Henderson County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Henderson County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aaron Creek Standingstone Mountain
Allen Branch Hendersonville
Bad Fork Dunsmore Mountain
Bat Fork Hendersonville
Battle Creek Horse Shoe
Bear Branch Dunsmore Mountain
Bear Wallow Creek Standingstone Mountain
Beck Creek Hendersonville
Bee Branch Dunsmore Mountain
Bell Creek Zirconia
Betty Branch Pisgah Forest
Big Branch Cliffield Mountain
Big Creek Dunsmore Mountain
Big Laurel Creek Standingstone Mountain
Big Willow Creek Horse Shoe
Blythe Mill Creek Horse Shoe
Bobs Creek Zirconia
Bold Branch Bat Cave
Boylston Creek Horse Shoe
Bradley Creek Pisgah Forest
Brandy Branch Skyland
Brightwater Branch Horse Shoe
Brittain Creek Hendersonville
Brock Creek Horse Shoe
Bullings Creek Standingstone Mountain
Byers Creek Fruitland
Byers Creek Cliffield Mountain
Cabin Creek Zirconia
Camp Creek Cliffield Mountain
Cane Creek Skyland
Capps Branch Hendersonville
Carter Branch Horse Shoe
Case Branch Pisgah Forest
Cherry Branch Hendersonville
Clear Creek Hendersonville
Cold Branch Zirconia
Coon Branch Bat Cave
Cox Creek Bat Cave
Crawford Branch Horse Shoe
Cushion Branch Skyland
Davie Branch Dunsmore Mountain
Davis Creek Zirconia
Devils Fork Hendersonville
Dismal Creek Standingstone Mountain
Dry Branch Standingstone Mountain
Dry Branch Standingstone Mountain
Duncan Creek Fruitland
Dunn Creek Hendersonville
Falling Creek Zirconia
Falls Creek Standingstone Mountain
Featherstone Creek Hendersonville
Finley Creek Hendersonville
Fletcher Creek Dunsmore Mountain
Flynn Branch Fruitland
Folly Creek Horse Shoe
Foster Creek Skyland
Freeman Creek Zirconia
Gash Creek Horse Shoe
Goldmine Branch Pisgah Forest
Greer Creek Hendersonville
Hammett Branch Pisgah Forest
Hampy Creek Standingstone Mountain
Harper Creek Fruitland
Henderson Creek Fruitland
Hickory Creek Bat Cave
Higgins Branch Skyland
Hill Branch Hendersonville
Hominy Mill Branch Bat Cave
Hoopers Creek Fruitland
House Branch Pisgah Forest
Hungry River Cliffield Mountain
Jim Creek Standingstone Mountain
Joe Creek Zirconia
Jones Branch Hendersonville
Jones Creek Zirconia
King Creek Hendersonville
Kyles Creek Fruitland
Lanning Mill Creek Fruitland
Laurel Branch Hendersonville
Laurel Branch Fruitland
Laurel Creek Hendersonville
Laurel Creek Pisgah Forest
Laurel Fork Bat Cave
Lewis Creek Fruitland
Line Creek Skyland
Little Cove Creek Standingstone Mountain
Little Creek Bat Cave
Little Creek Standingstone Mountain
Little Hungry River Cliffield Mountain
Little Mud Creek Hendersonville
Little Willow Creek Horse Shoe
Long Branch Standingstone Mountain
Long Branch Pisgah Forest
Long Branch Dunsmore Mountain
Long Rock Branch Standingstone Mountain
Marston Creek Horse Shoe
McCall Branch Skyland
McDowell Creek Skyland
McKinney Branch Horse Shoe
Meetinghouse Creek Standingstone Mountain
Meminger Creek Hendersonville
Middle Fork Fletcher Creek Dunsmore Mountain
Middle Fork Hickory Creek Bat Cave
Mill Creek Hendersonville
Mill Creek Fruitland
Mill Pond Creek Horse Shoe
Mills River Skyland
Mud Creek Skyland
Murray Branch Horse Shoe
Murray Creek Hendersonville
North Fork Big Willow Creek Horse Shoe
North Fork Mills River Skyland
North Prong Rock Creek Standingstone Mountain
Pea Branch Pisgah Forest
Perry Creek Hendersonville
Phillips Branch Hendersonville
Phillips Creek Standingstone Mountain
Piney Branch Horse Shoe
Pinner Creek Fruitland
Pounding Mill Branch Dunsmore Mountain
Puncheon Camp Creek Bat Cave
Queen Creek Pisgah Forest
Reedypatch Creek Bat Cave
Rock Creek Zirconia
Rocky Fork Dunsmore Mountain
Rush Branch Dunsmore Mountain
Saconon Creek Cliffield Mountain
Sam Branch Pisgah Forest
Seniard Creek Dunsmore Mountain
Sentell Creek Horse Shoe
Shaw Creek Horse Shoe
Shepherd Creek Hendersonville
Shoal Branch Standingstone Mountain
Shoal Creek Standingstone Mountain
Shop Creek Saluda
Sitton Creek Dunsmore Mountain
Slate Rock Creek Dunsmore Mountain
Slickrock Branch Bat Cave
Soapstone Branch Skyland
South Fork Big Willow Creek Horse Shoe
South Fork Hoopers Creek Fruitland
South Fork Mills River Skyland
South Prong Green River Standingstone Mountain
Spencer Branch Dunsmore Mountain
Spring Branch Saluda
Sugarloaf Creek Bat Cave
Sweetwater Branch Horse Shoe
Tarkiln Branch Standingstone Mountain
Terry Creek Zirconia
Thad Branch Pisgah Forest
Toms Fork Bat Cave
Tonys Creek Hendersonville
Tumblebug Creek Cliffield Mountain
Turnbreeches Creek Bat Cave
Uncles Creek Standingstone Mountain
Vernon Creek Zirconia
Vira Branch Saluda
Wash Creek Hendersonville
Wash Creek Dunsmore Mountain
Wolfpen Creek Hendersonville
Yellow Gap Creek Dunsmore Mountain

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Henderson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Henderson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.