Columbus County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Columbus County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Branch Lake Waccamaw West
Bay Branch Acme
Bear Branch Old Dock
Beaver Dam Swamp Nakina
Big Branch Acme
Big Branch Pireway
Big Branch Chadbourn NE
Big Branch Chadbourn
Big Creek Longs
Big Creek Lake Waccamaw East
Big Cypress Swamp Pireway
Big Fork Lake Waccamaw West
Big Fresh Water Branch Tabor City West
Big Pond Branch Tabor City East
Black Creek Tabor City East
Boggy Branch Freeman
Boggy Branch Nakina
Boggy Branch Lake Waccamaw West
Boggy Hill Branch Tabor City East
Bogue Swamp Lake Waccamaw West
Brier Creek Evergreen
Bristol Creek Pireway
Browders Branch Clarkton
Brown Mill Branch Cerro Gordo
Buckhead Branch Lake Waccamaw East
Calf Ford Branch Tabor City West
Camp Branch Whiteville
Camp Swamp Pireway
Cedar Branch Tabor City East
Cedar Branch Chadbourn
Cerro Gordo Cerro Gordo
Cherry Branch Clarkton
Coleman Mill Branch Fair Bluff
Collarbone Branch Acme
Coopersmith Branch Freeman
Cow Bog Branch Nakina
Cow Branch Cerro Gordo
Cowpen Branch Lake Waccamaw West
Creek Branch Lake Waccamaw East
Crooked Run Branch Tabor City West
Curries Branch Clarkton
Cypress Branch Nakina
Cypress Branch Tabor City East
Cypress Branch Cerro Gordo
Cypress Creek Nakina
Dans Creek Freeman
Deep Branch Longs
Deep Branch Chadbourn
Double Branch Point Caswell
Dunn Swamp Cerro Gordo
Fivemile Branch Chadbourn
Gapway Swamp Tabor City West
Gore Creek Freeland
Graveyard Branch Tabor City East
Gray Branch Whiteville
Greene Branch Cerro Gordo
Greenes Branch Chadbourn NE
Grissett Swamp Pireway
Gum Swamp Nakina
Gum Swamp Tabor City East
Gum Swamp Run Old Dock
Hall Branch Freeman
Hog Branch Chadbourn
Horse Branch Lake Waccamaw East
Horsepen Branch Chadbourn
Huggins Creek Tabor City West
Ironhill Branch Goretown
Jockey Branch Lake Waccamaw West
Johns Branch Freeman
Juniper Creek Chadbourn
Juniper Swamp Pireway
Lebanon Branch Nakina
Lindscomb Branch Acme
Little Fresh Water Branch Tabor City West
Little Swamp Juniper Creek
Livingston Creek Acme
Loggy Branch Nakina
Long Branch Tabor City West
Long Branch Cerro Gordo
Maple Branch Pireway
Mark Pine Canal Old Dock
Marlow Branch Longs
McClennen Branch Freeman
Mill Branch Acme
Mill Branch Nakina
Mill Branch Clarkton
Mill Branch Nakina
Mill Branch Cerro Gordo
Mill Branch Tabor City West
Mill Branch Swamp Nakina
Mill Creek Acme
Mill Creek Freeman
Mire Branch Chadbourn
Mollie Branch Whiteville
Mollie Swamp Nakina
Monie Swamp Pireway
Palmetto Branch Lake Waccamaw West
Pine Log Branch Whiteville
Poplar Branch Freeman
Pretty Creek Acme
Puncheon Branch Whiteville
Rattlesnake Branch Chadbourn NE
Reedy Branch Emerson
Register Branch Nakina
Ricefield Branch Lake Waccamaw East
Richlands Branch Emerson
Rough Horn Branch Evergreen
Ruddy Branch Chadbourn
Sand Pit Branch Pireway
Sasspan Branch Lake Waccamaw East
Scippio Swamp Longs
Scott Branch Freeman
Sellers Branch Chadbourn
Seven Creeks Freeland
Simmons Bay Creek Nakina
Simmons Bay Creek Freeland
Simon Branch Freeman
Simons Branch Tabor City East
Skeebo Branch Tabor City East
Slab Run Lake Waccamaw West
Slades Swamp Clarkton
Slap Branch Emerson
Soules Swamp Whiteville
Spring Branch Lake Waccamaw West
Spring Branch Tabor City East
Spring Branch Chadbourn
Spring Branch Chadbourn NE
Sweet Water Branch Tabor City East
Tally Branch Acme
Taylor Branch Freeman
Terrapin Branch Freeman
Toms Fork Goretown
Trippiloo Creek Tabor City West
Troy Mill Branch Clarkton
Turkeypen Branch Freeman
Turner Branch Freeman
Uncles Branch Cerro Gordo
Ward Branch Freeland
Ward Branch Emerson
Water Branch Cerro Gordo
Welch Creek Whiteville
Western Prong Clarkton
Weyman Creek Point Caswell
Whiskey Swamp Pireway
White Marsh Old Dock
White Oak Branch Lake Waccamaw West
Williams Branch Nakina
Wolf Trap Branch Cerro Gordo

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Columbus County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Columbus County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.