Madison County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Madison County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allen Creek Hot Springs
Allman Branch Marshall
Ammons Branch Marshall
Ammons Branch Mars Hill
Amos Creek White Rock
Anderson Branch Marshall
Appletree Branch Marshall
Arrington Branch Sams Gap
Back Branch Spring Creek
Bailey Branch Marshall
Bailey Branch Barnardsville
Baker Branch Spring Creek
Baker Creek White Rock
Bald Branch Fines Creek
Baltimore Branch Spring Creek
Banjo Branch Mars Hill
Barnes Branch White Rock
Barrett Branch Sandymush
Baxter Branch Greystone
Bear Branch Hot Springs
Bear Branch Fines Creek
Bear Branch Sams Gap
Bear Creek Marshall
Bear Creek Greystone
Bearpen Branch White Rock
Bearpen Branch Hot Springs
Bearwallow Branch Mars Hill
Bearwallow Branch Sandymush
Beck Branch Spring Creek
Bee Branch Marshall
Bee Branch Sandymush
Bee Branch Spring Creek
Beetree Creek Mars Hill
Big Branch Marshall
Big Branch Mars Hill
Big Creek Greystone
Big Deadening Branch Barnardsville
Big Hurricane Creek Hot Springs
Big Laurel Creek Hot Springs
Big Pine Creek Spring Creek
Big Rocky Branch Greystone
Billy King Branch White Rock
Blood River Hot Springs
Bone Camp Creek Mars Hill
Boyd Branch Marshall
Bradley Branch Sams Gap
Brush Creek Spring Creek
Buckeye Branch Lemon Gap
Buckner Branch White Rock
Buckner Branch Sams Gap
Bull Creek Mars Hill
Caldwell Branch Spring Creek
Caldwell Branch Spring Creek
California Creek Mars Hill
Callahan Branch Sams Gap
Calvin Creek White Rock
Caney Fork Marshall
Cargle Branch Mars Hill
Cascade Branch Hot Springs
Casey Bow Branch Marshall
Catpen Branch Lemon Gap
Chandler Creek Mars Hill
Charley Branch Spring Creek
Charlotte Branch Spring Creek
Chimney Creek Greystone
Clear Branch Paint Rock
Clover Branch Paint Rock
Cody Branch Mars Hill
Cold Spring Branch Hot Springs
Cook Branch Hot Springs
Coonpatch Branch Spring Creek
Crane Branch White Rock
Crooked Creek Barnardsville
Cutshall Branch White Rock
Dade Branch Barnardsville
Dans Branch Mars Hill
Davis Branch Paint Rock
Davis Branch Spring Creek
Dill Branch Mars Hill
Doe Branch Spring Creek
Doggett Branch Sandymush
Dry Branch Paint Rock
Dry Branch Marshall
Dry Creek Greystone
Duckmill Creek White Rock
East Fork Bull Creek Mars Hill
East Fork Little Creek Lemon Gap
East Fork Shut-In Creek Lemon Gap
East Prong Hickey Fork White Rock
Eller Branch Mars Hill
Fall Branch Lemon Gap
Fall Branch Lemon Gap
Fall Branch Sandymush
Fall Branch Spring Creek
Fisher Branch Mars Hill
Fisher Branch Lemon Gap
Flea Branch Sams Gap
Flint Level Branch Hot Springs
Foster Creek Sams Gap
Friezeland Creek Spring Creek
Frisby Branch Marshall
Gabriel Creek Mars Hill
Gentry Branch Spring Creek
Georgia Branch Spring Creek
Gilbert Branch Sandymush
Gosnell Branch Mars Hill
Granger Branch Spring Creek
Grass Creek Paint Rock
Greasy Branch Spring Creek
Greasy Branch Sandymush
Griffin Branch Mars Hill
Grooms Branch Mars Hill
Gunter Branch White Rock
Halewood Creek Mars Hill
Hampton Creek Sams Gap
Hayes Run Marshall
Heck Creek Marshall
Hensley Branch White Rock
Hensley Branch Greystone
Hickey Fork White Rock
Hickory Ridge Branch Lemon Gap
Hickorylog Branch White Rock
Higgins Branch Mars Hill
High Shoal Branch Spring Creek
Highshoal Branch White Rock
Hogskin Branch Spring Creek
Holcombe Branch Mars Hill
Holcombe Branch Sams Gap
Holland Creek Bald Creek
Hopewell Branch Marshall
Hopis Branch Lemon Gap
Horse Branch White Rock
Hunter Branch Mars Hill
Hunter Creek Marshall
Indian Camp Branch Spring Creek
Indian Grave Gap Branch Marshall
Ingle Branch Barnardsville
Ivy Creek Marshall
Ivy Gap Branch Bald Creek
Jack Branch Hot Springs
Jarvis Branch Mars Hill
Jasperfield Branch Fines Creek
John Branch Fines Creek
Johnson Branch White Rock
Jones Branch Lemon Gap
Jordan Branch Bald Creek
King Creek Hot Springs
Laurel Branch Mars Hill
Laurel Branch Marshall
Levi Branch Spring Creek
Lewis Branch White Rock
Lisenbee Branch White Rock
Little Bald Branch Fines Creek
Little Bear Branch Fines Creek
Little Bottom Branch Hot Springs
Little Creek Lemon Gap
Little Creek Fines Creek
Little Creek Sams Gap
Little Foster Creek Sams Gap
Little Hurricane Creek Hot Springs
Little Ivy Creek Mars Hill
Little Laurel Creek White Rock
Little Pine Creek Marshall
Little Prong Greystone
Long Branch Marshall
Long Branch Sams Gap
Long Branch Lemon Gap
Long Mountain Branch Spring Creek
Maple Spring Branch Lemon Gap
McDevitt Branch Marshall
Meadow Branch Mars Hill
Meadow Fork Spring Creek
Middle Fork California Creek Mars Hill
Mill Creek Greystone
Mink Branch Lemon Gap
Morrow Branch Sandymush
Mountain Island Branch Spring Creek
Murray Branch Paint Rock
North Fork Big Pine Creek Spring Creek
North Prong Little Pine Creek Sandymush
Nowhere Branch Mars Hill
Paint Fork Mars Hill
Palmer Camp Branch White Rock
Panhandle Branch Marshall
Panther Branch Lemon Gap
Panther Branch Spring Creek
Parker Branch Barnardsville
Pawpaw Creek Marshall
Peace Branch Spring Creek
Peter Cove Creek Sams Gap
Pine Branch White Rock
Polly Branch Bald Creek
Ponder Branch Marshall
Ponder Branch Sams Gap
Ponder Creek Bald Creek
Pounding Mill Branch Hot Springs
Profitt Branch Marshall
Pump Branch Hot Springs
Puncheon Camp Branch Spring Creek
Puncheon Camp Branch Spring Creek
Puncheon Fork Sams Gap
Raccoon Branch Hot Springs
Raccoon Branch Spring Creek
Ray Branch Barnardsville
Rector Branch Marshall
Rector Branch Spring Creek
Redbud Branch Marshall
Reems Branch Marshall
Reservoir Branch Hot Springs
Revis Branch Marshall
Rice Branch Marshall
Roaring Fork Lemon Gap
Roaring Fork Sams Gap
Roberts Branch Marshall
Rock Branch White Rock
Rock Branch Greystone
Rock Branch Hot Springs
Rockhouse Branch Fines Creek
Rocky Branch Spring Creek
Roddy Branch White Rock
Rough Branch Spring Creek
Sawmill Branch Spring Creek
Shade Branch White Rock
Shake Rag Branch Barnardsville
Shavrey Branch Lemon Gap
Shelton Branch White Rock
Shelton Branch Greystone
Shelton Laurel Creek Hot Springs
Shook Branch Sams Gap
Shut-In Creek Hot Springs
Silver Mine Creek Hot Springs
Simmons Branch Leicester
Skiffly Branch Lemon Gap
Sliding Knob Branch Sandymush
Smith Branch Sams Gap
Sodom Branch White Rock
South Fork Big Pine Creek Spring Creek
South Prong Little Pine Creek Sandymush
Spillcorn Creek White Rock
Spring Creek Hot Springs
Sprinkle Branch Marshall
Sprinkle Creek Mars Hill
Sprinkler Branch Mars Hill
Sprouse Branch Mars Hill
Squirrel Branch Spring Creek
Station Branch Marshall
Steve Branch Spring Creek
Stillhouse Branch Mars Hill
Sugar Camp Branch Mars Hill
Sugar Camp Branch Lemon Gap
Sugarcamp Branch Spring Creek
Sugartree Branch Hot Springs
Sweetwater Branch Marshall
Tarlton Branch White Rock
Terry Fork Barnardsville
Thomas Branch Marshall
Thomas Branch Mars Hill
Tilden Metcalf Creek Barnardsville
Tillery Branch Marshall
Trent Branch Hot Springs
Tug Fork Sandymush
Turkey Branch Barnardsville
Turkey Creek Leicester
Tweed Branch Marshall
Walker Branch Mars Hill
Wallin Branch White Rock
Walnut Creek Marshall
Watermelon Branch White Rock
West Branch Walnut Creek Marshall
West Fork Bull Creek Mars Hill
West Fork Little Creek Lemon Gap
West Fork Shut-In Creek Lemon Gap
West Prong Hickey Fork White Rock
Whiteoak Creek Mars Hill
Whiteoak Flats Branch Greystone
Whiterock Branch Spring Creek
Wild Branch White Rock
Wild Branch Marshall
Wildcat Branch Spring Creek
Willie Metcalf Creek Barnardsville
Wilson Branch Marshall
Wilson Branch Sams Gap
Wolf Branch White Rock
Wolf Laurel Branch Sams Gap
Woodson Branch Hot Springs
Wooleyshot Branch Spring Creek
Woolsey Branch Hot Springs

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Madison County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Madison County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.