Macon County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Macon County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abes Creek Scaly Mountain
Allen Branch Franklin
Allison Creek Prentiss
Ammons Branch Corbin Knob
Ammons Branch Highlands
Ammons Branch Highlands
Anderson Branch Prentiss
Appletree Branch Topton
Appletree Branch Hewitt
Arnold Branch Corbin Knob
Arrowhead Branch Topton
Arrowwood Creek Wayah Bald
Ash Flat Branch Rainbow Springs
Bad Branch Highlands
Ball Creek Prentiss
Bateman Branch Wayah Bald
Bates Branch Prentiss
Batey Branch Wayah Bald
Battle Branch Prentiss
Battle Branch Corbin Knob
Bearpen Creek Rainbow Springs
Bearpen Creek Wayah Bald
Beasley Creek Greens Creek
Beech Cove Branch Topton
Ben Creek Wayah Bald
Bennies Branch Scaly Mountain
Berry Creek Corbin Knob
Big Branch Wayah Bald
Big Branch Wesser
Big Creek Highlands
Big Indian Creek Rainbow Springs
Big Laurel Branch Rainbow Springs
Big Laurel Creek Wayah Bald
Big Norton Prong Highlands
Big Shoal Branch Rainbow Springs
Bird Branch Alarka
Black Creek Rainbow Springs
Black Mountain Branch Prentiss
Blackrock Branch Highlands
Blaine Branch Franklin
Blazed Creek Greens Creek
Blockade Branch Topton
Boardtree Branch Wayah Bald
Bradley Branch Prentiss
Bradley Creek Alarka
Bridge Branch Wayah Bald
Brooks Creek Highlands
Brown Creek Corbin Knob
Brush Creek Scaly Mountain
Brushy Branch Wayah Bald
Bryson Branch Corbin Knob
Bryson Branch Glenville
Bryson Branch Rainbow Springs
Buck Creek Scaly Mountain
Buckeye Creek Scaly Mountain
Burningtown Branch Wayah Bald
Burningtown Creek Alarka
Cadon Branch Scaly Mountain
Caler Cove Branch Alarka
Caler Fork Alarka
Camp Branch Hewitt
Camp Branch Wayah Bald
Camprock Branch Prentiss
Cane Creek Highlands
Carpenters Branch Prentiss
Carter Branch Alarka
Cartoogechaye Creek Franklin
Cat Creek Corbin Knob
Cherry Branch Wesser
Chestnut Orchard Branch Topton
Choga Creek Topton
Cloer Branch Prentiss
Cold Spring Creek Wayah Bald
Commissioner Creek Dillard
Conley Camp Branch Wayah Bald
Coon Creek Corbin Knob
Corbin Creek Corbin Knob
Cornet Branch Highlands
Cove Branch Corbin Knob
Covefield Branch Highlands
Cowee Creek Alarka
Coweeta Creek Prentiss
Crawford Branch Corbin Knob
Cross Branch Corbin Knob
Crow Creek Scaly Mountain
Cullasaja River Corbin Knob
Cunningham Creek Prentiss
Curtis Creek Rainbow Springs
Dalton Creek Greens Creek
Dates Creek Franklin
De Weese Branch Wayah Bald
Devils Prong Rainbow Springs
Dicks Creek Topton
Dirty John Creek Wayah Bald
Dobson Branch Franklin
Doubletop Branch Scaly Mountain
Dowdle Branch Prentiss
Downes Branch Franklin
Dry Branch Wayah Bald
Dryman Fork Prentiss
Drymans Branch Scaly Mountain
East Fork Overflow Creek Highlands
Edwards Branch Franklin
Edwards Creek Highlands
Ellijay Creek Corbin Knob
Elmore Branch Corbin Knob
Evans Creek Scaly Mountain
Factory Branch Rainbow Springs
Fall Branch Wayah Bald
Fall Branch Greens Creek
Falls Branch Prentiss
Falls Branch Corbin Knob
Fulcher Branch Corbin Knob
Garrison Branch Topton
Gibby Branch Topton
Gibson Cove Branch Franklin
Glade Creek Cashiers
Gold Mine Branch Scaly Mountain
Gold Pit Creek Wayah Bald
Grape Cove Branch Wayah Bald
Gribble Branch Franklin
Gulf Branch Prentiss
Gulf Fork Rainbow Springs
Hampton Branch Hewitt
Hayes Mill Creek Franklin
Hemp Patch Branch Rainbow Springs
Henson Creek Prentiss
Hickory Branch Topton
Hickory Knoll Creek Prentiss
Higdon Branch Corbin Knob
High Laurel Branch Topton
Hoglot Branch Prentiss
Holloway Branch Wayah Bald
Holly Branch Highlands
Horse Cove Branch Wayah Bald
Houston Branch Highlands
Howard Branch Prentiss
Huckleberry Creek Greens Creek
Hughes Branch Corbin Knob
Hurricane Creek Topton
Hurricane Creek Rainbow Springs
Indian Branch Wesser
Indian Camp Branch Corbin Knob
Indian Camp Branch Topton
Indian Camp Creek Wayah Bald
Ingram Branch Topton
Iotla Branch Franklin
Iotla Creek Franklin
Jacob Branch Franklin
Jake Branch Scaly Mountain
James Creek Prentiss
Jane Otter Branch Wesser
Jarrett Creek Topton
Joe Creek Glenville
Joe Dave Branch Wayah Bald
Joe Hicks Branch Topton
John Branch Rainbow Springs
Johnson Branch Topton
Jones Creek Franklin
Katie Creek Corbin Knob
Kilby Creek Rainbow Springs
Kimsey Creek Rainbow Springs
Kit Spring Branch Wayah Bald
Lakey Creek Alarka
Larry Brush Branch Wayah Bald
Laurel Branch Hewitt
Laurel Branch Wesser
Laurel Branch Scaly Mountain
Laurel Branch Topton
Laurel Branch Rainbow Springs
Laurel Creek Corbin Knob
Ledbetter Branch Wesser
Ledford Branch Corbin Knob
Lee Branch Topton
Lee Creek Prentiss
Left Fork Partridge Creek Wesser
Left Prong Burningtown Creek Wayah Bald
Left Prong Ray Branch Wayah Bald
Left Prong Rough Fork Wayah Bald
Lenoir Branch Franklin
Lickskillet Branch Corbin Knob
Little Buck Creek Corbin Knob
Little Choga Creek Topton
Little Creek Highlands
Little Indian Creek Rainbow Springs
Little Laurel Creek Wayah Bald
Little Lyman Prong Rainbow Springs
Little Rock Branch Rainbow Springs
Little Salt Rock Creek Glenville
Little Tuni Creek Topton
Locust Tree Branch Wayah Bald
Long Branch Alarka
Long Branch Alarka
Long Branch Wayah Bald
Long Branch Topton
Long Branch Highlands
Long Branch Rainbow Springs
Loudermilk Creek Wesser
Lowery Creek Franklin
Mashburn Branch Corbin Knob
Mason Branch Franklin
Matherson Branch Topton
Matlock Creek Alarka
May Branch Topton
McDowell Branch Franklin
McKee Branch Franklin
Mica City Creek Greens Creek
Middle Branch Wayah Bald
Middle Creek Scaly Mountain
Mill Branch Prentiss
Mill Creek Franklin
Mill Creek Highlands
Miller Creek Franklin
Mint Branch Franklin
Monger Creek Highlands
Mooney Branch Prentiss
Moore Creek Rainbow Springs
Moses Branch Corbin Knob
Moss Branch Corbin Knob
Mountainside Branch Rainbow Springs
Mulberry Creek Prentiss
Muskrat Creek Franklin
Nichols Branch Scaly Mountain
Nichols Branch Rainbow Springs
Nickajack Creek Corbin Knob
North Fork Coweeta Creek Prentiss
North Fork Skeenah Creek Prentiss
North Prong Ellijay Creek Corbin Knob
Norton Branch Prentiss
Norton Branch Prentiss
Norton Branch Highlands
Nova Scotia Branch Rainbow Springs
Otter Creek Topton
Owenby Branch Franklin
Park Creek Rainbow Springs
Parrish Creek Franklin
Partridge Creek Hewitt
Pat Stable Branch Rainbow Springs
Peeks Creek Corbin Knob
Piercy Creek Hewitt
Pine Branch Topton
Piney Knob Fork Scaly Mountain
Pinnacle Branch Prentiss
Poindexter Branch Franklin
Polecat Branch Alarka
Poplar Cove Creek Franklin
Possum Branch Scaly Mountain
Possum Branch Scaly Mountain
Potts Branch Alarka
Potts Creek Franklin
Queen Branch Alarka
Queens Creek Hewitt
Rabbit Creek Corbin Knob
Rattlesnake Branch Highlands
Rattlesnake Creek Wesser
Ray Branch Wayah Bald
Rhinehart Creek Wesser
Rickman Creek Alarka
Right Prong Ray Branch Wayah Bald
Right Prong Rough Fork Wayah Bald
Roaring Fork Wayah Bald
Robin Branch Wayah Bald
Rock Branch Prentiss
Rocky Bald Branch Wayah Bald
Rocky Branch Franklin
Rocky Branch Topton
Rose Creek Alarka
Rough Fork Wayah Bald
Rowland Branch Topton
Rowlin Creek Hewitt
Saltrock Branch Highlands
Sassafras Branch Wayah Bald
Satser Branch Franklin
Satulah Branch Highlands
Sawmill Branch Wesser
Scott Branch Corbin Knob
Shansfield Branch Corbin Knob
Shepherd Creek Alarka
Shingletree Branch Franklin
Shoal Creek Scaly Mountain
Shop Branch Topton
Shope Fork Prentiss
Short Creek Scaly Mountain
Shot Pouch Creek Wayah Bald
Siler Creek Rainbow Springs
Simon Branch Alarka
Skeenah Creek Prentiss
Skitty Creek Highlands
Smart Branch Scaly Mountain
South Fork Skeenah Creek Prentiss
South Skitty Branch Highlands
Split Whiteoak Branch Wayah Bald
Stephens Creek Scaly Mountain
Stillhouse Branch Scaly Mountain
Stillhouse Branch Alarka
Sugar Cove Creek Wesser
Teague Branch Wesser
Tellico Creek Alarka
Tessentee Creek Prentiss
Thomas Branch Rainbow Springs
Thompson Branch Corbin Knob
Thompson Prong Prentiss
Tippet Branch Franklin
Tippet Creek Greens Creek
Tom Branch Highlands
Trimont Branch Franklin
Trough Branch Rainbow Springs
Turtle Pond Creek Scaly Mountain
Tyler Branch Topton
Wallace Branch Franklin
Walnut Creek Corbin Knob
Watauga Creek Corbin Knob
Waterloo Branch Prentiss
Watkins Creek Scaly Mountain
Wayah Creek Franklin
Webb Branch Scaly Mountain
West Fork Overflow Creek Highlands
Wests Branch Alarka
Wheatfield Branch Scaly Mountain
Whiteoak Creek Hewitt
Whiterock Branch Scaly Mountain
Wildcat Branch Prentiss
Wildcat Creek Corbin Knob
Wildes Creek Franklin
Wine Spring Creek Topton
Wolf Creek Topton
Wyant Branch Rainbow Springs
Yellow Patch Branch Prentiss
Younce Creek Franklin
Youngs Camp Branch Topton

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Macon County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Macon County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.