch Hayesville
Sneaking Creek Hiawassee
South Fork Blair Creek Hayesville
Stable Branch Hayesville
Stephens Branch Topton
Steve Branch Shooting Creek
Stillhouse Branch Macedonia
Stillhouse Branch Hayesville
Stillhouse Branch Shooting Creek
Suddawig Branch Peachtree
Sunday Branch Shooting Creek
Sweetwater Creek Peachtree
Tate Branch Shooting Creek
Tatham Cabin Branch Andrews
Thompson Creek Shooting Creek
Thumping Creek Shooting Creek
Thunderstruck Branch Shooting Creek
Tipton Branch Topton
Town Creek Hayesville
Trout Cove Branch Peachtree
Tusquitee Creek Hayesville
Vineyard Creek Shooting Creek
Walker Branch Blairsville
Water Spout Branch Rainbow Springs
Wateroak Creek Rainbow Springs
Watson Branch Peachtree
Webb Creek Hayesville
Wheeler Branch Hayesville
Will Mason Branch Peachtree
Wolfpen Branch Hayesville
Woods Creek Hiawassee

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Clay County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Clay County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.